Why Apple iPhone’s ongoing usage advantage over Android is so important

“Even as Google’s Android platform captures a majority of the U.S. smartphone market share, Apple retains one key advantage: iPhone users spend far more time with their devices,” Brian S. Hall reports for ReadWrite.

“A new study, this one by Experian, shows again that when it comes to actual usage, iPhone handily beats Android, with iPhone users spending an average of 26 more minutes each day on their devices,” Hall reports. “Android users use their devices 49 minutes per day – for iPhone users, that figure is 1 hour and 15 minutes.”

Hall reports, “That 26 minutes per day adds up to 3 hours a week, 156 hours a year – the equivalent, about, of a full month’s worth of work for every user. That difference is critical in many ways, helping Apple continue to attract carriers and developers to its platform – and helps make its higher prices more palatable to consumers… For carriers, the iPhone’s advantage in engagement makes it more valuable: more usage = more bandwidth = higher revenues… For app developers, the additional usage makes the iPhone a more appealing platform for their products. These numbers should help cement iOS’ pace remain the go-to platform for smartphone app developers.”

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  1. “Even as Google’s Android platform captures a majority of the U.S. smartphone market share,…”

    Source please. I’m not sure I can believe the opening statement, when the major carriers all show a majority of activations going to Apple.

  2. As Apple keeps losing key measures, I find it amusing the synthetic happiness by some at how Apple still excels on least some measure. Tim Cook has it right. Apple needs a more affordable iPhone model, an ipad mini, and next year’s larger model.
    When you are first to market with a breakthrough device, you get to milk it while competition prepares to move in, then things change and a company must change it’s strategy. Apple had been dragging it’s feet and a little to complacent while competition started to overtake it. It’s not about a “Church Of Market Share,” It’s about reality.

    1. The competition has stolen Apple’s IP.
      What part of steal don’t you understand? Our U.S. patent system has become the enablers of patent infringement. A pathetic JOKE! Pathetically SAD. America has become a cesspool of foreigners looking to capitalize on others hard work and ideas.

  3. So I keep reading that Android is king in the USA. But the figures from AT&T show 58% iPhone, 35% Android. Verizon posted 39% iPhone, 42% Android. Those 2 companies sell 90% of all the smartphones. So where are these huge Android sales coming from in the USA? Here in Silicon Valley about all you see are iPhones everywhere. When I travel I see almost nothing but iPhones at the airports, in Starbucks, almost everywhere. Perhaps it is different everywhere else that I do not go. Tell me, where are all these millions of droid users and where do they get their phones?

    1. If the Verison stats are iPhone 39 and the Android 42, it’s only because Verison sales people must get bonus money for talking people out of iPhones. That’s been the experience I have personally encountered with myself and my family and other friends and relatives. I know of 2 who fell for the sales pitch, but not many (on of those is switching to iPhone next upgrade). I thought I was going to get into a serious verbal brawl with the Verison sales guy at the State Fair booth last year for pulling that crap.

    2. The click mongers on purpose mix a droid phone used as a phone in the smartphone category only because those who just want a phone and want a phone to be as cheap as dirt would be happy to get a so called Smartphone for $0 (subsidized). These users are not interested in the smart capabilities.

      I recently did some update to my apartment and all the contractors had a droid phone and when I asked them why the primary reason was the upfront cost and the salesperson.

    3. I’ve wondered that too. My guess is that the prepaid market is bigger than we think. I’m betting that segment is nearing 100% Android now that feature phones are fading out.

  4. If you want to be amused, read the comments on the article. Some Android-pologists are claiming the reason Android’s usage time is less is because using an Android phone is much more efficient! LOL!


  5. “more bandwidth = higher revenues…”

    Yes…….. And just now AT&T will allow Faceatime over the network…. Ridiculous… Americans should be ashamed of AT&T. This is 2013. I would think a user uses his data for what he wants, not what the carrier wants.

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