Steve Jobs’ lost interview converts hater to fanboy

“Normally I caution entrepreneurs not to model themselves after Steve Jobs,” Drew Hansen writes for Forbes. “He wouldn’t force himself into another person’s mold. But my aversion to his popularity prevented me—until the other week—from hearing these statements, which resonate with my values.”

“About halfway through his Lost Interview, he describes the magical outcome that is possible with great teams,” Hansen writes. “Next, he articulates the power impeccable products can have on the human race.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. There are people who are simply suffering from ignorance. We’ve all been there and will be again, seeing as we humans never know everything about anything.

        Knowledge provide education, provides learning, provides growing.

        My big worry isn’t the crap alternatives to Apple and the ramifications. My big worry is that Apple always requires competition. Having Apple as the only decent creative technical force in our little human universe is a BAD thing. Kill off the Microsofts and Samsungs, but also build up the future superior alternatives to Apple! Get going kids!

          1. That’s rhetoric out of my inner world. What I mean out here in the real world is that I’m counting on there being a lot of new creative kids coming out of the current youth culture who have even more insanely-great ideas. Creativity is ongoing within humanity and the life systems of miracle planet Earth. There are no ultimate geniuses, saints, species or anything else.

    1. Steve often describes Apple’s design methods. Still no-one else dares to copy anything other than the end product. I’m sure he would have wanted them to go back to first principles, come up with something original and enrich everyone.

    1. I like Tim. As far as Tim goes, I’m glad that Apple’s stock took a dive and is now on its way back up. Now the Tim haters won’t be able to say that he’s just riding the wave from Steve’s doing.

      I’m sure they will still come up with some reason to slam him though.

      1. As the toppled giant slowly rose first to its knees, then to one outsize foot, then the other, the scavengers who had scarred it with tiny beak, claw, or tooth slithered and scuttled back to their shelter of scrub grass and stink weed—barren of compassion, wanting only to feed—and waited, barely rustling the brush, small eyes glinting in the blood-red sunrise; waited for the giant’s next stumble, when they would, as was their nature, crawl slowly toward the fallen giant for another awful repast.

      2. As per my ‘Angst Theory’, stress and adversity are catalysts of the creative process. There’s nothing more dull than the creative work of someone who is entirely content and happy. Thus is life among we humans.

        As long as Tim Cook doesn’t fall for the Wall Street Scum manipulation tactics and keeps his head within the inspiring Apple cultural realm, I suspect this nasty few months will turn out to have been great for Cook and Apple. Interesting times bare interesting results.

  1. well, . . . pithy quotes are nice, alright – see picasso above – but by applying that standard, it would seem to elevate both bill gates and samsung to lofty positions of which they are utterly unworthy.

    or, in the words of a sagacious old eskimo, “seem like, look like anyway”.

  2. Steve Jobs and Apple have a mythical appeal to Apple fanbois. While Jobs and Apple have released some great products both produced some failures as well. When judging the success of Jobs and Apple it is prudent to be as objective as possible. It is evident at MDN that objectivity and rationality are hardly considered with their demigod or favorite company are discussed. It’s a shame, really, one can’t have an intelligent discussion when emotion, biase, and prejudice frame the debate. I am glad that Jobs was able to rescue Apple from oblivion and Apple has achieved such commercial prowesss. Both have my respect and admiration, but neither is worthy of the single-minded fanaticism that some people have.

      1. Edison. As a teenager, synthesized nitroglycerin. Only luck, and impurities in his concoction, spared the callow lad from dismemberment. Didn’t deter him from future foolhardy experiments.

        Einstein. A bit slow. Couldn’t even get that teaching post; was reduced to working as a lowly government patent office examiner. Wasted hours walking the Alps. Thinking.

        Objectively speaking: Losers

    1. Your so called fanaticism is just a switch from Microsoft Windows to OS X, from Dell to Mac, from Android to iOS or from a Samsung phone to an iPhone.

      For me it was a switch from a MS-DOS PC to a Mac.

      You see and use a product that is exceedingly better than the POS you have been using and you want to tell the world.

      1. for Me,

        it was either draw a circle in peeks and pokes under Commodore Basic – a programming mentality to art on a computer

        or point, drag, let go and magically a circle was presented on the Macintosh – a physical experience to art on a computer

        I never once looked back, nor was ever tempted to try Windows

          1. Going BASIC on Waterfalls2013, eh? So different from Waterfalls1985. By the way, GOTO sucks and has always sucked. I hope you aren’t a programmer, my friend. 🙂

    2. “Fanbois”. Says it all. You have little clue. Steve Jobs is no god or idol. Just a very hard working person who took the road less traveled.
      Any one can look at a mountain and wish it was elsewhere. It takes a man with a vision and a dream and tons of hard work to actually move the mountain. 7 times!!!!! So once you have moved the mountain, come back and we will listen.

      Just a thought.

        1. MacFreek, If you are a troll, then anything I say is wasted on you. If you are a paid troll, then you are close to the scum of the earth.
          The only option I have left is that you just “hate”. Hate people, hate people that like to use Apple geat, …. just hate.
          Just because people like something DOES NOT MAKE IT BAD.
          Just because we do not constantly pick at it and paint it in a bad light, DOES NOT MAKE US BAD.
          We may be predictable. But we enjoy. … I am afraid the same cannot be said for you. My comments are based on your actions and words…
          I feel sorry for you.

          1. I would reply, but sadly, your comment is so chockfull of nonsense and inanities that I can only imagine that the few functioning neurons remaining in your cranium are rapidly demyelinating leaving you in perpetual state of impregnable delusion and incapable of sustaining a cogent thought. Have a nice day.

