Apple slaps down app developer for suggesting no one cares about iOS

“Apple Worldwide Developer Relations has slapped down TransMedia CEO Donald Leka for suggesting no one cares about iOS in a press release for a new iPhone app. “Consumers really don’t care that much what platform they are on,” Leka said — but it turns out Cupertino does not agree,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac.

“The press release announced TransMedia’s new Glide app for iPhone, which allows users to share data between multiple mobile devices via the cloud. Leka says within it that as long as users have access to their documents, they don’t care which platform they use,” Bell reports. “‘Consumers really don’t care that much what platform they are on, where their files are stored, or what the file types and file formats are,’ said TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka. ‘They simply want to be able to easily access and share a family photo, a letter to a friend, a favorite song or show.'”

“I think most of us would agree that that’s rubbish. How many of you go out and buy a smartphone, tablet, or computer just because it looks nice? One of the first things we look for is the right operating system,” Bell reports. “And we all know how proud Apple is of its own. So proud so it felt compelled to send Leka a strongly-worded letter dismissing his claims and offering advice on how he should ‘craft’ press releases in the future.”

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  1. Most people who buy Apple products are making informed decisions, and care very much about how and where their data is stored. I’d be recommending he should just make his product for Android, because his observation would then be correct.

  2. Maybe Leka should consider that people could care less about what app they use. Any App from any developer will do under his view point. That should be a wake up call for this guy since you would like people to find value in your designs and from this you make profit. Maybe he cares little about lasting in a completive market.

  3. ‘Consumers really don’t care that much what platform they are on, where their files are stored, or what the file types and file formats are,’

    Umm, no. I’d say that we don’t get to care, because Apple wants it that way.

        1. No, Bob doesn’t like to troll unless I’m fishing. I’m sitting here writing software and typing this on my office iMac, while watching my Apple shares go up on my iPad TDAmeritrade app, with my MacBook snoring away in my backpack behind me. I’d be listening to my 4G touch Bluetoothed to my car radio if I were driving, or watching movies on the late 2012 mini attached to my TV if I were at home.

          What part of my statement is incorrect? Apple *does not* want you to have access to your files or worry about their type on iOS devices. They go out of their way to make it that way (for most people — not those that are more technically savvy). Is there a Finder on iOS?

          I also agree with the article. Tell me exactly what technical features Lindsay Lohan was interested in, along with just about everyone that follows her Twitter feed, when she purchased her iPhone? 🙂

          I don’t even have a Twitter account. Or Facebook.

          1. Writing is a task where communicating your views is hard to convey if not worded smoothly. There is a few ways to make things correct… but still, what people read they interpret and try to comprehend.

            Great communicators and great writes still can not guarantee everyone comprehends exactly as meant.

            Where Leka failed in his communications you also did.
            Sometimes short straight to the point sentences are not clear viewpoints.

            “Umm, no. I’d say that we don’t get to care, because Apple wants it that way.”

            Dangerous man…

            WE DONT GET TO CARE.

            Two very harsh ideas.

            You make it seem Apple customers have no choice in alternatives or options.

            You also make it seem Apple closed its doors on purpose to stop us from any options.

            And it seems ALSO that you are not Happy with Apple.

            1. About writing. Totally agree with you. It a tricky world.

              “You make it seem Apple customers have no choice in alternatives or options.”

              Most don’t. I would bet that easily over 50% of the people with an iPhone are not very technically inclined, and they are “stuck” with what they have, of course maybe they don’t need to be, and that’s fine, and Apple is making a ton of money off of them.

              “You also make it seem Apple closed its doors on purpose to stop us from any options.”

              They closed their doors to keep us from getting viruses, which is fine, but it seems like that thinking has gone a little too far to the point where there are a lot of “simple” things that now require a lot of stuff to support (see my other long post below about simple file-handling). They control the horizontal. They control the vertical. (From the TV show The Outer Limits for the geriatriclly-challenged.)

              “And it seems ALSO that you are not Happy with Apple.”

