Meet the man who sold the month-old Mailbox app to Dropbox for $100 million

“When Mailbox sold itself to Dropbox for a reported $100 million or so this March, the month-old iPhone app wasn’t even available to the public,” Ryan Tate reports for Wired. “People could download the email organizer, but using it required joining a mailing list that stretched to nearly 800,000 names at one point.”

“Mailbox was popular because it provided innovative new ways to organize and clear an inbox. Users can swipe a message to the left to ‘snooze’ it, a command that instructs Mailbox to resurface the email after a set period of time. Other swipes — hard left, right, or hard right — archive, delete, or file messages,” Tate reports. “Today, Mailbox is releasing its first new product from within Dropbox, an iPad version of its flagship iPhone app. Future releases will bring Mailbox to Android and enable support for Yahoo mail and other services beyond Gmail.”

Tate reports, “We sat down with Mailbox CEO and co-founder Gentry Underwood to ask about his app’s incredibly rapid success and its future within Dropbox.”

The full interview is here.


  1. Yep, Android is winning the unit share game. But developers are writing for iOS long before they do an Android version.

    I don’t care how many low cost Android products are shipped/sold. Of all the manufacturers/developers out there doing Android, only one is making a profit, and it ain’t Google.

    Profit is the ONLY thing that insures survivability, and Apple has more than 60% of it.

  2. I’m quite happy with the default mail app that’s bundled with iOS and OS X. Works as expected. The only problem is a bug with the OS X mail app that doesn’t append a paperclip to mail attachments in the sent mail folder for iCloud mail.

      1. Yes, I’m very unhappy with Apple mail. It was much better before. As I have said before, Apple just doesn’t do services well. Apple! It’s email! Make it as perfect as you do hardware and software. If you can’t do it then buy it. Or hire people who can do it.

      2. Yes those are big ones, add the complete lack of spam controls. Why they do not at LEAST have parity with the os x version of mail is mind boggling.

        The OS X version of mail spam controls work very well. However when I use my iPad all that mail that I never see except when emptying the junk box on my mac is right there annoying the hell out of me and all my users.

        Forget Flat design IVE, how about we get feature parity with 2009?

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