Big phones, phablets and tablets only account for 10% of Android installed base

“While many pundits insist that Apple must make a larger screen iPhone to keep pace with the offerings from Android licensees, Google’s own stats indicate that all big phones, tablets and phablets put together are a tiny 10 percent fraction of active users,” Daniel Eran Dilger reports for AppleInsider.

“According to the company’s latest May 1, 2013 figures on the Android installed base of users accessing the Google Play app market, 80 percent of devices fit into the ‘Normal’ category with screens about the same size as Apple’s iPhone 5,” Dilger reports. “In fact, there are nearly as many devices reported to be in the ‘Small’ category (9.8 percent are 3.5 inches or less) than in the ‘Large’ (5.6 percent are greater than 4 inches to about 7 inches) and ‘XLarge’ (4.9 percent are 7 inches to more than 10 inches) categories put together.”

Dilger reports, “That means that Android phones shaped like the iPhone 3GS are selling about as well as all of the Android-based super-sized smartphones, tablets and “phablet” hybrids put together, data that does not support the idea that most users are shopping for a very big smartphone. ”

Much more in the full article here.


  1. true, but i bet that tiny percentage is a huge profit maker for samsung and the galaxy note 2. its $299 or so on contract here in the US. no way it costs that much more to make over a galaxy S3 or S4

  2. apple hasn’t a worry
    if it wishes the iPad mini with true cellular telephone capabilities will eradicate Samsung out of the picture

  3. Sure and that number would be significantly higher if apple offered a bigger tasteful screen. And they will make a bigger better phone, the best one, and everyone will buy it. And nobody is saying 7″ so have a seat.-and the squinters can keep their small phone. Bet?

    1. Yes, these Android statistics are meaningless for Apple. It proves nothing. Kindle statistics have no bearing on iPad sales either. Only when Apple makes a larger iPhone can you judge it’s relevance. You can bet that Apple is smart enough to understand this too. And they will make a larger iPhone. And they wish they had it now. Because it would sell like hotcakes. The same illogical reasoning was brought forth before the iPad mini release. Remember? How did that turn out?

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