Why Apple still needs Tim Cook

“Apple (AAPL) has begun to recover from its horrendous slide from $705 to $389,” Bret Kenwell writes for TheStreet. “Since the slide began, many people have been calling for CEO Tim Cook’s head — figuratively, of course.”

“Some folks who blamed him for the entire decline then had the gall to say he had nothing to do with the stock’s recent bounce,” Kenwell writes. “Talk about not giving credit where credit is due. If you have the opinion that Cook has done nothing to cause this bounce (even with the 15% dividend increase and the $60 billion stock buyback program), then that’s fine. But just don’t say the decline is his fault, too. That would just be unfair, and you know it.”

Kenwell writes, “Shareholders might want a visionary to steer Apple, and that’s fine, but don’t rule out Cook’s importance.”

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  1. What is it with the silly premises for these articles.

    Oh Apple needs Tim Cook? Really? I would have never imagined this. Do they still need Ive too?

  2. The watch will be totally his. He’s a huge fitness buff and you can bet he’s gone through more prototypes on this treadmill than most human beings have pores. It’s possible the watch will be better with him at the helm than it would have been with SJ there… Though I wouldn’t have wished his exit for anything.

  3. You know why Apple makes such incredible profits? It’s all due to Tim’s supply chain fine tuning. The man’s a F***ING Mental Machine when it comes to that aspect of the business! Duh…

  4. Yeah, great insight. Hopefully everybody will go out and load up on AAPL now that the wonderful Mr. Cook has turned things around. More shareholders = more demand for his removal when the stock remains in the doldrums going nowhere.

  5. Absolute nonsense. Tim Cook needs to be fired. It is the enemies of Apple, those who truly despise Apple that support Tim Cook.

    Fire Tim Cook!

    1. hes boring, unimaginative, a non-visionary, hasnt solved the supply chain issues really, gone back to samsung fro screen supply, earns too much money, he’s messed up the Stocks, Siri, Maps and soon the iOS IU, yes he’s got to go.

  6. Cook had me doubting but now that I am over him NOT being Steve Jobs, he is growing on me a little. I think my respect began to take hold when he did the executive shuffle and kicked Forstall to the curb for not being a collaborative-minded.

    I am not a slave to Apple as I once was and that might be a good thing.

    Let’s see where Apple is in 10 years, like looking at the NFL draft, you can only know how good your draft was, five years later.

    1. For not being collaborative minded? Meanwhile Ives has his own secret cave with more power then anyone, sorry Apple is all about iOS now. And a designer who allows himself to be inspired (coping) others is your idea of Apple being in good hands. Booting Scottie out was the stupidest thing Cook has done. WHo over sees everything at Apple – Tim. So tim fails for not keeping an eye on Maps and Siri and the UI. There is a power struggle going on and Cook forced Scot out to protect himself. Apple is not in good hands. I don’t care who appointed Tim as CEO he isn’t doing things well now. Fire the dick.

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