Apple’s new $229 iPod touch a brilliant move that will shake up the industry

“Less than two weeks before the tech world converges on San Francisco for this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, Apple has thrown us an interesting curve ball,” Bryan M. Wolfe writes for AppAdvice. “Cupertino has quietly released a new iPod touch that is less expensive than previous models.”

“The new iPod touch 16GB looks exactly like the models first released last fall. However, it is priced at $70 less than the others. Those savings come at a cost. Unlike the higher-end models, the $229 iPod touch 16GB has no rear-facing camera. It also comes without the iPod touch loop,” Wolfe writes. “Beyond these modest changes, the new iPod touch is just like the others. It includes a Lightning to USB cable, Retina display, and dual-core A5 chip.”

Wolfe writes, “Besides the lower price, why is this important? The iPod touch 16GB represents Apple’s first foray into the lower cost mobile device market. And this is why it is such a big deal… Apple is getting serious about competing in the lower cost market.”

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  1. Am I the only one who thinks that a low cost iPod isn’t a bad idea? Low cost does not have to mean cheap. I’m sure this will bring many new people to Apple, even those who wouldn’t buy if they are turned off by Apple’s regular prices. At least it would steer them away from ScamShame’s iPod rip-offs, or Gaggle’s CopyBot OS.

    1. So, is it really so hard to see what Apple is going to use as a remote control/gaming interface for the next generation AppleTV with 3rd party apps that we miss it when Apple shows it to us? Are all the pieces there? Is it not ready for the WWDC developers to start interfacing their apps to the Home HDTV center in every home through the AppleTV devices?

      Ok. Keep your eyes closed until Apple shows it to you. Don’t let me spoil your surprise.

      1. Similarly, my take has been that Apple is developing integrated devices and services to conquer the living room, IE: AppleTV ($99) + any iPod/iPad/iPhone + only pay for the programs “iWatch” (will be split from iTunes because ala-carte is what everyone really wants and iTunes is getting badly bloated).

    2. This is neither a “brilliant move” nor a dumb move. It is just common sense. This model is simply a replacement for the previous low-end iPod touch, which was the older 8GB A4-based 4th gen model that Apple continued to sell (as new), AFTER the 5th gen model was released last year.

      This new model is significantly better, as it has 16GB of storage, a larger display, and the A5. And it is obviously NOT “Apple’s first foray into the lower cost mobile device market” (as stated in the article); the 4th gen model sold for $199. FYI – You can get one of those on the Apple refurb page for $129…

  2. I also don’t see what all the fuss is about. It’s in-between an iPod Nano and a fully-functional iPod Touch. Nothing to really get excited over, but it’s something Apple was completely right to do.

    1. The reason it’s exciting is because it gets people into the Apple ecosystem, including the app store and iCloud. Once they are in, they are more likely to buy a smartphone within the same ecosystem.

      1. Question is, how long will it take for all voice communication to become VoIP/FaceTime?
        All we need, really is 24/7 internet connectivity.
        Just wath how quickly people will forget about SMS etc. and will be able to do without.

  3. It makes sense for Apple to replace the old iPod Touch, sharing components with the newer model. The larger screen and lightning connector become the standard.

    The Apple ecosystem has always been extremely valuable to anyone with a family. I buy ALL my music and apps from one main iTunes account and sync to all the iPods (Shuffles and Touches), iPhones and iPads in my house.

    And I save 20% on every purchase because I load up on iTunes gift cards when they periodically go on sale at Target, Best Buy, etc. I always keep extras around in various denominations for last minute gift ideas.

  4. My company loved the idea, we ordered 10 right away for development.

    The 4″ screen make it an ideal dev/testing platform for apps and we don’t need the back camera anyway.

  5. Wolfe doesn’t pay attention. This iPod replaces the old 4th Gen that sold for 199/249 for 16/32 GB. This is not a radical departure for Apple.

    1. You’re dealing with a tech press that’s desperate to link Apple to a lower-cost/higher-volume product strategy. They’re imagining trends that don’t exist.

    2. its the wrong direction

      replacing the 199/249 mark with a 299 device minus the back camera… squeezing more money out of us yet nearing the entry level iPad mini?

  6. An iPod will shake up the industry? If it was a headline a decade ago, the answer would be YES. But today, c’me on. Not for 229 bucks. Sure if it was priced at 199 bucks again like the previous generation.

  7. The iPod touch and hand-me-down old iPhones have been the best kid pacification devices ever. On long car rides, in line at the amusement park, and out to dinner when you just can’t get a babysitter. But for my kids, they enjoy taking photos, even with the crappy camera of the old 4th gen Touch. Apple could have maintained product differentiation and still have a camera by putting in the old camera.

  8. Personally, it doesn’t do a thing for me. No rear facing camera? You’ve got to be kidding! But apparently Apple thinks they can sell enough of them to make it worthwhile. So go for it. Funny how I don’t see any comments about low hanging fruit or bottom of the barrel consumers. Suddenly Apple going for such low price point consumers is brilliant.

    1. Itxs what you expect of CircleJerkDailyNews readers. Good news is great news. Bad news is “that analcyst doesn’t blah blah blah” and non news is “oh Apple made a good call on that one”

  9. shake up industry? are you kidding me? who wants to buy media player without rear camera nowadays? just take a look at other products. so I guess that cheaper iphone (if they would make) will be released, what kind of features apple will not include? apple is such a slick bastard. this kind of strategy won’t work anymore. clearly apple is dying now. they have failed to reveal new product in terms of their cycle so far. people are tired of waiting. retina display ipad mini won’t release this year, new iphone won’t be 6 instead of 5S. so what will apple trick us with other products? I am sick of it. Tim is clearly proven as no brilliant CEO at all. I miss Steve.

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