Tim Cook: The (Negative) $250,000,000,000 man

“In order to understand the magnitude of Apple’s loss in market cap, you really need write it out: $250,000,000,000 – the amount of share holder value that has been lost under Tim Cook at Apple (AAPL) over the past 8 months,” Bill Shamblin writes for Seeking Alpha.

“As a close observer of Apple (and a share holder), it’s difficult to describe the frustration of the last 8 months. On the one hand, here is a company, that by most measures, is performing exceedingly well, after all Apple is the most profitible company, In The World,” Shamblin writes. “Now consider this – Apple earns the majority of the global profits in personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers and mobile applications. Yet the company has lost over 40% of its value.”

Shamblin writes, “While Mr. Cook has shown indications of “being his own man” with the announcement of a dividend and stock buyback in 2012, it appears the current CEO doesn’t fully appreciate the extent to which market perception has shifted for Apple… It is time for Mr. Cook to demonstrate leadership by addressing this uncertainty head-on. Any short term rebound in Apple stock price is likely contingent on Tim Cook’s willingness to embrace company policies that are far removed from ‘What Steve Would Have Done.’ Right now the market is communicating clearly that it doesn’t trust Mr. Cook’s leadership. It is time for Mr. Cook to demonstrate to all of us why the market is wrong.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Funny, we didn’t hear anybody complaining about Tim Cook last September as Apple went parabolic nearly a year after Steve Jobs’ death. Patience, padawans; not much longer now.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Mark T.” for the heads up.]


  1. Not much longer before what, MDN? before another 6% drop in value to a shareholder base that has been left out in the cold? What will your cherished Cook day on tues? Will he tell us to be patient again? Will he tell us that they don’t comment on future products? Will they say that they are considering a dividend hike but they haven’t decided yet?

    1. “here is a company [Apple], that by most measures, is performing exceedingly well, after all Apple is the most profitible company, In The World,” Shamblin writes. “Now consider this – Apple earns the majority of the global profits in personal computers, smartphones, tablet computers and mobile applications.”

      The value of any equity is a function of the market. Cook is responsible for the performance of the Company. By the author’s own statement above, it appears quite obvious that Cook is performing at the top of anybody’s game. He is not responsible for the buying/selling decisions of investors. Period. Get a fscking life.

        1. Tim Cook isn’t a monkey on a leash who needs to perform tricks to amuse assholes like you. The problem is manipulation by unscrupulous and incompetent jerkoffs who influence dipshits like you.

          1. No, but when he goes on national TV and says “Don’t bet against us” and in less than 6 months aapl loses almost 50% of its market cap, you can’t call it WallSt manipulation. Only that TC has failed as a CEO to manage investors expectations. To me, that is fraud. Either, you stay quiet or when you say something, you’d better back it up. He’s the CEO for God’s sake!

            1. Anonymous Coward ‘KFT’: I’ve been calling it ‘MANIPULATION’ since it began, and providing facts (as well as cruel insults) to back up my statement. I’ve also been suggesting, as MDN has, to just sit back and watch the fireworks. This show is FAR from over.

              And no, CEOs are NOT in charge of fighting manipulative deceit perpetrated by manipulative parasites. CEOs ARE in charge of maintaining the quality and integrity of their company IN SPITE OF bad PR perpetrated by the truly FRAUDULENT.

              IOW: You’re just another sucker of the manipulation game.

            2. KFT, ?? is that you GM??

              “No, but when he goes on national TV and says “Don’t bet against us” and in less than 6 months aapl loses almost 50% of its market cap, you can’t call it WallSt manipulation.”
              —- So, do you think he took the money some where and hid it??? Apple is making 60+% of the WORLDS PROFIT in computers, smart phones and tablets. Exactly how do you think he is hurting the company???

              ” Only that TC has failed as a CEO to manage investors expectations.”
              —- Not investors expectations, speculators greed. Kill the golden goose for that one last early egg. Anything for a buck.

              “To me, that is fraud. Either, you stay quiet or when you say something, you’d better back it up. He’s the CEO for God’s sake!”
              —- yes and of course the CEO is like God. He can wave his hands and the greedy criminals on wall street just bow…… /s

              To the wise here, I agree that Tim Cook and Apple are doing great. To the trolls, and anti-Apple, and those who only read the headline for their knowledge, ……… you are wrong..

              Yes, it would be nice for Apple stock to be riding $1000 but in a world where Amazon sells Billions and only makes a few millions profit (you know, actual money you can spend) and yet their stock is thru the roof, well if they get negative press, they will fall from a huge height and very quickly. They, and others, are “Darlings of the Press” at the moment. Just a thought.


