The next evolution of user interfaces

“With the introduction of the iPhone, Apple introduced the touch UI and literally changed the way people interact with their smartphones. When they extended the touch UI to the iPad, it set in motion an industry stampede to create PCs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones with touch based interfaces,” Tim Bajarin writes for TechPinions. “In the world of technology, this was a real milestone. For decades the way we navigated through our PCs was through a keyboard, mouse or Trackpad. While Apple was not the first to bring touch to tablets or smartphones, they clearly get credit for commercializing it and making it the defacto standard for next generation user interfaces.”

“But there were two products released recently that I have tested that I believe gives us an early glimpse at the next evolution of user interfaces,” Bajarin writes. “These, perhaps, will be just as ground breaking as the graphical user interface and touch UIs in the market today.”

Bajarin writes, “The reality is that Apple, Microsoft, Intel and others are all working on gesture based UI technology and believe that gestures represent the next significant evolution in computing interfaces… While many had hoped voice would be the next big thing in user interfaces, there is still a lot of work in this space to be done to bring it into mainstream computing. I have no doubt that voice commands, such as the one HAL used in 2001: A Space Odyssey will eventually be the main way we interact with computers. However, for now, the next evolution will be gesture based.”

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    1. whats the difference between a gesture UI and multi-touch UI?

      Apple commercialized both already with pinch to zoom, three finger swipe to read a paragraph etc. — gestural inputs are in effect, due to multi-touch… hence we have already arrived at the evolutionary experience this author is claims to come. Hello.

        1. For me, a three finger swipe upwards on the glass surface of an iPad is considered a gesture. A two finger pinch to resize is also a gesture. Gestures include touching.

          A motion tracking sensored camera – watching how I blink or move my head – can also be programmed to be a gesture…

          so what exactly is the authour referring to?

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  1. The next Evolution of user interfaces will be the faces of the users!
    Eye tracking, voice activated, fingerprint security and facial proximity to the device.
    A combination of any or some of those four outlined activities will preset the device to the relevant mode, thus achieving synchronous interaction with the devise.

    1. Maybe, as you say… it sure is intriguing, however, voice has a real potential in automative vehicles (thats a billion dollar market if done right) look out OnStar your services are about to be challenged. As I remain confident that Apple is right again with Siri. We have only started to see and hear about Siri’s penetration into this market and so far – its been a positive one.

  2. My main issue with voice: Getting everyone else nearby to shut up so you can communicate with your device.

    I’m sure there might be ways to overcome this, but I really think our fingers are just as fast as our voices in a lot of tasks and the ability work quietly and basically anonymously is nice, too. For these reasons, I find voice to be a cool and perhaps useful tool for software interface but I find it hard to believe it will ever be the dominant form.

    1. IMHO with time we’ll get better directional/noise reducing mics being default hardware. I also expect that what we loosely call ‘artificial intelligence’ will be able to pick up on specific voice characteristics and better follow specific users, ignoring everyone else in a noisy room. In the meantime, the best idea is to get to a quiet place for voice control. Stick to manual digital input otherwise.

      I have a few voice options on my iOS device and they work fine. But I too find just typing out commands is more efficient.

          1. ahhh consistency in design… Derek I happen to be an industrial designer, however, I am of the opinion that Jony Ives is not as constant as Jobs seemed to be… perhaps the truth is.. it was Jobs who skewed the reverse on Ives – toying with his designs – requesting and leading to inconsistencies over aesthetically pleasing… nevertheless Apple strives for perfection – regarding consistency – but never is perfect.

            Still – its the perfect platform for me. Just because I am a huge fan of Apple since 1980 – doesn’t mean I have to love everything Apple does. Its a company. Its business. Life is far too short to blind yourself with Apples perfection… finding flaws and stating opinions in Apple strives to benefit them to correct that. Not be looked upon as a Trollie Pooh.

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  3. There have been 4 computing UI’s: command line, mouse-based, touch, and voice. Steve Jobs made 3 of these mainstream (albeit, admittedly, voice has a way to go). Who wants to bet that when Apple comes out with a 3-D gesture-based UI, Steve Jobs’ name will be all over the patents?

    1. not 3D but AR enhanced with gestural and voice commands shall be the next UI. Call it AH, “Augmented Humans”. Our world is 3D already, mapping and projecting – interacting with the two realities (computer world and the physical one) to improve and better understand work flows – to educate and embrace knowledge faster.

      Imagine fixing your cars engine – you are not a mechanic… yet through “AH UI”, Apples’ smart camera – projects and highlights parts of the car enabling you a walk through by visually coding the problems and how to actually service your vehicle — though you never attempted it before. The power of knowledge simplified and empowering people in the physical world.

