Apple’s iOS uniformity remains key advantage over Android

“In the current mobile climate, apps can make or break a platform. Just ask Blackberry. While Android phone manufacturers can undercut Apple on price, it is in this app ecosystem that I believe Apple still has a major advantage over its key competitor,” Charlotte Henry writes for The Mac Observer.

“The unified nature of iOS means developers know that if their app works on one iOS device, it more or less works for all users (iPad/iPhone scaling and old model limitations both accepted),” Henry writes. “With Android, developers have the double whammy of having to build for, and test across, multiple operating systems as well as multiple hardware setups.”

Henry writes, “Quite simply, it is significantly easier to design and build a successful single Apple flavoured app than to make sure your app works in a variety of Android flavours.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. Fandroid love to argue the merits of the chameleonesque Crapdroid but the one point they really can’t argue about is Apple has the best overall ecosystem. I certainly feel a cozy warm feel about playing in Apple’s backyard keeping out the baddies. Android is like that scene in A CHRISTMAS STORY where Ralphie is shooting at white & black striped shirted and masked “burglars” (representing malware) only in Android’s case there are too many burglars to shoot at and quickly overwhelm. A system only customizing freaks & geeks can love.

    1. with ya peterblood71,

      customization for Droid lobbers is over stated,

      1) as a stock device – short cuts (alias) of its installed apps is a second layer to the directory – complicating the system

      2) bettering the customization on Droid requires Rooting the phone – this is a process no different than Jailbreaking iPhone, and some of us know interesting options that does to the phone

      3) there are plenty of users on both sides that just aren’t knowledgeable entirely what either system is capable of – yet the Droid side is ignorantly claiming iOS cant perform certain functions

      4) Metro is a new player who is failing to drill into consumers minds that complexity can be found on portable devices – the reason is people don’t want the headaches – solution is simplicity, security, reliability, familiarity and honesty from iOS <— the winner

      So Droid folk – keep your customization — with your equally priced plastic, rooted toy, virus magnet, inferior copy of iOS — that is what you paid for.

  2. Android is proof that Linux will never become mainstream on PCs. If it’s so fragmented on smartphones and tablets, what makes it better for PCs. All those Linux distros, and many different GUIs. Those “Year of the Linux” geeks are just dreaming too hard. They say that Android is a Linux success story when we all know darn well that it isn’t! The only reason why AndyBot is “free and open source” is so that Gaagle could have easy access to your information. Same with Chrome OS.

  3. Google does have a sort of solution to this app/device compatibility problem. Their store will only allow users to install apps that claim to be compatible with that particular fragment. It is up to the developer to keep the list current.

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