Why Apple TV has nothing to fear from Microsoft’s Xbox One

“Today Microsoft unveiled the Xbox One at its Redmond, Washington campus. As the battle for the living room rages on, Microsoft has won a decisive victory that put it well ahead of the competition,” Alex Heath writes for Cult of Mac.

“The Xbox One is just as much for all-around entertainment as it is for gaming, perhaps even more so. It’s designed to be the one box that sits below your TV and does everything: games, movies, live TV, music, surfing the web, messaging, and video calling,” Heath writes. “Minority Report-style gestures control the experience, it can recognize your face when you walk in the room, and you can talk to it like Siri on steroids.”

Heath writes, “Should Apple be worried? The answer is no, at least not yet.”

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  1. I hope it flops hard. I’d like to see Micro$coff pay for what they did to Sega back in the early 2000s. They ripped off the Dreamcast hard and called it the Xbox. Which isn’t surprising since they ripped off Mac and called it Windows. Apple may have survived Microslop’s greed, but sadly, Sega didn’t. I’d like to see some punishment.

      1. Apple didn’t rip off. Xerox. They bought the ideas fair and square. They actually got permission to do this, unlike Microsludge or Gaggel. And iWork was simply Apple’s answer to Office. Since Microsoft wouldn’t make an office suite for Macintosh, it only made sense to do this. The only thing Microslut gave to us Mac users was Internet Exploder for Mac. It sucked just as bad as the Windoze version. Are you gonna say Apple ripped of IE with Safari? (Which is actually good)

        1. Delusional fanboy. Apple ripped off Microsoft Office. iWork is a spreadsheet application, a word processing application, and a presentation application. Office is all of these things and more.

          Pages is a rip off of MS Word, which also has Page Layout mode you fucking moron.
          Numbers is a rip off of Excel, just a poor one at that.
          Keynote is a ripoff of PowerPoint.

          Period. Undeniable you incredulous fanboys.

          1. Delusional moron. Microsoft Word & Excel ripped off MacWrite, WordStar, PerfectWriter, WordPerfect, VisiCalc & Lotus 1-2-3. Microsoft copied from it’s competitors as it always does, then and now.

            Period. Undeniable you incredulous history denying bonehead.

            1. Not undeniable you fucktard.

              Apple launched its own office suite in 2005 and this office suite consists of a word processor, a limited spreadsheet, and presentation software. They copied modern MS Office.

              In answer to the other fuckchop, yes, Apple copied all of those people too. Word processors were invented long before Apple or Microsoft was around or any of these other people, but Microsoft pioneered it with MS Word.

              And then Apple comes along in 2003 and rips off MS PowerPoint with Keynote.

              Shut up.

            2. You mean the same way you ripped of the presumption of intelligence?

              You really don’t know your computing history, at least you agree that Google Android copied Apple iOS. Apple was first with a non-stylus based graphical smartphone or are you going to try and pretend Apple’s iPhone OS introduced in Jan 2007 was a copy of the complete redo of Google Android released in late 2007?

            3. Actually, LG was before Apple with a non-stylus based graphical smartphone you fuckchop.

              The LG KE850, also known as the LG Prada was announced at the end of 2006. First smartphone with a capacitive touchscreen.

            4. sfgh, the LG Prada was a complete and utter joke. A shitty low-res LCD and complete crap Flash “operating system”, it was simply a glorified “feature phone” like so many others at the time, but with a larger, capacitive touch-screen.

              Further, it was announced about a month before when the iPhone was announced and released about a month before the iPhone was released, so it’s not like Apple could have copied it even if they’d felt they need to copy junk for some reason.

            5. ecrabb:

              You know what? Your subjective opinion about a product has nothing to do with facts. Zero. Nothing. Zip. Apple’s first iPhone was a low res screen and slow as shit since it didn’t have 3G. That was a joke.

              LG was FIRST.
              LG was FIRST.
              LG was FIRST.


            6. It is evident that sfgh is male, single, left-handed, under age 32, angry, impulsive, careless, impervious to criticism, technologically sophisticated, socially maladaptive, from a broken west coast American family, likely Southern California. Either that or simply a well-paid troll, in which case the detective work was a waste of time.

            7. By the way. Keynote is way and I mean way better then Powerpointless. I had to do a cross platform presentation. I though, I will use Powerpoint. What a mistake. To have everything work correctly, I had to open the thing in Keynote, and export it from it to Powerpoint again. So in other words, when you need a competing product to finish your task, your product sux.

