Apple promotes ‘Mothership’ campus job creation, economic benefits for Cupertino

“Apple on Tuesday published a new report detailing the estimated economic impact its new ‘Campus 2’ headquarters would have on the City of Cupertino and surrounding areas, including the creation of thousands of jobs, as well as a windfall of tax revenue for local governments,” AppleInsider reports.

“The report was prepared by Keyser Marston Associates for the City of Cupertino, and addresses the economic and financial impacts of Apple’s presence within the city,” AppleInsider reports. “In particular, the report finds that Apple would add an estimated 7,400 new high-quality jobs as a result of its expanded corporate headquarters. As a result, it’s projected that Apple’s efforts would increase the revenue of local businesses, and also enhance tax revenues for the City of Cupertino, and other surrounding municipalities.”

AppleInsider reports, “Construction of Campus 2 would also create a tax windfall for the city, the study finds. It projects total revenues of $38.1 million collected from Cupertino-related construction sales, taxes and assorted fees. Apple’s Campus 2 plans also call for Apple to fund more than $66 million in public improvements around the facility in the form of one-time investments. These would cover roadways, utilities, bicycle and pedestrian facilities, park land, and more. Apple has also pledged to contribute $35 million per year to a transportation demand management program.”

Apple's proposed Mothership Campus
Apple’s proposed Mothership Campus

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  1. Just wait, there is going to be someone that argues Apple isn’t doing enough to protect a) the environment, b) the disadvantaged, c) the oppressed, or c) doesn’t pay enough taxes (as though government distribution of those taxes would be more beneficial).

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