Apple wins order on Google documents in Samsung patent infringement case

“Google Inc. was ordered by a judge to reveal how it’s searching for internal documents related to its Android operating system sought by Apple Inc. (AAPL) in a patent-infringement lawsuit against Samsung Electronics Co.,” Joel Rosenblatt reports for Bloomberg News.

“U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal in San Jose, California, ordered Google within two days to disclose what terms it’s using to find documents Apple has requested in pretrial information sharing, and to tell Apple which Google employees those documents came from,” Rosenblatt reports. “Google had argued the collection of information would be too burdensome.”

MacDailyNews Take: Bullshit. The “collection of information” is Google’s raison d’être (at least it was before knocking off iOS became such a focus).

Rosenblatt reports, “‘The court cannot help but note the irony that Google, a pioneer in searching the Internet, is arguing that it would be unduly burdened by producing a list of how it searched its own files,’ Grewal wrote in his order.”

MacDailyNews Take: Uh, yeah, what he said.

“Apple seeks the information as part of its second patent case against Samsung in the same court, arguing that Google’s Android is used in all of Samsung’s allegedly infringing products and “provides much of the accused functionality” in Apple’s claims, according to a court filing,” Rosenblatt reports. “The second case covers technology in newer smartphones made by both companies, including its iPhone 5 and Samsung’s Galaxy S III. The suit follows a previous case in which a jury awarded Cupertino, California-based Apple $1.05 billion in damages, finding Suwon, South Korea-based Samsung infringed six of the iPhone maker’s mobile-device patents.”

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  1. The only reason parties stall and try not to produce documents is because they know that the documents contain damning information. With email today, it’s far, far more common to have communications written (and thus preserved in all their evidentiary glory) than yesteryear’s phone calls.

    1. No, no, It’s because letting Apple see that code will give away information and ideas that Google invented.

      Seriously, it’s just not fair and they shouldn’t have to. Just because the true innovator behind it all had to disclose worse for Samesung is completely and totally irrelevant.

      1. No sympathy for Google, the serial intellectual property thief. I personally think all their patents, copyrights, and other claims should be voided by their repeated behavior of having no respect for the intellectual property rights not held by Google.

        If Google even occasionally acted like a responsible and reasonable, decent company with some integrity your point might be valid.

      2. This is NOT code. The rumor is that Google is not doing a complete search by limiting what search terms they are using. Deliberately choosing terms that will pull the fewest results. In other words, they might be gaming the system. If they are found to be doing so, they will be in big trouble.

        1. You may have a point there KenC. Not too long ago I was searching for Apple related information on Chrome and i kept getting an “oops” page or hardly any info! Something strange is certainly afoot! i had no problem getting other information.

            1. I rarely use Google. Ever since was launched I have used that and since I have used it daily since launch I have really noticed how it have gotten better all the time. It is much much better now than when they first launched it. Once in a while I have to use google when does not find anything because like it or not, google still provides the better search even though Bing is catching up and is a very good alternative.

    1. I laugh when companies put up these VPNs that no one can get into including employees who are supposed to be getting in yet they use gmail – No security and google snooping all the time.. Crazy.

      1. I am continually amazed at a number of ironic and reduce loud activities by humans…and this is one them.

        People in business, privy to other people’s details, should see Google as an enemy IMO

  2. Apple is slowly but surely drawing Google into the legal dispute. Apple is preparing the path to leap from Samsung infringement to Google/Android culpability. Assuming success, Apple can then segue back to Android-base handset vendor litigation (if they have not already folded).

    1. I would not mind if Apple was able to completely eliminate Android from the market altogether, but I think that hope is long since flown the coop.

    1. Given that they have given up on innovating search awhile so and now only focus on advertising and copying Apple with Android, it is very possible that they don’t know how to do a proper search now.

  3. Just order them to open their mail server and scan the Emails carte blanche and shut up. Then Google will be caught with their pants down and they can doubly shut up.

    I fucking hate Google and all the geeks that follow them. Fuck you Schmidt and Brin, you no talent losers.

  4. OK, so hand over your keyword search and let us see your tag cloud of android document searches.

    The smoking gun is in the tag cloud, showing feature by feature wholesale ripoffs.

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