Apple hits milestone of 100 million iPod touch units sold

“In addition to launching a new model of its iPod touch on Thursday, Apple told me this morning that it has sold more than 100 million units of the iPod touch since its introduction,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“With its Retina display, the iPod touch is one of the best devices that Apple currently sells,” Dalrymple reports. “The new model released today will further the device’s penetration into that market, in my opinion.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Congrats, Apple!

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  1. Yet anal cysts still say Apple is doomed. How much drugs do you have to take to remotely believe that Zune and Kin had any way of becoming more popular than iPod and iPhone respectively? If anything, Micro$oft is, rightfully, doomed.

  2. A niece of mine owns an Android phone, which she primarily uses for phone calls and texts, as well as an iPod touch, which she uses for music and prefers for mobile web.

    Makes you wonder how many other Android users have a little iOS on the side.


  3. You see there it is: Apple caters for the upper class, stylish, successful market. That’s what they do. That’s why they make top class products. That’s why millions of successful classy people but those products. And that market is growing fast because soon all the remaining monkeys will evolve into thinking human beings.

    1. While I do have a great iPhone at the moment, I still have a laptop that runs Ubuntu. Am I a “monkey who still hasn’t evolved yet”? Not everyone can afford expensive Mac products. I don’t have enough money for a Mac, and I refuse to get screwed over by Zombie Ballmer. Ubuntu is actually a great Linux distro, and I intend on dual booting it on a Mac when I get one. Are you, by any chance, one of Armando Casablancas sock puppets?

    1. very simple: because Cook is coasting. A company with the resources of Apple should not allow stale products to hang around. But the App Store is rolling in cash (thanks to innovations of 3rd party software developers, not from Apple), so the majority here think everything is going great in Cupertino. The WWDC better impress, or a much bigger portion of the Apple community will start to get a clue how timid and slow Cook is.

      1. Mike, you are so right… Apple should invent anti-gravity too, and teleportation,,,, cause its so easy…. Yeah… Please.

        Could it be that there are still sales for these units. They offer very large space for large music files. I have a friend that wants everything at his store cause he never knows what mood he will be in. Also, its a wifi poor area so no itunes match.

        However, he is considering having internet put at the store so he can do iTunes match. The world changes, at times ever so slowly.

  4. YES!

    Keep those iPod Touches coming Apple. iPhones are very cool, phone companies are a lot less cool and I still keep my data services and cellular services separate. (Let’s see how long that lasts, but I’ve been doing it for five years this summer and so far only a minor inconvenience.) To be clear, I have no mobile data service at this time. I use it at home and find hotspots wherever I go. Saves me almost $1000/year.

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