Tim Cook: What, me worry?

“For the last few years, Tim Cook has masterfully steered Apple through a difficult transition period following the death of Steve Jobs. Apple’s products continued to define their categories, sales set new records, the stock spent a short time above $700 and the company has managed to garner the majority of industry profit for smartphones and tablets,” Dan Farber writes for CNET.

“But Cook is now facing his biggest challenge since taking over as CEO, for a number of reasons, including ‘What have you done for me lately,'” Farber writes. “But, he doesn’t seem to be too worried about the competition or the slower cadence of product launches.”

Farber writes, “To continue to be loved by its users and its profit margins high, Apple has to keep the game-on updates and game-changing hits, like the iPhone and iPad, coming. A major hardware product miss, something far bigger than the flawed Maps app, could cause the Apple brand to suffer a bout of antipathy rather than the usual unbridled exuberance. Cook seems very confident that Apple isn’t losing its way or ability to create hit products and invent new categories.”

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      1. You like 4″ but others want bigger. What’s wrong with that? Make two models and cover the bases. You 4″-only and nothing else need to stop imposing your preference on the others who want bigger

        1. I think iPad mini with retina screen and telephone capabilities would be the right size for everyday outside mobile computing.

          Suitable for the car, for texting by Siri services and calling hands free. Outside the car, I am not embarrassed talking on a larger device then the iPhone. A Phablet / iPad mini, is a better size over all to perform work like tasks that Apples iWork apps require in terms of real-estate space or screen area.

          I also do not think stuffing the telephone capabilities inside would be trouble for Apple. And it would triumphantly kill off Samsungs attempt at bigger phones.

          I also believe Apple should stop its confusing line of products and simplify things. Simplify the product line again will benefit consumers.

          iPhone: large/medium/small, 32/64/128Gb, A7 or A6
          iPad: large/medium/small, 32/64/128Gb, A7 or A6

          *the difference is iPhone includes Wifi & cellular telephone capabilities, where iPad is Wifi only. Sizes are current to product offerings now. Large 9.7″ screen, Medium 7.8″ screen, Small the 4″ screen. Storage Memory offers savings as does last years processor.

          Could not be simpler. And Apple benefits too as claiming the Largest smartphone over any competitor.

          1. – no iPod touch (named oddly in comparison now)
            – none of those iPod nano (they look cheap anyways)
            – no silly watch (not interested)

            iphone screen = ipod touch screen
            ipad mini screen
            ipad screen

            small / medium / large

            Whats the difference really of an iPod touch and iPad in terms of functionality?

            What is the difference of iPod touch and iPhone in terms of functionality?

            Whats the difference of the iPhone and iPad in terms of functionality?

            Mainly telephone capabilities. As everything else, practically run the same apps. And, (hd is silly) a retina is hd or better anyways. Poor to claim HD for iPad these days.

            What I truly see is two products.

            A phone and a tablet. There is really no need even the iPad category. But defining a device with both 4G cellular telephone capabilities to another with Wifi only could help define a Table (iPad) to a iPhone.
            So, if Apple really needs the product line of iPad then keep it.

            Apple builds a Large screen / Medium screen / Small screen sizes already. Apple options also include 32,64,128 Gb of storage practically on all devices. The latest processor could be available to all devices also to level the game here. And as an option offer the older processor to save money. Lastly, theres Wifi and Wifi + 4G.
            4G on iPad is not real phone capabilities as in iPhone – why not?
            Well it should, and there Apple then can offer bigger phones.
            So, if they did, why have the iPad category at all? Simplify Apple.

            Also, Apple long before Microsofts Metro, planned integrating or harmonizing OSX and iOS. Developing and maintaing two OSes might actually be causing trouble for Apple. Until this transition is made we can not see if this harmonization is beneficial. Many users prefer the two stay as far apart asa possible. Computing for the rest of us, power to the little guy, computers so easy you dont need to worry about formats and file systems, simplicity – All that Apple strives for.

        1. Not all women carry purses, and when you don’t carry one, the pockets in women’s clothing just do not fit large bricks. The pockets are teeny. Men’s clothing has much roomier pockets and aren’t form fitting.

    1. Disagreeing with you Left N. on this one. Don’t need a bigger iPhone. Didn’t you read the article on MDN posted just awhile ago about the other guys leaning towards making their screens smaller? Who wants to try and stuff a gigantic brick in their pocket? By the time you add a case on it it’s already near being too fat.

      1. No MacRaven, the article simply said they’re going to make smaller screens available. It said nothing about killing off their existing larger screen devices.

        1. Good point.
          But I still don’t think Apple needs to bother with a larger screen and the opposition going “backward” so to speak, and moving smaller makes me believe it even more.

    1. That’s the point. You HAVE a tablet. You’re an Apple customer and you can afford two devices, each optimized for its own purpose. You don’t have to settle for an unwieldy, boom box sized phone that doesn’t fit in your pocket and eats battery life up in a couple of hours. Android customers, on the other hand, have been shown to lack the disposable income to afford two devices, so they settle for a huge phone that does neither job very well.

