Charity auction bids for coffee with Tim Cook pass $500,000

“With a flurry of activity today, bidding on the charity auction for a coffee meeting with Tim Cook at Apple’s headquarters has passed $500,000, nearly doubling the previous record for a CharityBuzz ‘experience’ auction set last year when a bidder paid $255,000 to spend a day with Bill Clinton,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors.

“The bid list seems to be a combination of serious bidders and those likely simply seeking visibility for their names or brands and relying on the fact that there are 18 days left to bid to hope that they won’t actually win the auction,” Slivka reports. “CharityBuzz notes in its FAQ that all bids are legally binding and can not be retracted.”

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  1. Steve Ballmer can afford it—a desperate man, throwing caution to the wind and seeking intelligent advice at any cost. Bon Appetite Monkey Boy. Try to learn something over your Latte with Tim.

  2. And, can you just imagine what the bidding war would have reached if they had done this years ago with Steve Jobs? Might have gone to a cool million.

  3. Hi Tim! Since I’m a multi-millionaire stock trader, i’ve decided to take advantage of this tax writeoff to have some overpriced bean juice with you.

    I have just one question: Apple market valuation was on a strong upward trajectory while Apple continued to release compelling new products multiple times per year. So why haven’t you released anything while Apple shed over $300 billion in value, claim that your mistake was to announce the iMacs “too soon”, and now refuse to release any significant new product until autumn 2013 at the earliest??!?!?”

    Sad to see that Cook’s “pipeline” is a garden hose, whereas Jobs’ was a raging fire hydrant.

  4. Ok… That is a stupid way to do it…
    Of course you will get allot of idiot bidding there is no qualification before that they can actually pay the money if they were to win.

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