  4. Screw voice control in crowded or otherwise quiet environments.

    Apple knows this well.

    Gestures can be used unobtrusively. It is obvious that it will be possible for a user to generate his own “custom gesture” for a specific task or set of tasks.

    If power up your device, maybe a gesture automatically uploads all new email as an example.

  5. Imagine the office of the future: A room full of cubicles, with the employees operating their computers with a loud babble of voices and what looks like modern dance.

    There is no need to retire older UI methods just because they are five minutes old. Good ideas last a long time. Wheels have been round for a very long time, but making them square doesn’t improve them. Give me a song-and-dance UI for my computer, but some things are more easily done with a mouse and keyboard.

    1. I’m glad to see you’ve never worked in a call center Ken. But I can point out from my experience that there are ways to minimize the crosstalk noise so that it isn’t a problem.

      I once ran into one silly person’s (read: marketing moron’s) idea of having everyone sit in one big room without audio blocking dividers between talking reps. It was a total FAIL and died off rapidly in favor of sound dampening cubicles.

  6. The next UI is AH. Not a 3D UI – a mapping UI overlaying our physical world.

    AH – the “Augmented Human in the physical world” – enhancing knowledge and empowering you to do things you never though of trying… suddenly you are capable of servicing your vehicle without a mechanics background.

  7. Voice is a sequential interaction method with indirect access to the objects and actions. Similar to command lines in the old DOS times.

    In the majority of scenarios, the eye and the hand will always be much faster and broader organs to interact with a computer. The eyes can grasp a great number of objects at once and the hand can designate and act upon them directly. They are also much less impacted by ambient interference (noise, wind, etc.)

    Your ears and mouth need to listen/speak complete and unambiguous descriptions of objects and actions to interact. This is a lot slower. And, given that most people can’t put 3 words in order to form an clear sentence, voice interfaces are not going to become the main interaction method any time soon. (direct mind links are more likely to happen before that).

  8. Hasn’t anyone preordered a Leap Motion yet?
    That’s the difference between gestural and multi-touch. Watch the product demo — the control is very precise. Compare it to the status of the technology just two years ago (as demonstrated at TED) and you’ll be doubly amazed.

    1. Very sweet demo. I saw this a year ago or so.
      Looks to be improving.

      gestures are gestures – be it touched or motioned
      – again what exactly was the author hinting towards

      Leap uses a motion capture sensory to track the hand(s) movement – then decodes and selects from it’s data base of matching gesture commands to interact with an existing UI.
      Here seen, running Mac OSX, Leap is an add-on UI application… not a OS native UI. Yet working extremely nice.

      If Samsung was an innovator… they would have totally avoided touch screen… and gone for a smart camera that tracks motion.
      Leap Motion on a phone… cool. But instead, they just copied Apple – because Android copied Apple iOS.

      Is this the reason Apple has not fallowed the Multi-Touch PC laptop market flood of failures? Because Leap – takes things further. Leap UI on your iTV. No need for that bluetooth keyboard – just motion gesture typing fingers and a keyboard appears – and enter your text.

      Will Leap be apart of OS11? Sure would be sweet.
      Will Apple buy Leap Motion? Hope so.

      Are those Jony Ives new Flat Graphic Icons…? Ahh, perhaps inspired. Lol

      The website is rather Apple inspired – clean white space…

      pre-ordering still – hey whats with that… saw this long ago

    2. Exciting and wonderful suggestion “mikepl”

      Thanks to express and re-introduce the Leap – i’m Pumped.
      Yes, Apple could take this and own it.

      Imagine every Mac laptop LOSING the old track pad; and in its place this Leap Motion device? Possibly no keyboard also.

      Wonder if iPad and iPhone could take advantage of this as well.

      David Holz & Michael Buckwald join the staff at Apple, June 10th, 2013. Leap is integrated into OS11 – Apple ignites the motion capture UI.


      Kinect added to xBox on November 4, 2010.

      “Kinect for Xbox 360 is changing the game. Well, it’s changing how you play games. And how you watch TV. And movies. And listen to music. Because with Kinect, there are no controllers. Or remotes. There’s just you. And if you ask us, that’s all you need.”

      No – Apple will by purchasing Leap Motions.

      1. Thank you ‘Primesense’ and ‘Rare’… Leap offers to compete.

        To say Microsoft doesn’t innovate – uhmmmm:

        the Kinect device, provides full-body motion capture, facial recognition and voice recognition in one. The Kinect microphone handles acoustic source localization and ambient noise suppression.

        Apple could benefit from this, don’t you think Derek Currie?

        Hope making that comment – suggesting Apple in negative light – not having anything like Kinect – doesn’t make me a Trollie Pooh.

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