‘iPhone 5S’ pre-orders go live June 20, launch in July, according to leaked KDDI document

“A document reportedly meant for employees of Japanese telecom KDDI’s ‘au’ wireless service has been leaked, showing the carrier will begin taking preorders for Apple’s iPhone 5S on June 20 ahead of a launch in July,” AppleInsider reports.

“Obtained by French website Nowhereelse.fr, the supposed document looks to be meant for sales floor staff and carries pricing information as well as a few details regarding the as-yet-unannounced iPhone 5S,” AppleInsider reports. “While AppleInsider cannot vouch for the document’s authenticity, the laminated paper is very similar to the current product and pricing “cheat sheets” referred to by many cell phone dealers and official carrier stores in Japan. It should be noted, however, that the cards can easily be reproduced as some are printed directly at point of sale from a PDF file, with the only distinguishing feature being a company logo. ”

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  1. I’m just tired of all the rumor and hype-baiting. Just copy last year’s information, change the model and change the date. Nothing substantive, just rock star fan boy idolatry is all it is.

  2. With Apple products “S” stands for “Sucker”.

    I’ve owned every iPhone except for the very 1st one, and I will never buy a Apple product that has an S label. That’s because my 4S was just as fast, with an even faster internet connection than my iPhone 5.

    I also skipped the iPad 4, because it was not significantly better than my iPad 3.

    Tim Cook is a fool.

    1. The iPad 4 was a quick refresh to get everything on the Lightning Connector and reset the product launch cycle. NOBODY who got an iPad 3 should have gotten an iPad 4. The differences between them were minuscule.

      Wait, because your 4S was just as good as the following year’s phone, you wouldn’t get another S phone? I’m confused. Wouldn’t that be an argument FOR the S phones?

    2. “…and I will never buy a Apple product that has an S label. That’s because my 4S was just as fast, with an even faster internet connection than my iPhone 5.”

      So…your 4S was “as fast” as the 5, so it..sucks? Either you articulated this poorly or your reasoning is, uh, mysterious.

      Tim Cook is a fool for releasing an “S” model (I’m left to assume this is part of the reason). So was Steve Jobs a fool for the same reason?

  3. I highly, highly doubt that this is legit. How far in advance does Apple release this information to retailers? I can’t see them letting this slip two months in advance, especially with the pre-order information.

    1. Corporate knows its coming,but floor sales staff won’t know until the day its announced. That’s the way it has always been.

      This is a first class fake.

  4. And still this is posted as news even though half the article describes how easy it is to falsify and that there is no reason to trust the document.

    But still. Interesting.

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