Apple CEO Tim Cook needs to win back investors

“Tim Cook is stepping back into the public limelight just as the Apple chief executive finds himself faced with a growing list of challenges that may tax even his considerable abilities — and his demonstrated ability to turn on the charm,” Therese Poletti reports for MarketWatch.

“Cook is just coming off an impressive appearance before Congress — where he defended Apple’s controversial offshore cash and tax practices,” Poletti reports. “Tuesday night, Cook officially kicks-off the D11 conference, a high-profile gathering of high-tech and media executives hosted by AllThingsD, the technology blog that, like MarketWatch, is owned by News Corp.”

Poletti reports, “But an even bigger test will take place at Apple’s worldwide developer conference next month, when the company is expected to demonstrate an upgrade to its iOS mobile operating system that will be the precursor to other new iPhones and possibly iPads in the fall. This will be the first time this year that Apple is talking about actual products, and Cook badly needs to win the company back some buzz.”

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  1. Cook needs to win back Beliebers. No, not Justin Bieber fans. Believers in the Apple Way. Steve made you into a believer. Tim, I don’t know, Tim needs to make believers in all of us.

    Steve could sell ice to an eskimo. Tim couldn’t sell igloos to an eskimo. I think that’s the essential difference between Steve and Tim. Watching Tim speak is like watching wet fish – not very interesting after the first couple of seconds of so.

    1. I don’t know if Cook “badly needs” to do anything. The company is doing massively well. It’s only the FUD that says there is anything wrong.
      That being said, I would like to see some indication soon that this is still the same (or similar) Apple that we have all had a love affair with for the past decade. Do they still have that Apple magic? I think WWDC will be very interesting.

      1. Indeed. If the investors want to buy in, fine. If not, that’s OK too. Apple doesn’t need them either way, they’ll just keep doing what they’re doing. The wise will invest for the long term, and will be rewarded for their patience.

    2. In order to sell an igloo you have to build an igloo. The Inuit haven’t build an igloo, to live in, for decades.

      Get a new analogy, like hand lotion to a ball sack.

    3. I think the quickest way to win back investors is for Apple to sell a hell of a lot more iPhones. At least 50 million iPhones every quarter might do the trick. Apple will continue to lose market share but the total revenue and profits will go up, for certain. That should make the stock rise some, but likely not up to the $700 mark. Unless Apple comes out with some hot new product, I think those high share heydays are gone forever.

  2. No new products until fall. Idiot Cook said it twice during the earnings call. Way too many gaps in their product releases.

    But Cook is so great according to you fanboy idiots. Let me say it again: Cook has no vision and no leadership qualities. He should not be the CEO of Apple.

        1. Bwah ha ha ha, your response made me laugh. My point stands, STFU about things you have no knowledge or basic understanding of. Apple does things on its own timeline, when things are ready. NOT wallstreet’s, NOT whiners like you.

          1. Shut up and keep living in your parents basement. No skills. No job. No anything. You’re a loser with nothing worth living for.

            Cook is a no talent asshat who is leading Apple down the wrong path. He can’t make any deals with industry. He doesn’t have a vision.

            What’s that? iPad shipments may be down for the first time? What excuses are you going to make you fucking loser. It’s because the innovation has slowed and there are too many gaps in between product releases. Spec bumping an iPad 3 the way the did and eliminating the iPad event in March/April was the stupidest thing they could have done. And you’re seeing the effects of it.


            Shut up.

            1. Boo Hoo, Tim Cook is a no talent asshat, and so is everybody else, all because Apple won’t do everything that poor little STFU wants and mandates.

              Makes you wonder just who is living in their parent’s basement, doesn’t have a life worth living, and is a no talent asshat. Here is a free clue STFU, its not me.

            2. You have no job. You have nothing to offer anyone. You are a failure in life. Nothing you have done has been successful. You’re an Internet drone that is full of shit.

              Keep it coming asshole, I’m going to smother you with your own crap.

            3. back attcha cupcake. You gotta quit starring into the mirror and projecting your attributes (or lack of) onto others.

              The only one smothering and stewing in their own filth is you

            4. I’m here for one reason. To bust your fanboy asses. I’m making it my mission to confront delusional failures like you.

              You’re a troll. A hopeless fanboy. A worshipper of a corporation that keeps your hope going to keep you living.

              Me: I’m a doer. Someone who sees through the bullshit of idiots like you and corporations. Apple, everyone, including me, are lying scum sucking leaches. I’m in the tech industry and run my own company. I have to lie to people and give them hope that a platform is going to make them successful, when in reality I know 90% of all of them will just lose money.

              Most do this. Apple does it with their App Store bullshit. Talking about all the money they’ve given out to developers when over 90% of every App on the App Store makes around $50 per year.

              It’s a bullshit game and idiots like you buy into it.

              Stop worshipping corporations. I’m interested in freeing people from being sucked into a world of lying psychopathic filthy scum suckers like me and other CEOs and companies. It’s all bullshit to keep you spending your money. You don’t need most of what you have.

