Pandora shares drop most in 6 months as Apple inks iRadio deals

“Pandora Inc., the biggest online radio provider, fell the most in almost six months after CNET and the New York Times reported Apple Inc. (AAPL) aims to unveil a competing service as early as next week,” Rob Golum reports for Bloomberg.

“Pandora fell 11 percent to $15.22 at the close in New York, the biggest one-day decline since Dec. 5,” Golum reports. “The Oakland, California-based company’s stock had almost doubled this year through May 31.”

Golum reports, “Apple is pressing to sign music licensing deals in time to announce the service at its annual developer conference starting June 10 in San Francisco.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Quite honestly, if you’re going to post your drivel on each and every MDN post you can follow suit.

      And to be further honest, that you’d complain a company charge for a service doesn’t quite jive with any of your past posts regarding taxes or economic philosophy.

      If you’re going to be loudest one on here, at least be consistent.

      1. I see nothing inconsistent with his post and past posts related to taxes/economics. He’s a free market mind and if Apple charges for radio, he’s going to act out a free market mindset and go elsewhere.
        I’m guessing your opinion is more personal than object based.
        Lastly, where’s the drivel?

        1. Nick, it’s drivel. He’s a right-wing nut job. But still wants stuff for free. The fact that he’s free to do so doesn’t make him less of a nut job. The thing about liberty is that it ensures that even idiots are free. So yes, he’s going to act that out and go elsewhere, but that doesn’t negate Mid’s comment, which was dead on.

          1. NLN,

            Your post is comprised of little reason and, you like MWM, seem to structure your thoughts with ad hominem jabs.
            First, “right-wing nut job”. Really? That’s concrete, persuasive and signals a potent position. Is it because he’s right leaning, or a nut job, that links him to wanting stuff for free? So, if I pick up some freebies on Craigslist–like I did this weekend, does that make me nutty, right wing, or both?
            From your thoughts, I come to believe that a right leaning mind should pay for anything/everything, even though they can find something of equal or satisfying value, for free?

          2. I’m Right Wing because the left is pushing this country straight towards socialism. What is cool about that? When did routing for Big Government become cool? Taxes Cool? Less individual freedom cool? The I R S cool? Sounds like ’60’s acid casualties running the country to me. BLN likes the concept like that of terrestrial radio, probably with ads.
            of simply not paying for subscriptions. what’s wrong with that? Competition will dictate. Ads. I’d like to hear a few Apple ads. Until they own 51% of Windows space in enterprise, they haven’t advertised enough.

        2. “He’s a free market mind and if Apple charges for radio, he’s going to act out a free market mindset and go elsewhere. “

          No he won’t. He’ll stay here because he loves to complain.

    2. Then stick with Pandora or whatever other radio app you like. No one’s forcing you to use Apple’s solution.

      That said, I seriously doubt Apple’s going to charge anything significant for iRadio. In fact, Apple could be using it more as a method for getting more revenue through iAds than subscriptions.

        1. Apparently you have difficulty following threads on this site. My comment was in direct response to BLN at the top of the page. You never crossed my path but you seem to like to read everything I post and due to your self-centred point of view, you think everything is about you.

            1. I respect people with handicaps and will not call you names. You do not represent the entire of the USA and because I don’t like what you post, it does not mean that I am anti-USA. Take a few hours to read this and see if you can understand it.

            2. We have all read your anti-American posts in the past. Don’t try to change history. You are what you are. You said what you said. Live with it. Prick.

            3. Please go back in the records and copy it and show me the exact words you believe are against people of the USA rather than against your posts personally.

              Just because you think it says something doesn’t mean you read it correctly. You have a long history of misreading posts. Literacy is a powerful thing.

      1. Who is we? You speak for others? You have fleas? I may agree or disagree with his opinions but my observations and comments are my own. As are yours. You don’t speak for anyone.

  1. Free services such as Google are not good. They are not worth the bullshit (Ads). The record companies want to convert all those songs you have from iTunes to rentals.

    1. Actually, Apple is up .99 cents today, so I’m not sure what you’re talking about Apple being down.

      Kind of funny how it’s up exactly the price of a song on iTunes.

  2. Pandora can blow me. It’s algorithms suck. They give you a rotation of like 7 bands for an artist, and half the time they get those artists way wrong. Maybe their losing momentum because people are getting tired of its crap. Just my 2 cents.

  3. Pandora’s drop certainly wasn’t a surprise at all. The hedge funds are just carrying that stock. There’s almost nothing driving the share price of that company but pure speculation. It sickens me how those fundamentals warrant the share price because that company is hardly making any money at all. Pandora should have a share price of around $5 and that’s being generous. Those hedge fund vampires are going to flee Pandora like rats vacating a sinking ship whenever iRadio is formally announced. Of course, iRadio won’t likely do anything positive for Apple’s share price despite the likelihood of millions of new subscribers practically overnight.

  4. Yawn. I tried Pandora and found it to be pretty useless. I can’t imagine why anybody pays for this (and others) when Tunein Radio is free and gives me access to approx gazillions of stations world wide.

  5. On the road to socialism. Every time a conservative uses that phrase, Eric Bolling gets a hard on. The stock market reaches all-time highs, and you people think of Red Square. Obama: worst socialist ever.

  6. If Apple’s iRadio is wonderful, useful for me, and I like what the platform offers me — then I’ll most certainly use iRadio a lot. If not, I won’t. I don’t use Pandora much anyway. I work from home and I’m more of a Radium and Live365 user for my daily desktop/office listening needs.

  7. Honestly Pandora is no where as good as Slacker. I like that with slacker i can go no adds and unlimited skips plus i can predownload to my iphone so if i am traveling where i might not have signal or at least not good data coverage i still have music.
    Plus pandora never gets my music preferences right.

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