EU issues formal complaint against Google over injunction attempts against Apple

“European Union regulators Monday issued a formal complaint against cellphone maker Motorola Mobility, over the Google Inc. unit’s bid to enforce a patent injunction against Apple Inc. in Germany,” Vanessa Mock And Frances Robinson report for The Wall Street Journal.

“The European Commission said Motorola’s MSI +0.09% actions ultimately harmed consumers, after the company sought court injunctions against Apple over the use of its patents, instead of properly licensing the technology to its rival,” Mock and Robinson report. “Motorola now has eight weeks to reply to the so-called statement of objections.”

Mock and Robinson report, “The case marks the second time since late last year that the EU has entered patent disputes involving large technology companies. In December, it issued a formal complaint against Samsung Electronics Co.’s attempts to use injunctions against Apple… The repercussions can be serious, especially in Germany. The country has become a popular place to litigate these cases as products can be taken off the market fairly quickly. In one case last year, a German court said Samsung couldn’t sell its Galaxy Tab 10.1 and smaller Galaxy Tab 8.9 tablet computers in Germany because they imitate Apple’s iPad.”

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  1. Sounds good to me. It also looks like Apple is winning this battle. Motorola is losing validity of patents left and right and both Goosung and Google have been slapped over the had for trying to make war with SEPs. It’s not always a good idea to have the core patents of a technology if you aren’t willing to license them it seems. Apple should continue this push for as long as it takes.

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