Apple CEO Tim Cook kicks off D11 tonight at 6pm PDT

“Last year, Apple CEO Tim Cook spent a lot of time answering questions about how Apple would be different from what it was under Steve Jobs, and just how he would continue Jobs’s incredible legacy,” Ina Fried reports for AllThingsD.

“Cook’s appearance at D10 served as a chance for the executive to introduce himself and share his vision for where Apple was headed in terms of products as well as its plans to continue to be a good corporate citizen committed to the human rights of its workers and, if possible, to build some of its products in the U.S.,” Fried reports. “Fast-forward a year, and there are lots of new questions for Cook. The Apple CEO finds himself defending the company’s tax policy, fighting a declining stock price, dealing with a number of antitrust issues and facing questions about just how Apple will stay ahead of always-intense competition.”

Fried reports, “And, of course, one thing hasn’t changed. Tech watchers still hang on Cook’s every word, and scrounge for any tidbits that might indicate just what phone, computer, TV or watch might be coming next from Cupertino. With that as backdrop, Cook is the opening speaker Tuesday night for the D11 conference, which runs through Thursday… Check back around 6 pm PT for our live coverage of Cook’s interview with Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher.”

AllThingsD‘s D11 coverage here.


  1. Hopefully, after the conference tonight, all the analysts’d sit down and shut up their big mouths, let Apple’s engineers doing their works for a new innovative devices.

  2. I watch old videos of Steve Jobs being interviewed on AllThingsD and marvel at the incisiveness with which he answered questions. I think you gained a lot by watching Steve explain stuff.

    With Tim, I tend to switch off. My brain goes into sleep mode the minute he opens his mouth. I don’t think Cook has anything fundamentally new to say, apart from stock phrases like, “amazing, thrilled, innovative, customer satisfaction, etc”.

    He seems to be trotting out the same things over and over again in every interview he does which makes watching him speak repetitively boring with a dash of deja vu.

    1. Steve was aggressive in polite situations. Tim is polite in aggressive situations.

      Both mastered their material. Both carry forth with the confidence of knowing what their engineers are working on.

  3. Mossberg is a complete tool as an interviewer — arrogant, abrasive, ungenerous. He and Kara should get some video-media training before these things, but alas they didn’t and won’t.

  4. I am just amazed daily at the economy that has been created around negative APPL comments..If you have a research company with 5 people and want to get on CNBC put a sell on AAPL..if you want to see your story picked up by google finance news just say some negative comment..does not even have to be based on facts (just rumors) and best of all spend hours to find one flaw in one of their products and you will be in the international news feeds..can you imagine if they made so much of the flaws in microsoft’s products! is a company that employs 600,000 working hard to bring manufacturing back to this country..paid 3 billion in US taxes and is working with legislators to create a smart tax code to get all foreign corporate money back to this country..has worked more than any other corporation to bring a better work environment to factory workers in China and other countries..they put out outstanding products..carry profit margins of at 8x forward earnings (just as a comparison Amazon has 7% margins and trades at 100x earnings)..they pay their shareholders a 3% dividend..are involved with untold number of USA charities..cogenerate a good deal of their energy (they are green)..yet everyday all I hear is negative commentary about this great American Company..I know some folks working at Samsung..they cannot believe it and are laughing behind the scenes at the fact less attacks and will continue to ride them to the bank..can you imagine if Henry Ford was treated as such..personally I use many different products and am not particularly tech savvy..I just don’t get why the obsession with tearing this great company down..I suppose in the end it is always the biggest and best that envy works best with..

    1. You struck a chord with your comments. The music that’s playing isn’t pleasant; it’s raucous, discordant, like the noise of a carnival sideshow or a mining camp during a gold rush. It’s a cacophony of sound that always accompanies the grifters, the carpetbaggers, the gypsies, insincere opportunists trying to grab their share of the boon that new frontiers uncover—quickly, before killjoy regulation arrives. They’ll melt into the crowd with their ill-gotten gains and get away scot free. A few will remain as gadflies and troublemakers, picking away like scavengers at what remains. The dolorous lament fades out on an echoing diminished chord.

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