The most rotten thing about Apple is the coverage

“It’s been obvious to anyone following Apple news coverage since September that there has been a concerted media effort to bring the world’s most profitable tech company to its knees. Some of the bad press it’s received has been deserved, such as the early problems with the new Maps application which replaced Google in iOS 6. But most of it has been nefarious in nature,” Doctor Wallaby blogs for A Crazy Random Jumble of Blog. “It wouldn’t surprise me if a lot of it was inspired (i.e. payed for) by Samsung, who recently apologized to HTC for paying reviewers to provide false reviews of the Taiwanese company’s products. The real problem, though, is Wall Street right here in the good old US of A.”

“All of this bad press is designed to do one thing: undermine Cook’s leadership to such a degree that he is forced to open the Apple coffers in order to save his job,” Wallaby writes. “That’s right. These snakes are just trying to get their slimy fingers into Apple’s cookie jar, because Apple no longer has a leader who they feel can resist them.”

Wallaby writes, “The worst thing Apple could do at this juncture is cave to the demands of these lying, manipulative jackals poised to tear apart everything Jobs and so many others have built. Stay strong, Tim, and show them that even though you’re not the man whose shoes you’ve been called on to fill, you are still not a man with whom to be trifled.”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve said repeatedly over the past three months, “All Apple did last quarter was to post the most profitable quarter for a tech company in history.”


[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “MacRaven” for the heads up.]

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  1. Apple sets the bar therefore expectations are higher for Apple. Those at front always endure the greatest criticism. Would you want Apple to “enjoy” the same scrutiny as RIM?

  2. In his book, “Today and Tomorrow”, Henry Ford warned us that business, that is, the material side of life, is threatened by two classes of people. Both go about the destruction of business.

    The Professional Financier: Those who finance for the sake of financing and what they can get out of it in money, without a thought of the welfare of the people.

    and the Professional Reformer: Those who reform for the sake of reforming for their own satisfaction and without a thought for the real welfare of the people.

    Both classes are real menaces.

    Apple has both of these menaces working to bring them down.

    He also said money brokers are seldom good business men since they cannot create value.

    Ford knew that he couldn’t make money, in the long term, unless his people were making money.

  3. We have been saying this from the get go. The way to put an end to the speculators trying to get a rise out of Apple, is the same as you react to a troll. Ignore them. If Cook caves one iota more, he is done. Once you give an inch they wont stop. There is no appeasement.

    1. Actually, I gotta disagree with you on this one. A large part of the reason this is happening is because Tim Cook is perceived as quiet and meek, and Apple’s silence has gone a long way to reinforce that. I’m not sure how ignoring them will help Apple or Cook.

      Then again, making a big, decisive statement that he’s not going to give them an inch may not go well either. He’s in a tough spot.

        1. Huge losses? At no fault to Apple. The Apple money machine keeps on making money, and putting cash in the bank. Just because AAPL, the stock, is unpredictable and unreliable doesn’t mean that Apple, the company, is.

          1. It may not be Apple’s fault, but it certainly does take a lot of guts to stick with AAPL as the share prices slide. I only just started dabbling with the stock market about this time last year, and rode Apple from about $580 all the way up … and stuck with it all the way down to where it is today. It’s been tough, and every time I think AAPL will turn around, it just plummets further. It’s pretty rattling, and I can only imagine how much worse it is for the people who aren’t just dabbling in it.

            Again, it’s not Apple or Cook’s fault, and Apple isn’t doing anything wrong to warrant where AAPL stands today. But it’s tough to deal with for investors.

  4. Can anyone reasonably doubt that keeping quiet would be extremely difficult for anyone in Tim Cook’s position—ravaged by piranha, taunted by mental midgets, targeted by unscrupulous schemers?

    It does NOT appear as though he’s nervous about losing his job, or worried about his company’s “declining” fortunes, or tempted to rush out some product just to gain face.

    It DOES appear that he has enough trump cards in his hand to win the match. Apple’s secret arsenal remains at his disposal.

    1. Yup. They have a long-term business plan… many years into the future. And yet the stock doesn’t reflect that… it changes on a daily basis. There’s an unhealthy disconnection between what stockholders are thinking the company is doing, and what the company is actually doing… investing in the long-term.

  5. “Apple news coverage since September that there has been a concerted media effort to bring the world’s most profitable tech company to its knees … These snakes are just trying to get their slimy fingers into Apple’s cookie jar,”

    Theory doesn’t make much sense.

    Only way to make money from the cookie jar via dividends is to OWN stock. Why would anyone knock the stock price down so much to get dividends?

    Hedge funds want to lose billions to get millions back in dividends?
    I think most investors would rather the stock be at 700 or 1000 rather than a few cents or at most a few bucks more per share for increase in dividends.

    Right now of course funds are screaming for dividends as they have lost so much money, they:

    1) want to make back a little bit of money (out of the huge amounts they have lost)
    2) think that the stock will go UP (as more dividend investors and funds will buy the stock. Aapl is now at the low range of dividend providers and upping the dividend range will increase its attractiveness)

    I DO believe there are manipulators who are giving negative fud like short traders . But short traders aren’t interested in dividends as they are selling the stock.

    Of course the writer is correct that Samsung and Google etc spread a lot of negative FUD around as well.

    the big problem now and which is allowing the manipulators free range is that Apple in Not Fighting Back with a good P.R campaign. When Forbes, NYT, CNBC, Reuters keep a barrage of negative apple FUD news (“lost innovation to samsung” “losing market share” etc) apple PR isn’t mounting a defence. When Rim had a questionable call from an analyst firm about low Z10 sales it straight away complained to the Canadian Govt and the SEC (how many analysts would want to tangle with rim now?) , Google spends huge amounts of effort on no-money android PR (execs and full time ‘evangelists’ talk incessantly about it’s ‘success’ ) and it stock recently hit a 52 week high.

  6. tim cook can ‘stand strong’ all he wants but his staying in his job isn’t up to him but the shareholders (who elect the Board who hire and fire the CEO).

    so right now its whether the majority of the shareholders want Tim or Not. (Funds hold over 70% of apple stock).

    The Golden Goose Jobs is gone. Tim is the Bronze Goose: still good but not Gold.
    so do they want him? I can’t see any Silver Geese around though… (and probably will never see another Jobs in my lifetime)

    (my thinking is that Elop, Ballmer etc are Clay Geese… )

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