        1. It’s the very definition if an Android buyer. Someone who will suffer for the sake is saving a few bucks.

          An iPhone and an iPod are a lot better than a phablet (none of which I’ve actually seen in the wild).

          1. Android offers lower end phones,
            at 49 to 99 bucks running Frodo 2.2.3.
            Upgradablity isn’t a care as these are inexpensive phones.
            The savings is extremely high, and the functionality as a phone is fair and modern – though the memory lacking hinders what you can install – an sd card can grow with your needs and allocate apps to the card (though crappy solution) —
            the point is – this fits a lot of folks budgets.
            Particularly with the high prices phone networks charge

            Android on the high end costs as much as Apples iPhone.
            Why anyone would pick a high end Android plastic toy over an iPhone for the same price – baffles the mind. Furthermore, a jailbroken iPhone offers the same customization (minus sd card) as does a Rooted S3 or S4 – ignorant choice to buy Samsung. And actually wise other to pick the low end, example phones for your three kids.

  1. Tired of these tired arguments. Seriously, name another company that has redefined 5 industries. Almost every single company’s answer is not even one. Companies like Samsung are just really great at copying.

    Apple will have a few more in 2014 (hint: glasses-less 3D) but they still make the best quality products with the most usable, quality, refined os.

    As for Apple Maps – despite issues at the start, Apple has bridged the massive lead that Google had. Remember, Apple has done that in less than a year. F-ing Amazing. Think about it MDN.

  2. Odd, continuing to hear the jay bird chorus calling for an iPhone with a screen larger than 4 inches, yet it’s announced that the vaunted 5 inch Galaxy S4 is being followed with a “mini” S4, likely 4.3 inches. An encroachment into more profitable territory for Samsung, perhaps?

    1. samsung claims it
      will have a 6.3″ phone a 5″ phone and now a 4.3″ phone

      Apple will have an iWareable Wrist Phone that projects a holographic screen that is customizable to any size you desire and hand gestures enable a touch like interaction with the projected UI. Always out thinking Samsung and Google – dudaa!

  3. “Cook seems very confident that Apple isn’t losing its way or ability to create hit products and invent new categories.” – that’s because he is totally clueless about the reality of what is happening to the once great company under his “leadership.” For everyone who thinks my take is trolling or otherwise wrong, please load up on AAPL and go to the nearest store that sells Apple products and buy some. Oh, wait… you already own everything Apple makes and are waiting for the next “wow” thing to launch? Well, I’m sure it’s coming at WWDC so you will soon get your wish. Yeah, like I’m going to win the PowerBall.

  4. I was on a BBQ trip last weekend and stayed at a Intercontinental Hotel. They had wifi for $11.95 per 24 hours. I just turned on the Hot Spot and used my iPad mini. It works great, no need for a phablet that can’t really do anything.

  5. As long as Apple keep hold of iOS and MAC OS Cook can sleep easy. The competition in hardware has to suffer the shortcomings of Android and Android has too many flavours for its own good.

  6. Apple was Steve Jobs, he was the idea man, he gave the final yes to every aspect of final product. There is apple no more. Analogy to Sony, after the departure of the two originators the rest is stumble, fumble and fall. Can’t replace genius with mediocrity without results changed.

    1. Sorry lisa,
      You make the same mistake as the so called analysts. Steve in fact, wasn’t the idea man. Steve’s contributions were the refinement of other’s ideas, something that he passed on to other members of his staff and throughout the company.

      Apple has periodically gone through long periods with no completely new products because Apple product ideas needed to wait for technological advances to catch up to the desired product characteristics.

      1. You are a digital retard, not long time ago apple went down to null when PepsiCo exec took over as apple CEO. I know you have your opinion, retards are people too.

        1. Lisa, open your mouth and it just gets worse!

          Apple went to null because Scully got a lot of ideas from other people and no refinement “a lot of shit products”.

          Steve took the ideas and drive the quality and refinement of a few products.

          Learn a bit of causal analysis before you so aggressively attempt to argue an opinion.

  7. Flawed Maps App! Have they discussed Googles flaws in maps? How about the latest problems? NO! Apple did quite well for out the gate first shot.

    Now, speaking of FLAWED- can we discuss the media’s flaws at reporting and accuracy of subject. Relative to them… Maps could walk on water.

  8. I have been a software developer ever since micropolis and digital research came on the scene, and one thing I learned the hard way – get involved in leap frog development and everything may suffer – buggy software, increased overheads, but most of all shortening of vision for the future. Apple I hope do not fall into this trap with Samsung. The thing in Apples favour is that their income is not tied to hardware only like Samsung.

  9. The iPhone is of perfect size as it is right now, if in 5 years we need a change it may come, in the same 16:9 aspect ratio, no edges and no home button… 4.25″ maybe? But not anytime soon.

    The iPad cannot gain cell phone calling capabilities, it would immediately become an phone and quit being a tablet.

    I say BLN should go fry his only nut. And put on an “F” hat for f…nut

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