Apple iPhone’s popularity among Facebook staff may have hurt Facebook Home effort

“The launch of Facebook’s Home layer on Android appears to have been a flop, with relatively low installation rates and even lower user ratings on Google Play thus far,” Kevin Bostic reports for AppleInsider. “Now, some observers are blaming an unlikely candidate: Apple’s iPhone.”

“The popularity of Apple’s iPhone among Facebook’s personnel is one big reason the social network’s power grab on the Android platform has sputtered so far, notes TechCrunch,” Bostic reports. “Facebook, it’s presumed, simply doesn’t have enough dedicated Android users to know what works best on Google’s mobile operating system.”

MacDailyNews Take: That would be free malware.

Bostic reports, “Facebook employees reportedly admitted that many of the testers for Home were normally iPhone users and thus were unable to see anything wrong with the changes Home made to a user’s Android handset. These included changes like doing away with widgets, removing the dock for oft-used apps, and keeping users from creating app folders. ”

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  1. Wow. Lots of lol’s to be had here.

    I think the very basic premise of a Facebook phone is actually a great idea. But the execution was just horribly implemented.

    Everyone has a Facebook account but the majority do not want it to be the sole focus of their phone.

    It’s ALL about syncing and connecting everything Facebook has to offer in the backend of a phone. To “bake” it inside of the OS.

    Apple made a few strides in the right direction but could connect it a bit more imo.

    1. Do you really think it’s a good idea? I’ve recently begun using Android out of curiosity and giving myself the experience from which to actually have an opinion. There are things like like and dislike, but one of the things that stands out most, coming from the very clean world of iOS is that on Android you have all these competing mindsets.

      You have Google with the standard Android, which they keep updated, but you may or may not ever get to run the most current version on your handset. You’ve got the handset vendor who doesn’t build a generic Android phone, he builds a phone to try to differentiate himself from all the other Android handset makers. So his phone has software layered on top of the already out of date Android version he ships with, that is specific to his handset and UI. Then there is the carrier who loves to crap up the phone with carrier branded software that NO ONE wants to use.

      Now along comes FaceBook to give you one more thing to plop down on top of the mess you already have.

      I’ve already got a decent FaceBook app. I can go in and out of FaceBook as I see fit, why do I need FaceBook Home? Especially when it can muck up things that I want on the underlying OS.

      Why would anyone want FaceBook of all things “baked into” the OS. The thought makes me cringe.

  2. “Facebook’s popularity amongst the employed may have hurt Facebook Home Effort”

    So those who have a choice of any phone in the world, by and large, choose iPhone? Sounds about right. Meanwhile, clunky Android phones are a huge hit in the 3rd world.

    1. It is not their fault that they are too poor to afford iPhone. They lost their job due to the New World Order outsourcing our jobs to foreign countries. This has made it so these middle class workers can only afford Android, which is controlled by the Illuminati, so these people can be kept dumb and support politicians who are really just Illuminati shills. It is sad, but we still can stop them.

      1. Did you miss Michael’s comment ‘hit in the 3rd world’? I won’t disagree the iPhone price point of may be above the economically challenged but part of the blame goes to the telecoms. Telecoms know the iPhone has more consumer value so are going to maximize gross margins by charging a premium. This is good business and happens globally. If iPhones weren’t selling the price would be adjusted accordingly to move inventory. The fact that after 5 years into a new market and no price erosion has occurred reflects highly on Apple’s overall business strategy to tie users to an easy to use and trusted ecosystem (started with iPod/iTunes).

  3. Facebook basically made a really poor application launcher.

    When the replacement removes basic functionality that ever other launcher provides you know its going to bomb.

    It would be like installing a finder replacement in OS-X that has no ability to create folders. How many users want something like that?

  4. FB can’t even make a decent iPad app. Doesn’t surprise me in the least that their complete Android UI is a disaster.

    (OTOH, FB has very little to lose here and a lot to gain if they can figure it out.)

    1. Whoops, hit “Post” too soon.

      Why invest in manufacturing hardware or haggling with telcos when you can simply give away an app that simply hijacks the device?

  5. Facebook Home sucked because most of FB’s employees are iPhone users, and they are subliminally hinting at Android’s unethical data mining for the Illuminati Media NetWeb. Very clever…until you realize that Facebook IS a member of the Illuminati. The only reason that company got rich is because they paid of IMNW to “whack” the creator of MySpace. MySpace died off after the GrandMaster put a curse on MySpace’s owner, through an animal sacrifice ritual. The same thing will happen to Google by Mark Zuckerburg.

  6. So, Apple products and users are the cause of the failure. Simple, blame Apple and their products. The blame is not Apple or iPhone users, it is all Facebook. When you develop a product, you must understand the market. Zuckerberg failed to understand their customers and failed it obtain product feedback as this process moved forward. Likely, they did not want Google to become aware and block their efforts. Obviously, they had no product of “Home” to be deployed for iOS. So, all their effort was on the Android software and the phone manufactures.
    So, this is rubbish with trying to blame Apple in any part. Rather, it was piss-poor understanding and design choices because Zuckerberg wanted to capture as much of the phone usage as possible. Just another social media CEO having to meet up with real world product design.

    Next version sans the blaming of Apple- likely Facebook Home will be accepted as poorly.

  7. Actually. Facebook did encourage staff to drop the iPhone and use android instead in order to push the Home effort when it was launched. I still think Home is a logical and good opertunity for Facbook. It is for those who want to use it and use Facbook more easily and to increase the time spent on Facebook and increase engagement.

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