              I’m a stock holder. I’m very happy with Apple. Now the analysts and bloggers… 🙂

              I’m just saying that everyone posting to this list could come up with a good idea of something Apple could do to make things easier for them. I’m a regular visitor to /feedback. They don’t **SEEM** to listen unless people really scream (let’s take Save As… a recent example in OSX). They **SEEM** to only hear, “…faster horse.” Maybe they really are listening. It’d be nice if they said that.

            2. Bob, I applaud you on what all you say. I had faith in you.

              I responded to your question,
              “What part of my statement is incorrect?

              You must understand that what you said before was not clear.
              That is why you got some back lash.

              I agree with you for Apples reasons to be closed… viruses, good reply, however there are other 3rd party apps which offer the same that Lekas company offers already.

              Without going off the topic… Lekas is right that people in general dont wish to fuss with files formats and things…
              And I believe NOW if there was no ANDROID or METRO that there would be no NEED for concern. In an all Apple Universe… there is no need to communicate to the other devices as converting to avi or bitmap format… as the Apple Universe was made for the Apple community. To communicate to other Apple devices and not to Nokia phone with special formats.

              In real world situations I can say, the TEXT MESSAGING back and forth between Android and iOS seem to handle movie files and picture files just fine. There are limitations. But the scenario you described is just not an issue to most and not impossible to work out. There is either an app you haven’t tried or a service that is clod base you have not tested. If any conversions are needed, let the cloud service handle those things not the iPhone.

              For years Apple OS for it computers stuck to its native file formats and was a happy machine. Some of those formats have disappeared like PICT. Apple is not as closed as you wish to express. Some mistakes Apple has done take some time to change. Apple is all about making PEOPLE WORRY LESS ABOUT FILE FORMATS and THINGS then any other computer company. TO BE SIMPLE and CLEAN in FORM and FUNCTION. And it is the OS or iOS that will stay simple and the services or applications which are open for business there.

              Is Apple afraid of viruses? If so why allow choices at all over iCloud? Why let Google Drive even on iOS. Apple is not as closed as you think or wish me to accept. There are options and alternatives. DropBox has been around for long enough to hear if viruses were coming from them.

              In your other long long reply, you are talking about how functionality occurs. Frustrations with performance and options to save a file in a format other then the JPEG or PNG default of iOS. Honestly if the competition wishes to comply to Apple standards then they should. IS that Apple problem. Not if Apple continues to want to be a simple to use easy to understand universal device.

              You must realize the iOS device was to be this simple everyone can use no issue device. Now everyone wants it to be a full fledge computer. If the device is all you need in your life and no computer or services for it. There would be no need for an ecosystem nor the Apple Universe.

              You are correct on one hand but truly not seeking solutions for your situations. Believe me there is an app for what you seek.
              You wish to convert a Jpeg to some thing else – Apple may not have it in the iOS but a 3rd party app does. Apple has not closed its doors so tightly Bob. And people like you who want to push the limits of these simple devices should know better.

              Also, if you can do all you wish with an Android phone… be my guest… but i doubt you can.

              Lastly, Apple has said many times it listens to its customers. Listening does not mean things change instantly or will change at all. But I believe the comment Apple does listen, comes from TIm Cook regarding customer care… not applications… hardware issues / return policies / iTunes purchases. You can not please everyone all the time.

          2. What you’re talking about is not the same thing. You are referring to methods Apple has chosen to give users access to files. Apple has been steadily moving to a database system accessed from within an app rather than a Finder-like file browser. Not restricted access, just different access.

            1. beautifully said – hope Bob understands

              iPhone is a powerful computing device but it is also made for everyone, its different then OSX, and it has strict formats and methods for the reason to keep things simple. Bob tends to feel iOS needs to handle those file conversions, I say let the app or cloud service deal with that. Also, I figure if there was no Android or other devices there would be no need for saving things differently.