            5. Hey STFU! I’m really glad I don’t work for an asshole like you. But then, I’ve been an Apple investor for 10 years, so I don’t have to work for anybody anymore. You, on the other hand, make a living scamming people, by your own account. Must be nice to get up every morning and know you’re going to act despicably each and every day.

            6. Zeke:

              You’re right Zeke, I basically am despicable and a scum sucking asshole but so are most CEOs. Steve Jobs is probably the most psychopathic scum sucker of them all. What I’m doing is on par and relative to others in my environment. I’m a product of my environment. I’m no different than the others.

              But the person difference between delusional fanboys like you is that I see this and understand this, yet you think people/companies actually care about you. Like Apple. Apple doesn’t give a shit about you or anyone else but their bank account and they lie and engage in corporate espionage and manipulate you and the markets more than anyone.

              They’re simply a product of their environment too and that’s cool.

              Apple, the company you worship, was caught in a stock backdating scandal. They lie and manipulate the media. They lie to you by telling you how successful developers have been on the App Store yet out of the almost 1 million Apps maybe a sliver of them make any real money.

              They tell you through the media recently that they paid $5 billion in taxes and are good corporate citizens yet they don’t tell you that that money is actually employees’ income taxes, not corporate income tax.

              They’re lyings scum sucking manipulative leaches like me and pretty much every other company out there. They’re no different. Wake up.

            7. This is really fun! So STFU, since you are in the ‘tech industry’ own your own ‘company’, but have to lie to people to get them to buy your product, not to mention have time to comment on everything on MDN, we can only deduce that you are a 30 something guy living in your parents basement building 2nd rate windows boxes for a living since you can’t hold a real job, or maybe even got fired from Apple for not being able to handle it in the real world huh? Your hate towards Apple and BS corporations would kinda suggest that.

              Anyway, it really has been fun! Thanks for a slightly entertaining diversion. And do try to get out of that basement more and practice those developing social interaction skills, K?

            8. Hey Sick of Cook Bashers:

              Thanks for using the most vague and broadsweeping estimates you fanboy loser.

              No I don’t live in my parents basement. They’ve both been dead for many years.

              No I don’t work in the windows world.

              No I didn’t get fired from Apple but I did work there.

              And now for the clincher. I actually come on a forum like this and admit that I’m a lying scum sucking asshole and you have the audacity to call me out like I’m the only one who does this.

              Everyone does this you delusional idiot. Stratups and tech outside of some highly vertical shit like medical imaging and military bases stuff… is all hype and bullshit. It’s unnecessary crap.

              Apple lies all the time and fanboys like you keep eating it up. The App Store is a fact. They give you an aggregate average but most developers lose money. The taxes PR bullshit is a fact. The tax investigation and tax havens are real yet Tim Cook lies and says they don’t use tax gimmicks. The backdating scandal is real. On and on.

              You’re a gullible moron that gets preyed on by companies. Wake up idiot.

            9. Hey STFU, Nice 14 year old mentality there, (No offense to the cool 14 year olds out there) you can can call anyone who disagrees with you idiotic asshat parent’s basement dwellers along with any other disparaging (Go look it up in the dictionary, I’ll wait) remark you can throw in, but call foul when any one throws it back at you. Thats so cute in a Jr. High kinda way…

              Just because you might yell louder and use more profanity than other forum posters doesn’t make your MS/ Google/ Samedung/ run of the mill AppleBasher regurgitated talking points valid. (If you need another dictionary moment to expand your vocabulary, go ahead)

            10. Hey Sick of People Bashing my Little Cock:

              You: deny facts; post nothing but personal attacks instead of facts; are a genetic idiot.

              As a result, you’re completely delusional.

              Me: post facts; am in touch with reality because I’m rational.

              Keep it coming, I will relentlessly pursue your delusion.

    1. You Cook critics NEVER once kvetched when Steve said Apple releases products when they (both Apple, and the product) were ready. They pulled out of trade shows and other venues to be free of an artificial imposed schedule to release products.

      Your pathetic attempt to dis Cook is immature and very lame. He is following the plan, when the product is ready it gets released. Both Steve and Tim C have had the PR disaster of trying to meet a phony imposed schedule. Steve with the 3GHZ G5 promise, and Tim with the lets hurry and launch the iMac before the holiday shopping season. Looks like they both learned their lesson, and are now patient enough to shut up until shipping.

      Whiners and Kvetchers are not going to convince Apple otherwise.

    2. @sfgh
      SJ was basically 3 years on average between major releases: iMac, iPod, intel Mac, iPhone, iPad. And you what – expect, judge and criticize TC after 20 months! You have lost all sense of horse sense and logic!

      And then to criticize “fanboys” who see and understand the patterns that you can’t. If you really, really think you can see things that fanboys can’t, you are narcissistic at best.

      1. Facts, not conjecture.

        Apple spec bumped the iPad 3 half way through its product cycle last year. As a result, there is no iPad event for March/April. Therefore, there is a huge gap between new product releases.