            8. You have no grasp of computer history, clearly you are a young nube troll. Let me enlighten your ignorant ass…

              Electric Pencil, released in December 1976, was the first word processor software for microcomputers.[24][25][26][27]:186-187[28] Software-based word processors running on general-purpose personal computers gradually displaced dedicated word processors, and the term came to refer to software rather than hardware. Some programs were modeled after particular dedicated WP hardware. MultiMate, for example, was written for an insurance company that had hundreds of typists using Wang systems, and spread from there to other Wang customers. To adapt to the smaller, more generic PC keyboard, MultiMate used stick-on labels and a large plastic clip-on template to remind users of its dozens of Wang-like functions, using the shift, alt and ctrl keys with the 10 IBM function keys and many of the alphabet keys.
              Other early word-processing software required users to memorize semi-mnemonic key combinations rather than pressing keys labelled “copy” or “bold.” (In fact, many early PCs lacked cursor keys; WordStar famously used the E-S-D-X-centered “diamond” for cursor navigation, and modern vi-like editors encourage use of hjkl for navigation.) However, the price differences between dedicated word processors and general-purpose PCs, and the value added to the latter by software such as VisiCalc, were so compelling that personal computers and word processing software soon became serious competition for the dedicated machines. Word processing became the most popular use for personal computers, and unlike the spreadsheet (dominated by Lotus 1-2-3) and database (dBase) markets, WordPerfect, XyWrite, Microsoft Word, pfs:Write, and dozens of other word processing software brands competed in the 1980s; PC Magazine reviewed 57 different programs in one January 1986 issue.[25] Development of higher-resolution monitors allowed them to provide limited WYSIWYG – What You See Is What You Get, to the extent that typographical features like bold and italics, indentation, justification and margins were approximated on screen.
              The mid-to-late 1980s saw the spread of laser printers, a “typographic” approach to word processing, and of true WYSIWYG bitmap displays with multiple fonts (pioneered by the Xerox Alto computer and Bravo word processing program), PostScript, and graphical user interfaces (another Xerox PARC innovation, with the Gypsy word processor which was commercialised in the Xerox Star product range). Standalone word processors adapted by getting smaller and replacing their CRTs with small character-oriented LCD displays. Some models also had computer-like features such as floppy disk drives and the ability to output to an external printer. They also got a name change, now being called “electronic typewriters” and typically occupying a lower end of the market, selling for under $200 USD.
              MacWrite, Microsoft Word and other word processing programs for the bit-mapped Apple Macintosh screen, introduced in 1984, were probably the first true WYSIWYG word processors to become known to many people until the introduction of Microsoft Windows. Dedicated word processors eventually became museum pieces.

              from: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Word_processor

              And for the record IBM ‘invented’ the term ‘word processor in the early seventies. Microsoft word and excel were create for the MACINTOSH before windows even existed.

              Long before Apple had iWork, it had Appleworks, before that Claris Works, Mac Write, Apple Writer 1, 2, & 3 and on and on..

            9. How can Microsoft pioneer something when you admitted others came up with it first? You are a genuine first class disingenuous fucktard & Moron 1st Class. Apple copied nothing, iWorks doesn’t look like Word idiot. They came up with GUI based office programs and that’s the limit of “copying” but Apple provided that same GUI interface (developed at Xerox) for Microsoft to write for. Keynote looks nothing like Powerpoint jackass and people prefer it over Powerpoint. You are saying no one can ever develop a like product when the software market is LOADED with examples otherwise. How many audio programs, graphics programs, etc. are there, many of which do the same thing?

              Please shut you’re lying stinking disingenuous misinformed piehole asswipe!!!

          2. Idiot, Excel and Word were made for Mac and it was a joint Apple/Microsoft production. Excel was not the first spreadsheet by a long shot. Word was not first in category either.

            Keynote was made by Apple because Power Point was a certified piece of shit. Power Point actually copied Keynote’s innovations just to catch up.

            Isn’t your face red.

            1. 1. Apple copied MS Office with iWork.
              2. Apple blatantly ripped off PowerPoint with Keynote.

              Your subjective opinion of what you think of a piece of software has zero to do with facts. Apple copied PowerPoint. Imagine if MS came out with a photo App like iPhoto. You idiot fanboys would scream bloody murder and how Apple should sue.

