Purported iPad 5 rear shell reveals new form factor (with photo)

“I have to admit, I hadn’t heard of case maker Tactus until last week, but in the space of just a few days it has published an unveiling date and specifications for the fifth-generation iPad, the plastic casing for Apple’s rumored low-cost iPhone, and now the fifth-generation iPad’s new aluminum shell,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac.

“Although there’s no way of confirming this shell is genuine — it could have been manufactured by a third-party company building fakes — it looks pretty convincing to us,” bell reports. “As expected, it looks just like a bigger version of the iPad mini’s rear shell.”

Bell reports, “The shell is narrower than previous 9.7-inch iPads, but it won’t hold a smaller display. Instead, the new iPad will likely have thinner bezels down either side of its screen, just like the iPad mini, which will allow its body to become more compact. It’ll also be significantly thinner than previous models, thanks to an IGZO display, Tactus claims.”

Purported iPad 5 Rear Shell

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    1. I agree. If it folded or added a keyboard or a completely different size, maybe you could call it a new ‘form factor’, but this is still a 10″ tablet. Slightly updated shape and design, not a new form factor.

    2. It is an example of jargon and it is an attempt on the part of the writer to exclude the average joe from understanding. The term is correctly used in forestry to describe the ratio of the volume of tree to a regularly shaped body of the same height and base. The writer should have used the word shape as you said.

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