Goldman Sachs: Buy calls in Apple ahead of WWDC on June 10th

“Goldman Sachs is recommending investors buy calls in Apple (AAPL) ahead of the always-closely-watched Worldwide Developers Conference which begins on June 10th,” Paul Quintaro reports for Benzinga.

“The firm sees WWDC ‘once again’ being ‘a positive catalyst for shares – this time driven by refreshes of existing services (iCloud and Siri) and/or a preview of the new iOS 7 operating system,'” Quintaro reports. “Goldman believes much of the options market in years past has ‘underestimated the positive nature of this event.'”

Quintaro reports, “The firm noted over the last 10 years, shares of Apple were up about 5 percent on average over the span of 10 days prior to WWDC to one day following the event.”

Read more in the full article here.


  1. Is he risking any money by issuing such recommendation? Playing options is too risky with Apple: any stupid analyst “disappointment” may cause a sell-off post WWDC keynote

  2. Oh, yeah… this is really good advice. I hope everyone buys in between now and then. That will result in a lot more people demanding the ouster of Tim Cook. Without something WOW (small chance and declining based on all the predictions) Tim is done and that will be the best thing to come from this year’s “big event” – trust me.

    1. Why should I trust you, JayM? You are negative on Cook and Apple all of the time. Sooner or later you may actually be right, but that is no more reason to trust you than I should trust a coin flip.

    2. What a bunch of dunderheads. If all you ‘experts’ knew anything (other than how to express righteous indignation over something you knew nothing about) you’d know that what Goldman said was true, and you wouldn’t need them to tell you.

      I guess that’s why they have money and you don’t.

  3. What will WWDC be talking about ? Only things that won’t make Apple rise . iOS and Mac OS . Unless Apple has new iPhone or ipad or china mobile deal which I don’t think will happen , the only result is AAPL will drop to $400 before its July quarter result as the market MUST worry how bad it is for Apple , WWDC just let the market dream but won’t help in real .
    I will buy 400 shares at $400 .

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