            2. I think it’s safe to say that you are a Microsoft shill. I would not be surprised if you were Zombie Ballmer himself! Either that, or a professional troll who knows absolutely jack about tech history. We all know about LG Prada bla bla bla. It was a glorified dumb phone. As for Xerox, the GUI was basically a white window with words- like an artsy-Fartsy command line OS. Please, for the love of all things holy, shut up.

            3. The Xerox Alto and the Star were yards ahead of anything Apple did years before Apple did anything. It was at Xerox that many of the technologies that we use today on our computers were invented. Not at Apple you fuckchop.

            4. Apple took the concept of Xerox’s GUI(with permission), altered it radically, and created the modern windowing desktop interface.

              Why do you feel so compelled to revise history? What’s with all the butthurt?

              Has the ongoing destruction of Microsoft driven you insane?

          3. SFGH Troll alert! What is there to defend in MicroShit? You are a defender of mediocrity and bad design. Maybe you should move out your moms basement and expose yourself to the real world. Nobody likes Microsoft and nobody would be caught dead using a WinBlows phone. Then again you better stay at moms house and pretend. Just stop going to forums of intelligent conversation.

          4. iWork is a spreadsheet application that looks and functions differently than Excel, a word processor that looks and functions differently than Word, and a presentation application that looks and functions differently than Powerpoint.

            Somebody needs to learn what the term “rip-off” means.

            1. Apple never invented PowerPoint or presentation software. Period. Microsoft owns PowerPoint and was smart to buy the precursor to it back in the 80s when they did.

              As for @sfgh, no, no, Pages, etc. does not look and function differently than Microsoft’s stuff. They’re the same.

              If you want to write a document, Word does it. So does Pages. If you want columns of manipulable and sortable data, you use a spreadsheet. Numbers and Excel are spreadsheets. Period. These are specific tools for a very specific purpose you fucking idiot.

              Examples: Pages has two modes, word processing and page layout. Word has these as well. Pages has a table of contents generator with different levels using paragraph styles. Word has this too. Pages has a spelling and grammar checker. Word has this too. You can wrap text around objects in Pages. Word has this too. Word processing mode is flowable content. Word has this too. Selected objects have handles around them and can be resized. Word has this too. Pages is based on XML. Word is too. And on and on.

              The difference is Word has been in existence for a gazillion years longer than Pages you fanboy moron.

              And you’ll also notice that there’s about 2 open source libraries used in Word whereas Apple has about 12 in Pages. In other words, 99.9% of Word is all Microsoft’s IP. Pages is more of a hodgepodge of open source shit.

              Shut up.

          5. What a fool believes…. as the song goes.
            The first spreadsheet was Visicalc by Dan Bricklin and others.
            The second was Lotus 123.
            There were many word processors before Word.
            There were many microcomputer databases before Access.
            There were at least two integrated office suites before the rip-off MS Office arrived.
            You are, as SJ might say, a bozo’s definition of a bozo.

          6. Apple didn’t rip off Office. It’s extremely delusional to think that Microsoft created the office suite. Apple had a separate division years ago called Claris that was responsible for their office suite and simple web design tools. There were other great programs back in the day like Papyrus, Pagestream, AbiWord and many others too many to mention that put Microsoft’s programs in the clunky bin.

        2. “The only thing Microslut gave to us Mac users was Internet Exploder for Mac. ”

          I don’t know how much credit one should give to Microsoft, given that most of IE was based on Mosaic.

      2. Apple licensed Xerox’s technology and the UI for the Mac was vastly different from the Xerox interface.

        iWork is a page layout program, Microsoft Word is a word processing program, two different things entirely. Numbers is a lightweight spreadsheet. Both it and Excel are based on spreadsheets done by hand by accountants for years.

        Incidentally, the mouse was NOT invented by Xerox. It was invented at Stanford Research Institute. Video of the first public showing of the mouse is regularly shown to Apple Engineers, so everyone at Apple knows that Apple didn’t invent the mouse. Only the Apple hating Trolls try to portray Apple as thingking so.

      3. Here we go with this crap again… Apple did not rip off Xerox. The GUI was thought of long before Xerox PARC. A lot of the people who worked at Xerox went on to work at Apple, because Xerox was not interested in what they were working on and if they ever wanted to see their work hit main stream it would have to be with Apple, because Steve Jobs knew this would be the future of computing. Apple built and designed their OS from the ground up. As many engineers have stated, what Steve Jobs saw when he walked through Xerox was far more primitive than what the Lisa or Mac eventually ended up being. All Apple got from the Xerox was the idea to use graphics as the basis for an operating system rather than simply text.

