Apple’s iTunes snub is yet another nail in Microsoft’s Windows RT coffin

“Windows RT just can’t catch a break. Last week’s big news – Apple’s refusal to create an iTunes Windows 8 app – was another blow to the beleaguered OS, for even though Microsoft’s finger-friendly software are dubbed ‘Windows 8 apps,’ they’re truly ‘Windows RT apps,'” Brad Chacos reports for Computerworld New Zealand. “The ARM processors powering Windows RT tablets can’t run traditional desktop programs (like iTunes) and are instead forced to rely upon the lackluster selection in the Windows Store.”

Chacos reports, “For people who bought into the promise of the Surface RT and its ilk, the snub cuts deep.”

MacDailyNews Take: All five of them (Balmy, Connie, and the three boys).

“The lack of an iTunes app is a big deal, and not just because the current state of Windows 8 music apps is so …wanting,” Chacos reports. “Apple’s cold shoulder isn’t a death blow, but it is yet another nail in Windows RT’s coffin. Nobody is lining up to support Windows RT. Nobody.”

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  1. Good. Glad Apple’s giving them the treatment everyone gave Apple in the early 90’s when they were floundering.

    But in the grand scheme of things Microsoft hurts themselves much more than any other company could. Their products are garbage.

  2. Well maybe if MS made Windows 8 RT compelling and it was selling like mad Apple might take notice and create a version of iTunes for it.

    As it sits what is the incentive for Apple to devote engineering resources to a WinRT version of iTunes? what Microsoft might suddenly sell 2 more of the lame slabs?

    1. You wrote “devote” but I think you meant “divert” — as in “divert engineering resources from iWork 13”

      Right? That’s what you really meant, right?


  3. Apple could reconsider once Windows 8 really takes off and there is a substantial user base like it did with Safari and iTunes for the other Windows operating systems. Wait, I had Safari and iTunes in Windows 8 on my Mac. Why would Apple want to generate an “app” for that when Win 8 can already access iTunes? Or did MS disable that when they finalized Windows 8?

    1. The only way Windoze 8 is ever going to take off is if someone straps it to an Ariane 5 booster rocket and sends the damn thing into orbit where the Chinese can happily take pot-shots at it with one of their satellite-killer jobbies.


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