              Take Pages as an example, I can type and create cool documents, iOS autosaves. Its cool. I don’t have to worry. It will save the file. I don’t need to deal with a directory really the app saves the file within the shell of the application. Average users don’t need to know that. Everything just works. Now, I want to port that file to my Mac.. well Pages on OSX communicates perfectly to files made on iOS Pages. No worry. What if I wish to save as Word Doc. well i should have a Mac. What if I wish to save as a PDF. its odd but iOS pages will export or the Page Document as a PDF yet send it to eBooks. its beautiful and simple but sort of indirect. From eBooks I can email my PDF. I might have the procedure incorrect here, but my point is there is a way.

              And when that demand comes popular Apple will make changes.

    1. Bob,

      Is it wrong that Apple wishes a closed system and an ecosystem only for its devices — lets call it the Apple Universe – is an only Apple, a wrong thing?

      I can see a trillion advantages for this closed Apple Universe and I am extremely happy to exist in it.

      And I do have a many choices to migrate my files within the Apple Universe Bob.

      DropBox, Minus, SkyDrive, Cloud, iCloud, UbuntuOne, Box Sync — all from your Mac computer. WHich by the way Bob can run Windows if needed. But these cloud services definitely allow friends, family and businesses share files already. And they are not promoting negativity to the Apple Universe – but embracing it.

      On the iOS side, the Apple Universe is OPEN TO SHARE files with: Box, DropBox, Evernote, SkyDrive, 4Shared Mobile, Sound Cloud, CloudOn (stinking Office crap), MediaFire, MegaCloud, CloudMagic, CloudMe, JustCloud, Ubuntu One, AirFile (allowing connection to all cloud services), SugarSync, Google Drive, Rainbow Drive (also multiple account support to other services from one point).

      There is no better Universe to be in, but the Apple Universe.

      What Donald Leka words do – is cause damage to the reputation of Apple. And if I was Apple – I too would have them clarify or be careful how to present software. Apple has a right to protect themselves and rightfully done.

      “‘Consumers really don’t care that much what platform they are on, where their files are stored, or what the file types and file formats are. They simply want to be able to easily access and share a family photo, a letter to a friend, a favorite song or show.” – TransMedia Chairman and CEO, Donald Leka.


      Careful Donald Leka, AIRFILE and RAINBOW DRIVE are your direct competitors and didn’t offer press releases like you have.

      1. “Is it wrong that Apple wishes a closed system and an ecosystem only for its devices — lets call it the Apple Universe – is an only Apple, a wrong thing?”

        Nope. It works great for zillions of people, including me. But let’s say I want to go for a quick walk around a factory, take a bunch of pictures with my iPad, organize them into a slide show, and show management all of the safety violations I found by beaming it to their conference room Apple TV all as fast as possible? I want to take a picture, save it to a folder of MY choosing (not Camera Roll, because I don’t want to show management the pictures of my dog, kids, and the pretty cloud formation I saw on the way into work, and I don’t want a lot of post-processing work), rearrange the pictures in the order that I want to show them, and then just do it (I’m talking only with Apple’s Camera and Photos apps). When I take a picture I can Mail it, Message it, Twitter it, Facebook it, assign it to a contact, print it, copy it, use it as wallpaper, but I can’t save it to a file of MY choosing? That’s just dumb. How does being able to control where my pictures get saved compromise anything? And why do I need iPhoto to get at those pictures on my MacBook? Why can’t I just plug in a memory stick, copy the folder of pictures to it and hand it to the manager, or OSHA as the case may be? 🙂 With all of the extra stuff I need to have, Internet-wireless only, an account on some server, installed software for that server, hope that the other person has an account with that same server company, etc., where is the convenience? I work in the real world — geeze I sound like my dad! 🙂 — don’t even get me started on how many places in the world don’t have Internet (that I work in). The Internet is not a big deal to me, but then I did get to use a new Apple I once.

        Also, what if I don’t WANT all of my files on any server where, just today, the FBI can come and look at them without a warrant? (See “Judge orders Google to comply with FBI’s secret NSL demands” on CNet.) This cloud stuff is nice, but it doesn’t do a lot of good when someone walks up to you with a memory stick of pictures that they want to go through and discuss. That limitation is even stupider. All this cloud stuff is really neat, but what if you don’t want every detail of your life or your business shared? And look at all of those choices you listed. That’s not confusing or inconvenient at all. 🙂

        I’ve got nothing against those control-freaks at Apple, but I wish they weren’t so controlling. They didn’t used to be and it served them pretty well.

