Apple submits revised ‘Mothership’ Campus 2 plans, delays ‘Tantau’ development to cut costs

“Earlier this month, a report revealed that Apple’s upcoming ‘spaceship’ campus in Cupertino is both behind schedule and $2 billion over budget,” Juli Clover reports for MacRumors. “Apple was said to be looking to cut costs on the project, which is apparent in the revised campus plans that it submitted to the city today.”

“Apple originally planned on constructing a 600,000 square foot area of buildings (known as the Tantau Development) in two phases,” Clover reports. “Phase 1 was to take place alongside the construction of the main Apple campus, while Phase 2 would be delayed until later.”

Clover reports, “Apple Campus 2’s budget rests near $5 billion, which is said to be because Steve Jobs insisted on design quality and expensive construction methods. The Campus, a circular 2,800,000 square foot 4-story building, is designed to hold 12,000 employees and has a prospective completion date of 2016.”

Read more, and see the renderings, in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. That damned idiot Cook has reversed every single thing that Steve held dear. What is the point of taking on $100 billion in debt to pay dividends and buy back capital when the impact of such an action is merely short term, whereas a corporate headquarters along the lines Steve Jobs envisaged would be good for employee morale. Lifting employee morale will result in more productive employees and encourage them to come up with more innovative ideas leading to more innovative products. It’s a virtuous cycle.

    Of course Cook, being the anti-visionary that he is, can only think in terms of what MBA school taught him which is cost cutting (example: Browett and the Apple Store debacle) and squeezing ever more tighter margins from suppliers. That’s all he’s good for. Look at what Steve did for Pixar when he had a say in the design of their corporate headquarters and Apple itself.

    Cook is just a penny pinching old school MBA idiot doing it by the numbers. No vision. No personality. If Cook weren’t CEO of Apple, he’d make a good prison warden.

    By the way, how about buying Dropbox for $2 billion since you’re splashing money around for worthless causes.

    1. You obviously didn’t read the article.

      The new plan, per the article, has:

      Bicycle access improvements
      Increase of parking availability
      A new public art section

      Only the timing of the Tantau development has changed. (Instead of some of the Tantau development being created during the development phase 1, it’s been pushed back to phase 2 after the construction of the main campus is built)

      BTW… your points are all over the place in this comment. While I agree that Tim Cook shouldn’t give stock manipulators props via increased dividends, calling Cook a “damned idiot” seems inappropriate and extremely harsh. Did you forget your meds again?

      I don’t think you can read Tim Cook’s mind nor judge him from your standpoint 😉

    2. If Cook effs up the mother ship, it will either be the end of Cook or the end of Apple. I forgot the he was an MBA. An MBA running Apple is my worst nightmare, and the outcome is coming predictably true. Maybe Wall St. will finally see the folly that is the entire concept of the MBA.

      1. Jensen, please enlighten us on the “concept of the MBA”.

        I’d be interested to know if you:
        a) think that what is taught at business schools has anything to do with how Wall Street pushed a short-term, quarterly focus on businesses over the past decades, rather than long term strategic focus. ’tis greed and self-preservation, not book learning that has caused that. Earn or get burned.

        b) that there is a concept to an “MBA” that those who have them are so rigidly indoctrinated in that they cease to think for themselves and follow only a single groupthink.

        c) that a person with an MBA is some sort of evil alien creature that worships only bottom line $$$s.

        It takes common sense, rational thinking, industry knowledge, general experience, as well as education for a CEO to be able to be able to oversee the competing interests of accounting, finance, economics, marketing, sales, consumer behavior, organizational behavior, strategic planning, competitive analysis, production operations, local, state, federal and international government regulations and tax policies, etc.

        1. I just want to point out that an MBA is a tool used for understanding how business is supposed to work, at least that is part of the point of working toward and receiving an MBA.

          What’s bad is:

          1) When a business school doesn’t teach how business is supposed to work, but instead teaches crap of various kinds that instead are effective methods of ruining business. I don’t know how this occurs, but it is now a severe problem.

          2) Unimaginative and uncreative people who go for an MBA with nothing more in mind than fitting into a system and presumably making money from it. AKA they are some variety of sheeple. Putting such people into executive positions is a really bad idea.

          An MBA indicates not much more than exposure to business systematics information. Read much more into it these days and you’re going to get burned. Learn about the PEOPLE who have the MBA and you’ll be able to sort out the wheat from the chaff.

          I don’t like stating the situation so simply, but at least it points out that the ‘MBA’ isn’t specifically the problem.

  2. It will be built the current campus is to small. I just hope they don’t cut the quality to much. They have already decided to not put all the parking under ground.

  3. No, no and NO! This is for Steve ppl, no cutting costs or that kinda crap. If the new campus will cost 7 billion, then so be it, Steve built the old and new Apple, this is the least Apple can do for him.

    I have been bashed for suggesting Wozman to be in the board, but how about a prominent role with regards to this new campus?

    Co-founder&Mothership..think about the positive PR, it would be priceless.

  4. Jobs was a visionary with talent to follow and accomplish , changing his plans is like using iPhones as expensive coasters, Steve chose Cook believing the man could follow instructions, but Cook seems not being able to

    1. What you are claiming is the opposite of the instructions that Steve Jobs actually did give to Tim Cook.

      Jobs told him to “just do what’s right” for Apple, rather than question what he would have done when faced with a problem.

      Referring to the “What would Walt have done ?” paralysis that affected the Disney corporation after Walt died, he went on to say “I never want you to ask what I would have done.”

  5. It’s amazing to finally see a series of comments all questioning Tim Cook, not championing the “Cook is the man” from all the fanboys on here.

    I have no idea how Cook will work out. But, he’s not doing a very good job with their products. Spec bumping the iPad 3 half way through its cycle was just dumb… because there is no new products until fall! And the idiot gave away no new products on the conference call too.

    He’s apologizing and admitting wrongdoing. Maps and iMacs. We appreciate apologies but he’s not getting the job done. Innovation has officially slowed.

    I’m excited about OS X and iOS at WWDC… I still believe that Cook has a chance here, but stop being delusional and realize he’s not drumming up the buzz Jobs did, not by a longshot.

  6. In an innovation driven domain, the only thing worst than putting the sales guy in charge, is putting the accountant in charge.

    Bean counting does not foster imagination.

    1. That is because the picture shows how they imagine the place. How it will be and look. Of course the trees are small, they always are but they will grow. The picture also shows a finished building. Not a construction site.

  7. I think this is stupid by Apple. I’m disappointed.

    Apple is wasting 50 billion on a useless share buy back program and tries to cut 2 billion out of the construction of one building. They should increase the budget to 6 billion and build something fantastic. Borrow money for this two. Don’t just waste it on exiting share holders…

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