Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov bets big on Apple with $100 million stock buy

In today’s “Movers & Shakers,” Bloomberg’s Betty Liu reports that Russian billionaire Alisher Usmanov has bet big on Apple, investing US$100 million on a rebound of the company’s stock.

Usmanov is the world’s 35th richest person with a fortune of $19.8 billion, up $967 million, or 5.1%, this year.

Liu reports speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Direct link to video here.


  1. Dear Alisher, can you also invest a bit more than your 30% stake in Arsenal FC, buy out Stan Kroenke (who has no interest in the club other than money) so you can bring the club back into the elite again. $800 million should do it. Cheers Mr Russian Oligarch and self confessed Arsenal fan. p.s good shout with the Apple shares, timing’s impeccable.

  2. I just bought more Apple stock yesterday – hopefully catching a rising star instead of falling knife this time. I also bought into an Exchange Rate Fund based the S&P 500 – because you got to diversify.

  3. No, don’t listen to Usmanov. Yes, he is the world’s 35th richest person. But the new assistant to the analysts researched Apple on the Internet and they don’t like AAPL anymore. Also, the assistant owns a Samsung me-too smartphone because they could not afford the new iPhone (or was paid by Samsung to tell them that).

    Clueless idiots. Yes, Jim Cramer, I am also talking about you too. You let your daughters influence your opinion about AAPL over the updated iTunes and did not do your homework again. Time to warm up your crow and get out those post-it note pads.

  4. LOL. So he invests .5% of his holdings…and that’s considered a big bet??? Put another way, a person with $10,000 invests $50 and it’s considered “a big bet”.

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