New iOS 7 concept is both clean and intuitive (with video)

“We’ve seen quite a few iOS 7 concepts during the past couple of months, and given that the general consensus seems to be one of Apple’s mobile being real need of some rejuvenation, this should perhaps come as no surprise,” Ben Reid reports for Redmond Pie.

“We have been steadfast in its tracking of these concepts, and today, we have come across a modest, but perhaps realistic concept design based on what Apple will have been able to achieve by the time WWDC 2013 comes around,” Reid reports. “Since the German site has sought to be realistic in this particular concept, it packs in less of the speculative features we’ve become accustomed to in some of the other iOS 7 ideas. Bringing toggles to the lock screen – something covered for a long while within the jailbreak scene – the concept then goes on to detail several interesting alterations and enhancements.”

Read more in the full article here.

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      1. Simplicity is one thing. But going retrograde and making realism into 2 color 19th century kiosk 2D ‘Metro’ style boring baby blocks mode is another. Not acceptable.

        If Apple perpetrate anything like the Windows 8 ‘Metro’ GUI look onto any Apple GUI, especially iOS, I am going to scream bloody murder. 😕

  1. This is what happens when the Dutch go to the pub and then piece together a concept. The only good point in the whole vid is the easy access to the airplane mode and such

    1. *Sigh* Such staggering ignorance! The article clearly says; “Since the German site…”, so what does some halfwit here say? “This is what happens when the Dutch…”
      But then, when many Americans can’t even recognise their own damned country on a map, I shouldn’t be too surprised they can’t tell one European country from another, even when it’s clearly printed in front of them!

      1. Nevertheless the comment was that it the quick Android-like settings was the only good part which happened to be an old concept.

        And I agree. Plus its lame and ignorant to have that function, concept or not, irresponsible for it to occur without unlocking the phone first. Bad bad bad.

      2. I think he just simply made a mistake. I’m certain that he knows the difference between Holland and Germany. The Dutch certainly do. And I’ll bet that he can find the United States of America on a map. As can everyone else in the world.

      1. Netherlands would have been .nl or maybe .nu, but you’re forgiven (except perhaps by Rorshach). Have a pint of Westvleteren XII, Eddie, and make up your own rumours 🙂

  2. I watched this video at lunch at home today… Hearing the soundtrack my wife asked about the wisdom of watching porn at the dinner table.

  3. Contrary to Apple’s past. I find it not particularly impressive and counter to trends of improved security. The OS will weaken under this concept video plan.

  4. I haven’t seen anything yet that either a) doesn’t look like Windows or Android, or b) doesn’t toss out everything beautiful and elegant about the current iOS and its icons. When people talk flat, gray, non-skeuomorphic (sp), they are often forgetting the visual conflict that would create with all your existing app icons.

    If there is any feature that I might like to see different in the next iOS, it is MAYBE a screen one or two swipes to the left that a) has live tile ability or b) has a few key functions that are settable as defaults. And I reiterate: MAYBE.

    Not sure I see a need for change for change’s sake.

  5. I really don’t care about any other changes to iOS except for making entry of the phone’s passcode necessary in order to turn it off. All a thief has to do right now to avoid being tracked is to turn the phone off, and there’s no way to find your phone.

  6. As much as it irks me to say it, Microsoft really came out with a fresh and inticing design. It’s the true eye candy. The greater populaton responds to it with an initial “Neat!”. Let’s hope Apple doesn’t follow in that direction because it’s not better from a usability standpoint.

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