        And for the record… long before Microsoft Office Apple had an in-house office suite called 7/7 which was written for the Lisa in 1983. Steve’s biggest mistakes was to let Microsoft port the Macintosh Toolbox to DOS in order to create the Office suite for DOS. Microsoft then turned around and used that same library to build Windows. If you were a programmer back in those days it was plainly obvious that the API’s were almost an exact duplicate.

        1. Here we go again with your crap again. The reason people say Apple ripped off Xerox with their Mac OS is because Apple seems to have taken credit for inventing it. But they did nothing of the sort. They copied what was invented at Xerox.

          You simpleton fuckchop. Every aspect of the Mac OS’s GUI is a copy of the original OS at Xerox. The desktop. The folder icons. Email. Stackable windows…

          And the underlying networking protocols like ethernet, networked printers, and the like all invented at Xerox and we still use this shit today.

          As for Office, there was lots of Office based applications out in the 70s and 80s. What Microsoft did was provide a GUI-rich version of it and popularized spreadsheets and invented the presentation standard with PowerPoint.

          Apple copied this with iWork fullstop.

          Pages is a rip off of MS Word, which also has Page Layout mode.
          Numbers is a rip off of Excel, just a poor one at that.
          Keynote is a ripoff of PowerPoint.

          1. You don’t know your history at all just the usual troll disingenuous misread we’ve seen from you poorly informed souls (are you all in a club together in a van down by the river?). Fact is Steve Jobs saw Xerox Parcs, asked them “Why aren’t you doing something with this!!?” They were into photocopiers and not interested in computers. Steve Jobs had the vision to see what could be done with it (or it likely would have gone nowhere) and licensed Xerox Parcs basic technology but improved almost everything about it and called it a Mac. All of this above board. Xerox deserves credit for their technology innovations but a big fat zero not having the vision to know what to do with them until shown the way by Jobs. Sound familiar?

            The Mac then gave Microsoft the opportunity to use a proper GUI interface to develop their Office programs before Windows. All programs now use a GUI interface and Microsoft “ripped off” word processors and spreadsheets that came before it but now slapped them into a GUI interface. I don’t think anyone is confused when they use iWork or Word about which is which. What you are saying is no one should ever make a GUI word processor or spreadsheet program because Microsoft already made one.

            Fact fuckchopping and voluminous disingenuous use of the word “ripoff” seems to be your specialty. If every invention inspired by technology before it is a “ripoff” then every technology innovation is a ripoff.

            1. Shut up fanboy. All you do is vomit the same old crap everyone has heard a zillion times. We get it. We know. Steve visited Xerox and blah blah. The story has been told millions of times. It doesn’t change. What also doesn’t change is how glib an understanding you have of it.

              Apple did not event the GUI operating system or most of the underlying protocols that exist within it. What Xerox was using in 1975 is the exact same paradigm that Apple launched in the early 80s and the exact same computer paradigm you engage in today. No change.

              A desktop. A mouse. A bitmap screen. Stackable windows. Email. Ethernet. Networks.

              Thanks Alan Kay, Larry Tesler, and many others at PARC for inventing this shit, not Apple you fanboy.

            2. The problem is that you’re implying Apple’s Mac was just a re-hash of what Xerox developed, but you couldn’t be much more wrong. What you are apparently incapable of comprehending is just how crude the Xerox PARC technology really was.

              The Xerox tech was to the first Mac, what a Model T is to even a 60’s car. The newer car does indeed have four wheels, an engine, and a steering wheel, but they’re also nothing alike in implementation, performance, and usability.

              No question that the guys at PARC created the paradigms, but the improvements and innovations that Apple put into the first Mac OS made the Xerox PARC technology look like a high-school project.

              The PARC research might have never seen the light of day if it hadn’t been for Apple. Apple took the work they did it PARC – the research – and made it not only usable and marketable, but truly great – and changed the world. Apple changed the world, not Xerox – and everybody else followed. Get over it.

            3. Do you ever listen to what you say?

              You sound like you were there at the time. But you’re nothing but an Internet schill fanboy with barely any basis in reality. You haven’t done shit in your life to know that what Apple did with the Mac was so much better than what was happening at PARC.