        1. As I know iOS 5 or 6 was it, offers a folder system for photos, not just recent photos taken stored in Camera Roll. You can organize now. So you will not accidentally expose yourself in the families vacation to your office.

          Next, Saving photos? Saving them as different formats – why? What do you need that for? I do not know any computer out on the market that can not read a PNG or JPEG from the iPhone. You take a photo with Apples Photo app. IF you need what Apple does not offer buy another app and set the save as preferences to what you need. Other wise, you open the pictures in photo edit application and it will save them as you wish and where you wish.

          iMac denoted the need or direction of an internet computer, iPhone and iPad follow that same idea. These are wifi and cellular devices. I don’t understand your beef here. For iPad there is a solution with the SD card reader. It can transfer images and import images… no internet required.

          As far as security to the cloud base services, look in to encryption apps for securing your files on those services you wish to use.

          I disagree totally on your last line. Apple has always been different and provided a slim easier universe of file formats and structure. Once the world of Windows blew in, software demanded Apple files to play fair – file conversions and whatever else, Apple stayed the same it was software from 3rd parties that preformed the duties.

    2. I agree that the customer doesn’t ‘consciously’ care about those things. They just want the product they buy to work.

      The fact that they are willing to pay more for iOS powered products, than any other, is testament enough for their preference for iOS.

      1. Yes, your point is well taken and understood – agreed to some extent. And in general, people don’t wish to worry about any of those things, and oddly to say, Apple iOS somewhat owns that idea… with Apple, it just works, no worries setting things up and plenty of solutions available. Apple iOS is so simply — PEOPLE should NOT need to WORRY about anything. iCLOUD is also the solution for this to occur.

        AND IF THERE WAS ONLY an APPLE UNIVERSE there would never be a need for Leka product.

        Lekas’ thoughtless choice of words leads to harming Apples’ iOS reputation.

        Was there need to mention anything about what platform people use? He is the CEO, supposedly a bright man. He could have said things differently – specially if he offers his product on many platforms.

  4. Apple’s reaction is proof that Leka is on target with his comments. Consumers absolutely DO make their decisions on the look, feel, and features and often never even care about the OS. That’s what Apple doesn’t understand. The market for the gadgets is fickle and knows no loyalty to brands – just the latest pop culture. That is all. Until Tim Cook realizes what he is up against, his company will continue to look like it’s behind the curve when it comes to phones, pads, and pods. It sucks, I know, but it is what it is and that’s why AAPL has collapsed and why until the Apple Inc. board emerges from denial and starts the search for a new CEO, it’s only going to get worse.

    1. That’s why when Apple releases its next product there will be no lines at any retail locations anywhere in the world because no one cares since everything is the same.

    2. “That’s what Apple doesn’t understand”
      So you’re saying that a company that has forever been accused of making devices that are “form over function” do not realize people like nice looking things?

      “often never even care about the OS”
      Maybe not the OS, but the platform is EXTREMELY important to people.

      “fickle and knows no loyalty to brands ”
      Apple’s brand loyalty is somewhere near 90%.

      The only real point made by him is that as long as people can get to their data, it doesn’t matter what platform they use… that’s not the same as saying they don’t care. Many obviously do, otherwise iOS wouldn’t be what it is.

    3. Jay,

      Sorry but you are saying that the most successful, most popular, most envied, most copied tech company on this planet doesn’t know what they are doing?

      Seems pretty clear to me that you haven’t owned an iPhone or idevice and are living in the ‘Roid world where it is as you descried it, “fickle and knows no loyalty…will continue to look like it’s behind the curve when it comes to phones, pads, and pods.”

      Hope someday you become better informed.

    4. I know at least 50 people who are friends, relatives and co-workers who chose an iPhone because they liked Apple’s iOS not the competitors.

      Hope this nut job starts developing for every OS except Apple’s. Watching stats on his sales and app usage plummet would be entertaining news to read.

