Web browsers are reinvented; Apple’s Safari dominates mobile phones and tablets

“Mobile phones, wearable devices and self-driving cars are generating buzz as the future of technology,” Jessica E. Lessin reports for The Wall Street Journal. “But the old Web browser is being reinvented too, in a trend with implications for how consumers work and entertain themselves online.”

“The browser industry may have appeared staid in recent years, with the market dominated by tech giants such as Microsoft Corp., Google and Apple. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer remains the market-share leader for desktop browsers, according to Net Applications, with a 56% share of the desktop market globally,” Lessin reports. “Apple’s Safari browser leads on mobile phones and tablets, with 59% share, thanks to the popularity of the iPhone and iPad.”

Lessin reports, “But behind the scenes, many companies have quietly been enhancing and reimagining the Web browser, as new technologies have made it possible to do numerous activities in the browser instead of through software downloaded to a computer or mobile device. The set of new programming techniques enabling the features is often referred to as HTML5.”

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    1. Really. Each and every iOS device that is being used to surf was sold by Apple at a profit. If 59% of the mobile eyes are looking at Apple iOS screens, Apple profits from that. Ads that Apple serve or control are also a source of cash flow for Apple. There is no loyalty for the non-Apple devices and in the end, Apple will own this market. If you sell free phones you are future Apple iRoadKill. (See: BlackBerry)

  1. I remember the days when people begged Apple to adopt Flash so they could get porn on their iOS devices. All that uproar over Flash was about one thing: porn, porn, porn. Flash had a vice grip (no pun intended) over the online porn industry. Now there’s nary a porn site that won’t work with iOS thanks to their widespread adoption of HTML5 features, forced by Steve’s crusade against Flash.

    How ironic is it that Steve proclaimed Android the porn platform while Apple was for families, yet by killing Flash he made it easier than ever to access porn through mobile Safari.

    1. Except for all those porn sites that do work on iOS already, and the growing number of porn site adopting it. Historically, porn is always at the forefront of every other major technological innovation in human communication – from painting, sculptures, written language, photography, films, to the Internet – and so far HTML5 has been no exception.

  2. but remember, every joe blow six pack android user is smart enough to change their browser string to trick websites into believing it’s safari, thus artificially inflating iOS score


    (apparently that’s actually a reason used by a few phandroids to justify why their market share and usage share have no correlation)

  3. I prefer Eother Opera or Chrome browsers on my iPhone. Safari is a bit overrated. Not bad, but could be better. I just wish Firefox would come to iOs.

  4. it’s too bad that I can’t delete safari. I already don’t use it for both my PC and my phone. chrome is the best for both. you know it. plus, it is just common sense that android based browsers share much higher using internet. do you think that iphone share is way more than android? NO. it won’t happen, can’t happen. use your damn knowledge.

    1. Go ahead and use Chrome if you want Google knowing everything you do… that’s the price of admission. I prefer privacy in my browsing. Your “common sense” is trumped by actual web usage statistics that measure OS connection and not browser. Android usage is nowhere near iOS usage on the Internet. . . It never has been.

  5. I’m shocked that mobile Safari is only 59% but I’m delighted that IE is down to 56%. That is a huge crash from just 5 years ago! Suck on that Mafia$oft!!!

  6. Well, it can not replace an app.
    Like Facebook said on their first conference call or some presentation they had. They embraced HTML5 totally and tried to do everything with it Pushing html5 trough their Apps and such. What they discovered after a while was that the technology was not ready yet and after more than a year of work with html5 they decided to abandon the project for specific apps for each platform.

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