              The 1972 Xerox Alto had Ethernet networking, a mouse, full page display, laser printing, Email, and a windows-oriented UI.

              There were several iterations that came after it and well before anything Apple ever did.

              The Apple Lisa was a joke. Slow and expensive, it tanked in the market. And the original Mac was decent but still slow and limited.

              Xerox changed the world by inventing this stuff. They didn’t just invent the windows based UI and inherent desktop metaphors, they invented the underlying protocols that allow your computer to network.

              Get over it you fuckchop.

            4. Hey, sfgh, you dumbass – apparently you’ve read the wiki and now think you’re an expert on the subject, a know-it-all prick with a bone to pick, a chip on your shoulder, and self-appointed “anti-fanboy”.

              Yes, the Alto had Ethernet networking, a mouse, full page display, laser printing, email, and a windowed UI. Unfortunately, it was all crude as hell, barely usable for anything but research. In nearly 10 years, none of this magic had ever seen the light of day outside a laboratory until Apple paid to use it and actually DEVELOPED it into a usable, salable product, you moron.

              Oh, and you don’t have a fscking clue what I have or haven’t done in my life, so piss off you POS troll.

            5. I thought we discussed this earlier. Xerox Parc was just like LG Prada: It may seem cool and modern, but it didn’t do jack. Xerox was just a glorified Command Line with purty pictures, and LG Prada was just a “high-end” dumb phone.

            6. No, it didn’t do jack because you said it didn’t. You deny history and facts.

              In 1972, the Xerox Alto and the connected office had the following:

              Years ahead of its time, the 1972 Xerox Alto had Ethernet networking, a mouse, full page display, Email, laser printing, and a windows-based UI.

              The Apple and Apple II were pieces of shit compared to these computers.

              Shut the fuck up.

            7. I am starting to get fed up with your BS. We all knew that GUIs and Smartphones existed in 1972 and 2006 (respectively). The only problem was that they were objectively junk. Xerox Parc was only good for research, and LG Prada was just a feature phone on steroids. If you love using both of those things, fine. Just don’t brag about it, and act like a general dick. It reflects poorly on your character.

            8. John says the Xerox Alto was objectively junk.

              Objective means something more scientific. Like generalizable. So you say it’s junk, therefore it’s junk. And there’s no valid reasons why it was junk. You’re an idiot.

              I’ll tell you what was junk. The Apple I with no monitor or really anything. A piece of junk in a box. Or even the Apple II with its DOS prompt.

              The Lisa slow as shit and expensive as hell. The Mac underpowered.

              Ya, the Xerox Alto was junk with its ethernet, laser printing, and windows-based GUI 12 years before Apple even approached anything like it.

              Shut the fuck up.

            9. I’ll give you that. It was great…for its time. Would you actually use the Xerox Alto now, in 2013? Be honest. I’m actually more worried of your praise of the LG Prada. Yes, it was first, but being first does not necessarily mean best. What made the Prada so special like it was Gods gift from heaven. Internet sucked, UI sucked, and it was obviously meant as a fashion accessory. Would you really have the LG Prada, now, in 2013, besides the iPhone 5?

            10. Stupid questions get stupid answers.

              Would you trade an iPhone today for an iPhone 1? There is zero point to this question. It just detracts away from the fact that Apple didn’t invent this shit. They didn’t even invent multi-touch. They bought the guys (FingerWorks) who were one of the early inventors of it. But multi-touch has been around for decades.

              “1982 – First Multi-Touch System – Nimish Mehta , University of Toronto
              The very first multi-touch system designed for computer input was a frosted glass panel with a camera that detected finger motion. This simple interface, which depended on a camera, allowed for multi-touch picture drawing.”

              Nighty night fanboy.

            11. What you can’t get through you’re intelligence-challenged head is that we know that Apple licensed Xerox’s technology and improved on it vastly when Xerox could have cared less to pursue it. You keep insisting we don’t acknowledge Xerox’s contribution which certainly makes you a certified deaf bonehead with maturity issues. You fsckwad had nothing to do with the technology either. I daresay you have a hard time flushing your own toilet.

            1. I’m with the fanboys.
              Apple makes my favourite toys.
              My life is meaningless without a particular fruit.
              Anything else is completely moot.