    5. Great hardware can be produced by companies other than Apple. The HTC One is quite a nice device, but I wouldn’t want to use one. The whole reason I’ve gone with Apple and will stay with Apple is not just because of the gorgeous, superior hardware; it’s the combination of that AND the solid, stable, functional OS AND the excellent app/content ecosystem. That’s what your comment above is missing: it’s the confluence of all of those, the tight and smooth integration of hardware, iOS, and ecosystem, that makes the Apple experience the best there is in the mobile space. Some day someone may duplicate or surpass it, but I think it’s impossible for Android to do so.

    6. 1) Apple assumed damaging words that PEOPLE DONT CARE WHAT PLATFORM THEY USE… Apples’ defence is fair

      2) Leka, is right about what PEOPLE WANT, to freely share files as they please and as easy as possible without worries of formats.

      3) Apple does have specific formats and with excellent reasons for them. Apple offers a one cloud (iCloud) safety zone yet also has many third party options for cloud services to freely share for people as they please.

      4) Third party apps are already available to share to multiple cloud services from one App – similar to Leka product. Apple is not as closed platform as being said by many from the other side.

      5) People care more about iOS then any other platform as it is the number one platform for development – even a ruffle of the UI has concerning responses… expressing INTEREST in iOS on a graphic level.

      I believe all this has been taken way too far out of content.
      Leka never said, no one cares about “iOS.” He just worded things inappropriately. I do not think Apple has forced him to say iOS is the better platform nor enforced him to promote iOS… what I believe Apple did say was, “Your statement is damaging to our reputation and leads people to think iOS not important. That your press presentation had thoughtless choice of words. You offended us here at Apple and harm iOS. Furthermore, Apple has offerings already of similar third party Apps which preform similar answers that your company offers as solutions to people. And it is more important to promote ‘What makes TransMedia solution different or better then its competitors like AirFile and RainbowDrive’. That the emphasis of Lekas’ statement was wrongfully said not beneficial to either his own company or Apple.

  5. I am going to give this group a pass. TransMedia’s new Glide app for iPhone allows users to share data between multiple mobile devices. If they are also Android devices then that is part of their market and what his app is designed to do.

    Next time he may want to word it better. Can this group make an app to let the Apple board know when the share holders are hurting? Apple notices apps they make. Next time 7 MONTHS may not pass while we are being “PATIENT”! The world is looking to Apple to innovate so they can copy it. If they couldn’t copy Apple’s devices than this groups app would not share data with them. Apple, maybe you need to focus on the sources of the problems!

    1. I suggest you have a look Jersey_Trader, at

      AirFile and Rainbow Drive

      What does ‘Glide’ offer that AirFile and Rainbow Drive don’t have?

      Well, what he said… people don’t care what platform they are on. Yet, rather then say it that way, he should have stated clearly we are the only solution available like this on all 3 platforms.

      To present to the press release a clear message understanding your competition and needs of the users.

      Rainbow Drive is ONLY available on iOS.
      AirFile also is also ONLY for iOS.


      Glide connects your devices and cloud services so that you have access to all your files no matter where they are stored. With Glide you can easily share and publish files and web content from your PC or mobile device. Glide automatically converts file formats when needed for easy sharing with friends and family!

      It’s easy to get started! Connect your cloud services to Glide and upload your favorite photos, music, videos and documents to Glide directly from your device and share them with family and friends, or publish them to your favorite social networks.

      Glide has been featured in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, D: All Things Digital, CNET, Business Week, Craine’s, Bloomberg, CNBC News, PC Magazine, PC World, LAPTOP Magazine, Mashable, TechCrunch etc., and in over 25 books on Cloud Computing.

      The Glide team is headquartered in NYC.

  6. so Apple wants to spend time going over ‘press releases’ by 3rd parties and firing off responses.

    Jesus someone in Cupertino has way too much time on their hands.

  7. When it comes to securing your confidential data in a cloud, accessing that cloud from a ‘walled garden’ appears to be the platform of choice.

    iOS and iCloud equals secure.

