Will Google shares hit $1000 or is it the next Apple?

“Shares of Google (GOOG) are up more than 25% so far this year and the stock hit a new all-time high above $888 Tuesday morning,” Paul R. La Monica writes for CNNMoney.

“So naturally, many investors are not just wondering if Google will soon hit $900. They are fantasizing about a quadruple digit stock price,” La Monica writes. “After all, Google would “only” have to climb another 13% or so to get to $1000. (Google, you may recall, is planning to eventually split its stock. So it may not have this high of a price in the future. But the proposal is on hold for now due to a shareholder lawsuit about whether the split would give too much control to co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin as well as chairman Eric Schmidt.)”

La Monica writes, “But has Google’s stock run up too far too fast? Even though it seems like Google is invincible right now, weren’t investors saying pretty much the same thing about Apple (AAPL) just eight months ago?”

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  1. The Banksters are awash is fiat cash courtesy of QE by the Fed and similar programs by other central banks and it has distorted the market. All that paper money conjured up out of nowhere is chasing assets. Google is overpriced just like Apple was.

    1. Google will certainly hit $1000. I would assume the company will make some acquisition, release new products, make new announcements or anything that will keep up the momentum. When a company gets that close it shouldn’t back off and coast. What’s that saying? “Stay thirsty, my friend.”

      Apple got up there and started to coast which is a no-no on Wall Street. Google absolutely has to put the pedal to the metal to reach $1000. When it gets there, it should immediately split and keep the run going. That’s the smart way to do it. Apple should have split at $700 but that’s just seeing it in hindsight.

  2. Money that was going into AAPL has been going into GOOG for the last seven months. Give it a couple of months and that should start to change some. GOOG should pause for refreshments before too long. Apple has rested long enough. Just don’t expect AAPL to rocket up to 1000 anytime soon. But I think it could hit 600 by years end.

    1. Cook could easily bring investor and consumer cash back to Apple just by releasing a new product more than once a year — and making sure it was actually an improved, production-ready product.

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