              I’m delusional to no end.
              Nothing you say will make me bend.
              I like my mind to get raped by a corporation.
              It’s Apple, they’re my salvation.

              Some say we’re part of a cult-like religion.
              I say to those people, you all look like one big pigeon.
              Sometimes I sit in my basement and wonder.
              How much my fucktard life is really one big ass blunder.

            2. If you love Xerox Alto so much, then why don’t you stop using any and all post-2000 technologies, and use that computer? It may have been revolutionary at the time, but the technology that Apple has made over the years has improved on these “new” inventions. Come on, man. It’s 2013, not 1972. Are you still mad that disco isn’t popular anymore?

            3. Sfgh, you are the only voice of reason on this site. I tried explaining about how the LG Prada and IBM Simon were the first and actually innovated, yet they say that Apple is the only be all, end all computer company. And these fanboys have the tenacity to claim Samsung, LG and others are copying Apple.

            4. Lloyd:

              Thanks. The thing that bugs me about people is they forget about every single person that walked the earth before them. “We’re unique! We’re different! Nobody else has done this!”

              Until you find out that there were many before you that deserve respect for their inventions. Apple, Microsoft, others… nothing more than sales people who mix up arrays of existing technology and sell it in packages to people.

              It’s great they’re able to produce good products, but call it for what it is. Apple doesn’t invent a lot of what it’s using. They didn’t invent lithium ion batteries. They didn’t invent capacitive touch screens. They didn’t invent multi-touch. They didn’t invent LCD screens. They didn’t invent gorilla glass. They didn’t invent sapphire crystal. They didn’t invent the mobile operating system. They didn’t invent the PC. They didn’t invent the PC operating system. They didn’t invent the Internet. They didn’t invent networking.

              Yes, they do have some novel inventions like inertial scrolling, etc. But the staple, core technologies that make these products work Apple had nothing to do with those inventions.

              Somebody said Apple is the 3M of the tech industry and I agree. I think it’s great the products they produce. But I will not take away credit from the people that invented a lot of this stuff. It’s not fair and just plain dumb and delusional.

          2. And MDN tries to ban me? This troll is on here spouting BS everyday. MDN doesn’t mind this, but they get mad when I point out that they make money aggregating others content, which is entirely true..

            I’ve been here since the beginning MDN, how about you block this idiot.

    1. They needed a knockout game to go with the new Xbox, so they ripped off Apple by buying Bungie and canceling their development of Halo for the Mac. I’ve hated Microsoft ever since.

      1. Well I didn’t see Steve Jobs putting up an offer for Bungie so how exactly did MS rip apple off by buying them?

        You snooze you lose in this industry and Apple understands that better than anyone.

        MS wanted an exclusive title to sell consoles – they would have axed any non Xbox version after aquiring Bungie

        1. Just because that’s the way things are doesn’t mean we have to suppress our feelings beneath a steely demeanor. I appreciate that cynical realism of yours for what it is. I try to live by it; but old wounds reopened, even in memory, make the limbic system order up a double shot of cortisol and the result is a bitter forum post.

    2. Ripped off Sega? Are you for real?

      Sega screwed up all on their own. They oversold the capabilities of the dreamcast , had poor dev tools at launch and insanely chose winCE as the OS to run the thing.

      Microsoft didn’t even use winCE in the Xbox, that should tell you something right there.

      I was a fan of the Dreamcast and still own one but lets not blame MS for Sega’s poor decision making!

  2. This is the end for Apple. How can Apple expect to compete with the guys who brought us the Zune, the Kin, Vista, Windows 8, and Surface?

    It’s just not a fair fight.

    1. They just need to make a console that can blow Microsloppy Joes out of the water. If they can partner up with Sega and make something similar to a Dreamcast, then Microsoft is doomed. And please, don’t mention Pippin. That was then, with better technology these days, Apple and Sega truly can rule the game space.

      1. Ridiculous. Apple just needs to beef up AppleTV and enable it as a big-screen gaming console, with wireless controllers.

        The fact is there will always be a hardcore gaming market, but it will never grow much beyond what it is today. The vast majority of people who play games don’t want or need an Xbox or PS, their iPhone/iPad has all the games they care to play.

        Let Microsoft have its hardcore gamer market fight with Sony. It’s a stagnant market, trying to move to an online subscription model, but mostly limping along.