        What you’re seeing is the effects of this major gap. They should have released the iPad 4 in March/April sporting the new design (thinner, lighter, faster). Instead, no new product until fall.

        iPad shipments could be in massive decline and this is why. Nobody wants or needs the slow, low resolution Mini or a heavy, clunky, large iPad. And don’t even get me started on Cook’s increased weight and thickness of the iPad 3 vs. the iPad 2.

        In other words, Apple’s product management is run amuck and Cook is in charge. This is why I’m hard on him. It’s not that Apple has to release breakthrough products every month, it’s that they product cycles are now out of wack.

        Let me say it again. Tim Cook is not the right person for this job. He is not, quoting directly from Steve Jobs, “…a product guy”. That was Jobs’ one big BUT about Cook. And we’re seeing proof of the problems with that.

        1. Way to contradict yourself. Apple doesn’t release products soon enough.. Except for the iPad 4 bump from 3, which was too soon. You, like Wallstreet will find something to complain and whine about no matter what Apple does.

          Apple’s product release cycle may be out of whack for you, but what matters is that it is right for Apple. Only Apple knows that, not you, or me, or the tech journalcysts, or wallstreet analcysts, or blogger pundit armchair quarterbacks.

          1. You’re an idiot and completely miss the point.

            They didn’t need to release the iPad 4 six months into the product cycle of the iPad 3. The iPad 4 is bullshit: it’s a spec bump and nothing more. The same thing you criticize Dell and others in the PC industry of doing. Then you defend Apple you delusional idiot.

            Apple should have released the iPad 4 after the iPad 3’s 1 year cycle was up (iPad 4 event as it should have been in March/April). And that this iPad 4 should have been redesigned or at the least significantly thinner and lighter. Instead, no keynotes from Apple and hence the current lull.

            That’s the problem. Now we have to WAIT until fall for the real iPad 4: the one that should have been launched already with a redesign looking like the Mini. Thinner. Lighter. Faster. In that order. That’s the point idiot.

            And the iMac botched launch. The lack of Retina in the iPad Mini. The slowness of the iPad Mini. The lack of Retina in the iMac. No Apple TV on the horizon. The low res iPod Nano that sold a few dozen units last quarter because nobody wants the shitty screen they put in it. And on and on.

            This is what I mean by product management run amuck fanboy.

            1. Too bad you can’t make a living doling out insults and personal putdowns, but oh well. Even at that you are no Triumph the comic insult dog, but keep trying.

              When you keep tossing out idiot this and asshat that you have zero credibiloity

            2. Oh yeah, Once again you seem to be bashing Apple and Cook for not releasing product on a time scale you approve of, or with the specs you might fantasize about. Thats as bad as the analcysts at WS, but at least they get paid for for their nonsensical ramblings.

  3. “Apple CEO Tim Cook needs to win back investors”

    The day Tim worries about investors is the day he needs to go. If Tim does what Steve did – focus on making great products – the rest will take care of itself. iMac through iPad have already proven this.

  4. Jonny Ive needs to take over as the Steve Jobs visionary with the ultimate say on design and direction. I’m sure he’s cultured a team of special artsy techno types in his mold that can take over his current spot. Cook can go back to running things behind the scenes and make sure the business is run optimally.

  5. Everyone seems to just *love* telling Tim Cook what he *needs* to do. Must make them feel important, when in reality they can all just f*ck right off.

  6. WWDC makes no real difference. If you prefer iOS you will still prefer iOS. If you prefer Android, you will still prefer Android. If you prefer the Mac, you will still prefer the Mac. If you prefer Windows, I think they keep a list of people like you somewhere.

  7. We will see. He has done really well at certain things, but been invisible or silent most of the time. I do not buy the line that just because Steve Jobs picked him, he is awesome. That is putting the cart way before the horse. Jobs placed a bet on him, that is all.
    Apple is certainly a different company now. Hopefully it is one that still like. Hopefully one that still creates magical inspiration-filled products. We will see very soon I think.

  8. Apple needs to get the China Mobile deal signed to open up the remaining 67% of the Chinese mobile market. More customers and market share for Apple and less for Samsung and Google!


  9. “Apple CEO Tim Cook needs to win back investors”

    Will winning back investors help Apple sell more products?
    Does Apple need investment capital?

    This is just Wall Street feeling unwanted.

    1. “Why?”

      Because the author bought in on the way up and his positions are in negative territory. The rest is just “making the case seem less personal.”

  10. Wrong headline. Tim Cook will NEVER win back investors. There’s nothing he can do to help the price of AAPL other than to RESIGN. Just look at what is happening today – market soars, AAPL continues to collapse. Until Tim is gone, nothing is going to change. Under his “leadership” we get nothing but lies about so-called great products in the pipeline. Tinkering around with the gadgets and the OS and you see what you get.

  11. Tim Cook’s overriding concern is this: making products people want to buy, and make a profit doing so.

    Fuck Wall St and their criminal effort to pretend that traders are interested in the companies, when all they are concerned about is moving around other people’s money for profit.

  12. he probably needs to get his employees to deliver better soft- and hardware. the last few years Apple lost touch with its consumers completely. Before there were lots of “wows” now there are a lot of yawns.

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