Apple gearing up for next-gen iPad mini release in late third-quarter 2013, sources say

AUO Optronics “is expected to see further cuts in orders from Apple in the third quarter as Apple gears to release the next-generation iPad mini either in late third-quarter 2013 or the following quarter,” Julian Ho and Alex Wolfgram report for DigiTimes.

“AUO has faced issues in producing iPad mini panel technology for Apple and is not expected to continue acting as a major panel supplier for the device,” Ho and Wolfgram report. “Despite AUO’s struggles, the company has still submitted panels for use in the next-generation iPad mini for certification by Apple, the sources said, adding that so far LG Display and Sharp have been selected as panel suppliers for the upcoming tablet.”

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  1. It is so easy to became a reporter these days..
    Apple might realease a new iphone, ipad mini, ipad in the first quarter, if not, in the second quarter, if not, in the third quarter, if not.. guess what, in the four quarter… a very trusted source said.
    And that is not all, the new iPhone, iPad Mini, or iPad will be better than previous versions.. I hope my source doesn’t get in trouble for revealing such detailed information.

        1. Well he has promised things for this fall so we’ll have to wait until Christmas to see how everything pans out. A refresh of the iPhone and iPads are not going to be earthshaking. A smaller more affordable iPhone may help? China Mobile would certainly help. But both of these things are questionable. I truly believe that if they don’t roll out something at the WWDC then the stock is going to be in trouble again. They don’t even have to deliver it, just announced that. Something very positive. Doesn’t have to be a revolutionary new product but it needs to be something that will generate revenue. And I have a bad feeling that they’re not going to do it.

        2. i think i am starting to understand Tim’s mind blowing statement;
          the (master or luck) of supply is having troubles – he has headaches

        3. ‘Mike’, you continue to quote faceless, nameless ‘sources’ who are giving out unconfirmed information that you think will make you look clever in your attempts to denigrate Tim Cook and Apple; the reality is you continue to make yourself look like a complete dick.
          Kindly cease and desist, while you have any semblance of self-respect.
          Certainly nobody else has any respect for you.

          1. i have respect for Mike,

            i might not agree 100% with his views, still,
            he has as much right as anyone else to place a
            comment/opinion – as you have the right not to bother reading his posts.

      1. If the iPad mini does not get retina screen nor telephone capabilities like iPhone – Apple missed a huge opportunity.

        If AppleTV does not gain app and gaming installation – Apple misses another major opportunity.

        If OSX and iOS are not tighter, better compressed, flatter unified operating systems – Apple misses again a great opportunity.

        If LeapMotion is not acquired by Apple – again opportunity is missed.

        If a Simpler but still Smartphone running only Apple core apps as the inexpensive option iPhone isn’t introduced to market – Apple may again miss another opportunity.

        If Apples iWatch is a no show – oh well no biggie

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