        1. You clearly know nothing about the gaming market.

          Xbox is a great console, a great platform. As of March of this year there were 46 MILLION active subscribers to Xbox live. 46 million users PAY to play online every month. UP 18% form last year, hardly ‘stagnant’.

          Say what you want about Microsoft, I hate their OS and software offerings too, however their xbox crew kicks ass. I would argue it is the best part of their company. Furthermore gaming on iOS doesn’t deliver anywhere near the gaming experience a console does. Maybe someday, not yet..


          “During their third quarter 2013 earnings report, Microsoft disclosed that Xbox Live subscriptions have increased 18% over the prior year’s same period. The total number of subscribers is now over 46 million worldwide.”

          “Additionally, the entertainment and devices division posted revenue of $2.53 billion, which is up 56% over last year. “

          1. Are you forgetting about the part where Microsoft royally screwed over Sega? Sega was forced to use Windblowz CE. While it was still OK, Microshaft stole their tech during their partnership with Sega. Don’t even get me started on how they forced Sega to rush Sonic 06 for their HEXbawx 360! Worst Sonic game ever! All because Zombie Ballmer cared more about money than quality!

  3. With the need to buy all new game software and to have a full cable subscription to use the TV features, the Xbox One will be a very expensive proposition.

  4. A virtual vagina with a USB interface to Xbox One, and it will be a hit the world over.

    Of course, Microsofts’ software will crash and pee on you and then give you STDs.

  5. I will give Microsoft it’s due credit for Xbox! Never known a single owner who wasn’t happy with it. The One looks pretty cool. Games on iPad and iPhone have never intrigued me. Might be time tho for Apple to kick some ASS in the TV realm. Long overdue IMO.

      1. This hasn’t been an issue for over a decade, that was original xbox not xbox 360, the current product prior to the xbox one announcement.

        Back when it happened, yes I did know a couple people who experienced it. They each got a new xbox to replace the dead one.

        This isn’t a topic you know as evidenced by your weak sauce…

    1. I finally got an XBox 360 for Christmas (took me long enough! 😉 ) and I’m happy with it for what I use it for. However, I am seeing plenty of wrong moves with this device. First is no backwards compatibility, which means that those who still want to play 360 games are going to think twice before shedding the money for this device when they can’t trade in their 360 for it. Second is the fee for playing pre-owned games. I know developers don’t see any revenue when someone buys a pre-owned game, but in this day and age, buying and selling pre-owned games is just a fact of life, and the gaming public is not going to take kindly to being charged on the other end for trying to save money on the front end. Finally, all these TV features are irrelevant and just adding extra costs to this device that don’t need to be there. Why? Cord cutting. Live TV just isn’t as popular as it used to be, and the gaming geeks who are the XBox’s target market are more likely to be cutting the cord than the general population. So, pray tell, why would they even want features that make watching the live TV that they don’t want or need easier?

      Now, as for Apple TV, there is something that they need to be afraid of, but it’s not the XBox One – it’s the Roku Player. And this is where Apple really missed the boat, is the ability to create third party Apple TV channels, leading to third party content. I was considering getting an Apple TV to watch Hulu Plus on the big screen, but when I discovered that the Roku Player was half the price and offered plenty more content, that won me over, and I seriously wonder if Apple will be able to catch up now.

  6. So you’re supporting a company that not only ripped off the Dreamcast, but almost single handedly brought down Sega? Sorry, but the Dreamcast is still better than MicroSlop’s Red Ring of Death Box, even though the Dreamcast is almost 14 years old. I bet you also support ScamShame and Gaggle. I hope the new iTV will have an integrated gaming system that can take down Xbox None. If Sega is involved, then that only means sweet revenge. As the Ancient Klingons used to say: “Revenge is a dish best served cold.”

    1. Oh puhleaze. In what way was the dreamcast better than the original Xbox let alone the 360?

      The dreamcast is great but they screwed up by not putting an HD in it for starters. Play something like the port of half life on the dreamcast and its painfully obvious! Right in the middle of walking around the game freezes as level data is loaded into the puny memory. You don’t experience that crap on half life 2 on the original Xbox!

      The original Xbox was basically a custom Pentium3 with a proprietary OS and BIOS. MS made it extremely easy for devs to port from the PC to the Xbox. It was a no brainer proposition for many studios due to the toolset.

      Sega had a screwy dev environment. All the code a studio wrote on the Saturn was just about useless on the dreamcast.

      MS played a better game than Sega hands down.

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