2013 MacBook Air: Coming sooner than later, but those wanting Retina display will have to wait

“The chain of events that leads to new Apple portables is well understood,” Ronald Carlson reports for Tapscape.

“Intel and its OEMs are expected to begin shipping new Haswell architecture computers, featuring greatly improved integrated graphics performance and power management at this year’s Computex Show in Taipei, Taiwan on or after June 3rd,” Carlson reports. “Then a week later Tim Cook, Phil Schiller et al will introduce if not ship 2013 MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models during the WWDC keynote address in San Francisco.”

Carlson reports, “Whereas standard definition MacBook Pro and MacBook Air models are expected to be introduced at WWDC, Retina models likely won’t ship until the third or fourth quarter.”

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      1. Talk to your congressman (if you’re in the US), they are the ones giving money to oil exploration instread of alternative fuel and battery research.

  1. Since no one is offering anything close to retina displays on something as thin and light as an MBA, it can’t be that easy to do. The rMBP 13 inch is probably as small as one can go for now. An improved display and a lighter device would be a great MBA upgrade.

    1. If Apple can offer the iPad with Retina display, then it’s hard to see why Apple wouldn’t get out ahead of the competition by offering the option of high resolution displays for all its Macs and iOS devices.

      Once again, the timidness of product management under Cook seems to be the only explanation. The company boldly offered high resolution screens in a couple of its iOS devices, but then does a half-ass job everywhere else:

      – to get a Retina display in your MacBook Pro, you have to give up a lot of other features
      – iPad minis don’t come with a Retina option, and Tim refuses to tell anyone when they could be expected. Of course, he’ll have no choice to do it as soon as Samsung or one of the other copycats offers it first.
      – last year’s iMac missed its opportunity for a significant graphics update. Instead functionality and user-updateability was slashed — and it was late too.
      – The venerable Mac Pro — what should be the most impressive machine in Apple’s lineup — has no graphics options for 4K resolution, nor Thunderbolt.

      Sure, Cook is happy to have the iTunes store hold up profits while he coasts. But before long, pretty products connected to a store will not be enough to maintain Apple’s profitability; Apple will soon have to compete on technical merit. As the copycats circle and nibble away at Apple’s technology, Apple market share drops. Obviously everyone here just loves profit share, but that number is highly correlated to market share, like it or not.

      If Apple wants to be the “innovation” leader, it’s going to have to demonstrate some groundbreaking stuff soon. This is why Apple’s stock has fallen. Because nobody is seeing Cook release anything on time, with the Apple quality they expect, and with industry-leading abilities. Despite Cook’s recent stock games, you won’t see Apple stock outpace the overall market again until Cook rolls out a truly impressive new product. How long are you going to make everyone wait, Tim?

      For Christmas or before, how about turning the MacRumors buyer’s guide stoplights to green with products that don’t remove functionality over their predecessors? Is that too much to ask?

      1. Sad to say but your points are well stated. I really can’t find fault with any. And hey Tim, I need my damn Mac Pros and I need them now! I’m tired of excuses.

  2. I’m so sick of hearing the excuses for no retina display! If they can manage a retina display on a tiny iPhone and thin iPad, then they sure as hell can manage a retina display on all other products. This is simply a game of cat and mouse. Apple doesn’t want to release other laptop lines with retina display because they know doing so will destroy sales of their current MBP w/retina display.

    Once Google starts shipping decent laptops with Chrome OS, Apple is going to be in deep ****

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