Analyst: iPhone 5S and new low-cost iPhone expected to debut in early September

“According to China Times, Citigroup Global Securities issued a new note reporting that the iPhone 5S and a cheaper iPhone would be available starting early September (new here means it’s not the same note issued on April 22),” Florin reports for Unwired View.

“Reportedly, Apple will also introduce TD-SCDMA versions of the iPhone 5S and the cheaper iPhone – these should be launched by China Mobile (the world’s largest mobile carrier) in late September, or early October,” Florin reports. “As for the new iPad 5 and the iPad Mini 2, these are also expected to be released starting September, or October.”

Full article here.

[Attribution: Cult of Mac. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan King” for the heads up.]


  1. Sooooooo …

    “Breaking News! Apple just told us they’ll be releasing new products in the fall, so we predict that new products will be available … IN THE FALL! Shocking! Also, new iPad models to follow iPhone release JUST LIKE LAST YEAR!”

    … Okay, now where’s my paycheck?

    1. It’s in the post…you’ve earned it.

      But do you not see a traffic jam of products being released all at the same time? Don’t you think spreading product releases throughout the year will be better? How do you expect consumers to empty their pockets in one single occasion before Christmas? Wouldn’t it be better to spread the spending pattern throughout the year?

      I don’t know if the supply chain genius has thought of all that.

      1. Oh I do hope Cook and company read all your brilliant comments. They could learn so very much. I am surprised they have not offered you a position on the board.

      2. I guess that your take is that Apple should hold back product development on some products so they can release them later in the year. I guess the other option is for Apple to use their upcoming ‘time machine’ to make more time for their engineers to get the products ready earlier than humanly possible so that they can sell them to you before the date they now plan.

      3. Remember last year at All Things D when Tim Cook said that they were going to”double down” on secrecy? It would be interesting if something really innovative was launched at WWDC. Tim could zap the analysts in the badoobies and collect a sweet revenge. (Look up “zap him in the badoobies ” on IMDB for the definition).

    1. I just did a quick web check. The iPhone 4 is at least $450.
      The 4S is at least $550.

      A cheap smart phone runs about $200.

      I’m thinking you’re the one that doesn’t get it.

      Apple is doing just fine the way they are, but don’t confuse llittle or no money down and monthly payments with actually buying one outright.

  2. About the less expensive new iphone to come. Why doesn’t
     call it the iPhone Deluxe which is how they used to sell
    items as I was growing up in the 40’s 50’s, sell much better than Cheaper. Not everybody needs an iphone, they just want a good phone. I would buy one if it just could be a 2nd phone, so if i lost it or ruined it. People could still call me till i got a new one and it would work like an extension phone of yesteryear and use the same number??? BTW I love this MDN Blog and read it more than any other.

  3. So is anyone going to say what the difference between a regular iPhone and a cheaper iPhone? Other then being only made of plastic and not having a rentina display. Smaller screen size??? I’m guessing it will run the full iOS and will be just like the iPad mini. Enough with the rumor crap and report real news. Until you really know it going to happen…..then report it.

  4. Less expensive (doubt it will be cheap) will likely share iPod touch (2013 version) internals, display and specs, with a phone added and larger battery. It will retail for $329 for 16GB, as opposed to $299 for 32GB for for the iPod touch.

  5. My guess, and I mean guess, is that Apple will replace the 4S with a cheaper to manufacture case, same internals with better battery, same screen and maybe a better Ax SoC. this could go for $300 or so as the r&d must have paid for itself by now many times over. And drop the 4 as well.

    This could explain the multi-colour WWDC logo.

  6. Apple has often misdirected people by letting them read the wrong thing into what was actually said.

    When Cook said that new products will be released in the fall and into 2014, I didn’t see any mention of there being no new products before then.

    If he states that product X will be updated on a certain date six months from now, people will stop buying it and wait for the updated version. It’s much better from Apple’s perspective to let people think that updates are a long way off and then announce them at short notice.

    I think that Apple would prefer irregular and unpredictable update times for existing products. It stops demand drying up and it also catches Apple’s rivals by surprise.

  7. Citigroup Global Securities does not have a clue. Let me help you.

    The iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 will be the new top model.
    IPhone 5 will be the cheaper phone and the iPhone 4S will be the new cheap iPhone. You get it?

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