Hollywood horror film ‘Haunting Melissa’ gets wide release on Apple iOS devices

“Hollywood’s latest horror flick, ‘Haunting Melissa,’ opens today on the small screen,” Cliff Edwards reports for Bloomberg.

“Hooked Digital Media, distributor of the film, said it’s making the movie available through an application on Apple Inc.’s tablets and smartphones and giving a new twist to how stories are told by offering users the chance to download the title one segment at a time for just a few minutes’ viewing,” Edwards reports. “While the app for ‘Haunting Melissa,’ a ghost story, is free on Apple’s App Store, users who want to progress after the first installment must either share their experience on Facebook Inc. for more free episodes or pay as much as $1.99 for each segment, or $6.99 for the full film.”

“‘The way stories are consumed has changed, so we set out to alter how stories are told,’ said Neal Edelstein, founder of Hooked Digital Media, in an interview. ‘It’s terrifying to studios the drain that these devices have placed on the industry, so we have to find a new way to harness them,” said Edelstein, who was a producer on ‘Mulholland Drive’ and ‘The Ring’ movies,” Edwards reports. “The new film cost about $5 million to produce, according to Edelstein. He declined to comment on the number of episodes that will be available or the length of the movie.”

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