            1. You DID reply and very sadly I might add.

              Well said, eldernorm!

              You called out this clown but some people are simply shameless.

              Oh, I’m holding my breath waiting for your enlightening and intellectual reply, MacFreek.

              Freak, indeed.

    3. You went from ‘mythical appeal’ to ‘single-minded fanaticism’ in one paragraph, Freeky. You attempt to cast yourself as the reasonable one in order to make others appear extremists. But it isn’t working…we know you on this forum and we have no respect for you. There are plenty of folks on this forum who recognize both the strengths and the weaknesses of Apple, who praise and criticize Apple, as appropriate to the circumstance.

      To those who refuse to see the greatness of Apple and Jobs and Woz…Apple II, Macintosh, LaserWriter, Quicktake, Newton, iMac, OS X, iPod, iTunes, iPhone, iOS, App Store, iPad, and many more smaller or incremental contributions to electronics technology.

      1. You have perfected the blather and the mantra. Congratulations, please step forward and receive the tinfoil hat of the thirty-second level of acolyte of the sacred order of sycophant and twelfth degree of imbecile.

    4. I don’t understand your motives here in the MDN comments. You claim to want intelligent discussion but of the 30 days of articles I’ve gone back through, every single one of your posts is solely focused on elevating yourself by denigrating everyone else here.

      So if you really want some intelligent discussion, start one. And start it without restating your mantra that everyone here is a mindless disciple of the dead savior or the church he left behind.

      1. You don’t say? No doubt you have also enumerated the instances of epithets such as “troll” etc. have been used by the kind and thoughtful and beneficent members of the Apple fanboi community. If you wish to engage in preaching about civility you might want to rid yourself of pious hypocrisy first. The stench of your prejudice is only exceeded by your delusion, fanboi.

        1. Jim, like eldernorm, reached out to you in a respectful fashion.

          But you just can’t help yourself and your denigrating replies speaks volumes about you.

          Your dirt.

        2. Personally, I don’t regard you as a troll. You are persistent in this forum; trolls come and go under a variety of names. Anti-Apple trolls are consistent in their universal denigration of its products yet you trouble to distinguish good from bad. You had posts that were acceptably non-controversial; trolls don’t settle for that, preferring to generate outrage.

          I can only take you at your word, that you are extremely concerned about the mindless attitudes of the brainwashed, and are trying to shock them out of their stupor. Meanwhile, you see no reason to repress your anger at being attacked for speaking your mind.

          Others, such as BLN, have suffered slings and arrows whilst trying to establish a genuine voice immune to emotional assaults, yet they persisted. I could be way off the mark, I admit, but I’m willing to give you the benefit of the doubt.

          By the way, what’s the difference between “fanboi” and “fanboy”? John Gruber wants to know.

          1. “Others, such as BLN, have suffered slings and arrows whilst trying to establish a genuine voice immune to emotional assaults, yet they persisted.”

            Immune to emotional assaults? No one is immune, but both of your voices are mighty fine.

            1. One tries to establish oneself, that the cacophonous voices of the rabble recede and afford one a measure of peace. That goes for all mortals.

              The Oracle need only transmit thoughts excited by the breath of Apollo.

          2. A “fanboi” is a particularly annoying and insufferable subspecies of “fanboy”. Whereas a devoted fanboy can be mildly amusing and civil the fanboi is wholly delusional with pathological insecurities and exhibits a complete inability to discuss anything rationally and objectively. When feeling threatened fanbois huddle together and engage in loud and obnoxious snorting and grunting permeated by name calling. These insults are generally puerile, show little imagination, and are repeated by one member of the troop after another. This often leads to a frenzy of odd and bizarre behaviors including hand wringing and jumping about.

            1. Well summarized. I note that the definitions in the urban dictionary, if not the OED, are consistent with your description. The psychological and behavioural components are the keys. It all seems to have something to do with how a like-minded group deals with dissent. A group that is cultish will be exclusive, while a group that is evangelical will engage in outreach and persuasion. Each type has its own obnoxiousness quotient. It appears that MDN (and its amused spectators) profit from staging mud wrestling contests between these sects.

    5. The products that changed the world speak for Steve’s genius and no hype necessary. After all where would Samedung, Foogal and Microsloth be without him?

  3. It’s funny when I hear people debate about Apple being a “Designer” company. I don’t mean the old argument about Macs being used primarily for design, which I hear less and less of these days, but that they are “Fashion Driven” computers. As if they are over designed to look super slick and cool, when that’s not necessary to get the job done.

    In reality Apple products are the complete opposite. Take the MacBook Pro for example. It’s aluminum for a reason, not to look cool. Aluminum is light, strong, abundant. It’s the perfect material for this application, so that’s why MacBooks are aluminum. And why bother painting them (or rather anodizing) them? That’s just a waste, an extra step, will lead to scratches, etc.

    Why are the keyboards black? Because they are backlit. Not because it looks cool. If pink blocked light better than black, the keyboards would be pink.

    You can look at any component Apple includes and find a specific reason for it being the way it is. That’s what makes Apple different. I’m sure if you were in a design meeting there, and your reason behind something was that it “looked cool”, you’d be packing your stuff shortly after.

    Apple products do actually look cool. But I venture to say that’s the result of your sub conscience telling you that the product has been done right.

    The MacBook Pro is a shining example of this… It’s really the most bare boned computer around, from an industrial design standpoint at least.

    1. Marty, just one little piece that most people overlook.

      MacBook Pros are anodized! They are clear anodized.

      If they were bare aluminum, the salt in our skin sweat would react causing a messy black scrum everywhere.

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