    Apple: The new ‘Swiss Bank’.

  8. A Message from the Glide Product Team

    Glide has supported iPhone/iOS with cross platform services from the very beginning.

    On Friday, June 29, 2007, the iPhone was launched in the United States.

    On Monday, July 2, 2007, Macworld reported that Glide had launched extensive support for the iPhone.

    “Glide Mobile works with a client application for the Mac, (Linux) or PC called Glide Sync. You can use it to synchronize your photos, music, videos, documents, Sunbird and iCal calendars, Thunderbird and Address Book contacts, Safari, Camino and Firefox bookmarks from your Mac to an Internet account you can access from any computer Web browser.

    Once synced to your online account, Glide Mobile uses its “compatibility engine” to transcode that content so you can replay it and access it regardless of how fast your Internet connection is or what the capabilities are of the Web browser you’re looking at the content from. It manages the proper format and bit-rate for your connection. It handles Word, PDF, image formats, MP3s, QuickTime movies and many other document formats.

    What’s more, you can control access privileges—making content available to others, and adjusting how they can manipulate it—view only, download and modify, for example, or even the number of times they can view the file or the time period they can view it in.

    If you’re not lucky enough to have an iPhone yet, Glide Mobile also supports devices from RIM/BlackBerry, Nokia, HP, Motorola, Palm, Samsung, Sony Ericsson and others.”

    Glide Mobile Transcoding Service Works with iPhone

    On August 3, 2007 Macworld reported that Glide added iPhone support for Microsoft Windows Media video and audio files (WMV and WMA).

    “Video formats supported by Glide Mobile for the iPhone include .wmv, .mpg, .mpeg, .avi, .divx, .mov, .mp4 and .3gp.

    Glide also supports audio formats for the iPhone including .wma .wav, .au, .mp3, .m4a, .aiff, .aac and .ac3
    All of the new supported formats include versions optimized both for AT&T’s EDGE network and Wi-Fi.
    Beside Windows Media audio and video files, Glide Mobile works with dozens of different document formats, making it possible to share Office files, presentation documents, digital images, iTunes music and much more with your cell phone.”

    Glide Service Lets Windows Media Work on iPhone

    On September 13, 2007 Macworld reported that Glide had launched a new mobile version of its Glide Write word processor.

    “Glide Write 2.0 is the service’s integrated word processing application, and it enables you to create documents on mobile devices and collaborate on them with other users. Glide Write can also automatically sync and convert Word documents for access on your iPhone, and lets you open and edit multiple Word docs. Formatting features include bold, italic, underline, bullets, 40 symbols, and HTML source editing and preview modes. You can also export documents created on your iPhone to Word, PDF and RTF.
    Glide Mobile has also announced support for new phones, including the LG VX8700, Nokia E-61, Nokia 6300 and Motorola KRZR phones.”

    Glide Mobile Lets iPhone Users Edit MS Word Docs

    Other Glide functionality for the iPhone (and for virtually all other smartphones) included a browser-based photo editor (with a generous offering of photo effects and support for all major image formats) and the viewing of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets.

    Glide formally added support for the iPad on July 22, 2010, including an HTML5 interface and support for Flash files (FLV)…and so on…

    We will continue to provide iOS users with valuable cross platform services.

    1. Dear Glide OS team,

      Please convey the Apple Prime Directive… what was said in Apple letter to Glide?

      As i research GLIDE, I must say – I like it. Using it may come soon.
      But first hand, I think Apple iCloud should have been doing what GLIDE offers.

      They really do take things one step further then their competition by providing conversion on the fly from device recognition. This be be a huge advantage and satisfies the worlds devices.

      Yes I agree, I do not care about file formats, I don’t wish to worry about those things, I want everything just to work, I don’t wish to worry where the files came from or what platform they were created on. Sounds like Glide beat Apple to it. Glide offers a great solution and it offers it for all platforms.

      If these are your concerns, give Glide a try.

  9. ahhhh…remniscent of when the vatican said the sun revolved around the earth. How’that turn out by the way. Apple’s head is up the ass of it’s past success

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