Laird revenue slips as demand from ‘largest customer’ – assumed to be Apple – dropped in Q1

“Electronic-components maker Laird Plc said revenue from its largest customer — widely assumed to be Apple Inc — fell 17 percent in the first quarter from a year earlier, contributing to a 2 percent fall in overall revenue,” Abhirup Roy reports for Reuters. “Laird, which makes electromagnetic shielding and heat control components for wireless devices, said it expected another quarter of declining revenue before growth resumes in the second half of the year as customers and the company itself launch new products. It maintained its full-year forecast”

“A company representative declined to identify the largest customer, but analysts said Laird has confirmed in the past that it is Apple and that they assumed the company was referring to the iPhone and iPad maker in its statement on Friday,” Roy reports. “‘I think it’s become clear that there had been a overbuild through Q4 by the said largest customer and I think therefore as we got into Q1 the general weakness was exacerbated by destocking cycle,’ Peel Hunt analyst Dominic Convey said.”

Roy reports, “Laird also supplies components to Samsung Electronics Co Ltd.”

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  1. A company that produces flimsy bits of flat metal in odd shapes for the two largest mobile phone producers made fewer last year. The fact that their products are not hard to make and could be made by a lot of potential competitors is ignored coupled with the fact that the source of the reduction in demand is not identified can only lead to one conclusion: Apple is doomed! What a load of crap. If I had ever been that lazy at my endeavors for an employer I’d have fired myself.

    1. Joker, I’ve seen, a multitude of times, your sentiment on Tim Cook. I’ve concluded you on shamsungs payroll. All the relevant ppl believe Tim Cook is doing a fine job. Your campaign is persistent, yet a failure. I hope you enjoy your blood money as well I hope the karma you’ll recieve will hopefully be extremely harsh.

  2. Apple fell into the trap of keeping all it’s eggs in one basket, with Samsung & realized that they now need mutiple suppliers. Just because one’s sales are down, just means that someone else’s have gone up.l

    1. Bingo. Apple has really diversified its suppliers to keep from ever being too dependent on a single one. Hopefully Cook manages to keep juggling all these different balls and keep the whole thing going for a while to come.

      1. Can you show us the new suppliers that Apple has added over this company for said parts? Can you demonstrate that the decline in their sales is the result of Apple adding additional suppliers for said parts?

        Because unless you can… I hate to say it, but the delusion police has just busted your fanboy ass again.

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