Apple’s iOS continues to dominate with nearly 60% Web usage share vs. Android’s 26%

In April 2013, Apple’s iOS continued to dominate with nearly 60% Web usage share versus Android’s 26% share, according to NetMarketShare.

iOS: 59.04%
Android: 26.02%
Java ME: 9.62%
Symbian: 1.73%
BlackBerry: 1.51%
Windows Phone: 1.14%
Kindle: 0.71%
Windows Mobile: 0.08%
Bada: 0.07%
Samsung: 0.06%
BREW: 0.01%
LG: 0.01%
HUAWEI: 0.00%
ZTE: 0.00%

More info via NetMarketShare here.


    1. When you think about it, they are not really buying a true smart phone. Only the top of the line Android phones are actually smart phones. The rest of them are really feature phones.

  1. So let’s get this straight, android is regularly reported to have the market share lead for touch devices, however it’s users only manage a quarter of web usage on such devices. One of the key functions of touch devices is web surfing, therefore we can only conclude that either the android activation numbers are BS, or android as a touch based operating system is in many cases not fit for purpose, which is it Google? Is your operating system simply unusable by the majority of your user base or are you blatantly lying about how many devices android is actually on? Something stinks about android, it’s time to ignore the spin doctors and propaganda. It’s time for the truth to be heard…..

  2. The answer is simple as to why Samsung has the lead in market share of smartphones, but do not lead in usage….The phones are sitting on store shelves and boxed in inventory rooms.

    Those that actually get bought make up the 26%.

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