Apple’s iPhone 5S may double Retina display pixel count to 1.5 million, source says

“Chinese sites are ablaze with a new set of iPhone 5S rumors today,” Unwired View reports.

“They seem to have originated with Wei Feng Network, and say that the new iPhone will come with a much narrower bezel, adopting the iPad mini-like design,” Unwired View reports. “The display size will remain the same 4 inches, but Apple plans to double the number of pixels the screen will contain. From ~730K now to ~1.5 million in the new iPhone 5S.”

Unwired View reports, “Since Apple has already opted for narrow bezels in iPad Mini, and solved the accidental touch problems in the process, makes a narrow bezel on iPhone 5S a very believable thing.”

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    1. very very true, 4″ is very much yesterday. Since you pay all those
      excessive monthly cell phone bills, might as well use as much as you can. for basic app big screen is so so but most people use for
      Facebook ,iMessaging, texting, photos ,reading stuffs, these are the
      things that big screen is so much useful. that’s why you see lots of
      people using Samdung these days. HOPE APPLE KNOWS THIS!

      1. Agree so much, for years now. WHY cant apple have a few choices? WTF? They are going to get killed if the new release is lackluster. AND, I’ve NEVER heard anyone with a samsung product complain about resolution. NEVER. OR any APPLE fans asking for more. WHAT IS THE POINT of a power sucking screen. Yet obvious needs like longer battery life are never greatly improved or trumpeted. How many people work at Apple? nobody thinking of a new idea?

    2. You keep saying this over and over and over. It’s so funny that now I believe you must be joking.

      Keep it up. It’s good for a laugh.

      Apple, please don’t increase the size of the phone. Make as many iPad’s in as many sizes as you want.

  1. Yeah, I’ve been saying for years that the iPhone bezel is waaaay to thick. lol. This rumor makes zero sense to me. Zero.

    As for doubling the pixels? What would that be for? It’s already RETINA. The definition of Retina to Apple is that it has all the pixels your eye can see. More pixels you can’t discern would… presumably add nothing.

    1. 1) Yes the iPhone bezel is looking a little bulky compared to much of the opposition a little embarrassing for a tech leader.

      2) Remember when cds were launched and they told us it was perfect sound. Funny how bit rates increased yearly just as hi res displays are doing now and that perfection suddenly became rather more perfect or so we believed.

      Both of the above are as much about the perception and expectations they instil in us as much as need. But to sell a more expensive phone with highlight features lower than the opposition is a sure road to decline, especially as Apple told us how important Hi Res screens were in the first place.

      1. Fun fact: the sample rate of a cd basically is perfect. It allows reproduction of the full audio spectrum. Nothing is gained by bit rates over 44 or 48 kHz. All they are is bigger numbers at that point. Zero benefit.

        On playback anyway. When I record, I do so at 96 k because that allows the digital noise that comes with mixing and mastering to be shoved up into the totally inaudible audio range above 24 kHz.

        It can be argued that the dynamic range of CDs is not perfect, since humans can hear more than 96 db of dynamic range, but that is a giant range already. Like a whisper to gunshot in magnitude. Still, humans can safely hear about 110 db for a while before hearing loss becomes a concern, so 19 bit is better than 16 bit in that regard.

        But really, most playback benefits of higher bitrates has been proven false or a placebo effect.

        Not really arguing against your point, but on your list, #2 is really not about need at all. Only perception.

  2. If they’re going to add another size for developers to accommodate in their apps surely they’d be better to add an increased screen size? Personally I don’t want a bigger screen, but adding more pixels would be virtually pointless, you’d hardly notice them.

    Thinking about it (and not deleting the first part), doubling the pixels would imply a different screen size and shape since to double the resolution would actually quadruple the pixels.

  3. This Rumour is simply not true. The retina display is marketed as a pixel density that is inperceptible to the naked eye, so there is no reason to make the pixels denser still unless we’re expected to start using a magnifying glass with our iPhones.

    1. In other news, the iPhone 5s speakers will emit sounds only audible to bats. Coupled with the OwlRetina Display, that will ensure Apple’s dominance over the winged creature demographic.

  4. Why? Retina is designed so that the human eye can not see the pixels anything above that is a waste. Apple is not about the spec race. They are about usability.

  5. *sigh* This rumor is complete nonsense. The 5S wont change its appearance. It just doesn’t work that way.
    And the new screen pixels…. come on…?

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