            3. Very good Point – eldernorm

              And the CEO – TIM blows off Scott – because he is abrasive to the all mighty Jony Ives? You think Tim can handle those two kids or not? His solution was weak. Firing Scott was dead wrong. He fired Scott in fear of Scott becoming CEO. People think the flowery British talker who is heavily influenced by all things design is the second coming? Tim should have kept quiet also about Maps; better, yet posted it as beta like Siri.

              Maps was an embarrassment and Tim handled it with the wrong type of apology. He blamed his team, and not himself.
              Tim pulls in a hefty pay cheque and amazing stock options. He helped raise Apples value JUST as MUCH as any other top member… Again Apple is ALL ABOUT iOS… and its slipping away to Android. iOS might be the better os… but just as Windows was to Mac – there is nothing Android can not do that iOS can. The longer Android is allowed to live – Apple is in trouble. Tim needs to take full responsibility here. He got Apple way up high… and it is True he has also contributed to the Negative) $250,000,000,000 ALSO.

            4. Apple isn’t losing ANYTHING to android. I am tired of this false refrain. Android is losing to itself. Fragmentation, carrier customizations rubbing out Google. Samsung is the only Android handset maker making money and they are hard at work on their own OS so they can dump Android.

              The manipulators at work on Apple share price share responsibility for this fud. By all available and reasonable metrics this is a bald-faced lie.

              Apple is making the money, Third party devs prefer to build apps for iOS because it is the ONLY profitable way for them develop mobile apps. The kids all still want Apple devices. iPad is crushing all other tablets. No way iOS is slipping. NONE. iOS will outlive windows, iCal it.

            5. let me explain TRUTH
              “and its slipping away to Android”

              – the fact that ANDROID is allowed to function anything like iOS is wrong
              – the fact that ANDROID has copied iOS so closely is wrong
              – the fact that ANDROID is given away freely is wrong
              – the fact that ANDROID is even allowed to exist is wrong.
              – the fact that ANDROID is implanted on phones looking like Apples is wrong

              The longer these things REMAIN wrong the more we ignore them and allow them to stay as the norm

              YEAH i agree TRUTH that Android will eventually kill itself – yet understand my point before you jump to conclusions.
              Android should never have been allowed to be born. ITS a completely stolen product. I so agree with Steven Jobs on this. Apple should do far more nuking and destructiveness legal and hard to eliminate Android… if not – it grows.

              Samsung hard at work to have its own os – They bought WebOS. No matter what any company does Microsoft, Rim, HTC, Palm, Nokia whomever – iPhone is the standard – the MODEL — iOS will be mimicked and copied and challenged right to the very edge of legality. Samsung will not innovate beyond iOS but again copy how iPhone functions….

              and here is why IT should not be allowed.

              Apples Stand is that HARDWARE and SOFTWARE are both needed ingredients to this revolutionary Phone. The technological advancements of Multi-Touch hardware and patents of USER input Muti-Touch gestures WERE HARNESSED and innovated together by Apple both on hardware and software levels as a UNIFYING product that was first to MARKET. One without the other just can not be. And the product was the renewal of a phone that housed a music player and a internet browser. A unification of technologies and on ONE particular device. Eliminating the keyboard clearly marks the approach Apple took.

              And in this NO other OS and PHONE (hardware and software) combination should mimic APPLES device what so ever.
              IT just should not be allowed… what has been created by Google is not competition – its stolen IP.

            6. i agree with you TRUTH — slipping away does not actually mean losing to Android – it implies that the longer Android is allowed to coexist it becomes an option for the masses… an option a CHOICE that just should not be allowed to be SELECTABLE. For if not eliminated the idea that IT (Android) did no WRONG will stay in the minds of those who wanted choice. So its the legal ramifications that are SLIPPING away from Apple over the rights iOS should rightfully have.

        2. funny thing…did SJ pay that much attention to the investor base? I don’t think so.
          The point here is that for whatever reason the ‘investor base’ woke up to the fact that SJ was gone, dead and buried and that the RDF could be experiencing a slight hiccup or two.

          1. Steve Jobs cared greatly about the stock price. He would have been a fool had he not. It’s what kept his company going. So of course he cared about the stock price. You can be sure that he knew what the price was every day. He was the CEO, of course he paid attention to the financials. And he damn well knew how much he needed a profitable successful company to keep building great products. He just didn’t show it in public. Quite the opposite, he thumbed his nose at anyone who mentioned stock-price. But he was cantankerous and hard to get along with with almost everybody about almost everything anyway. It was just his personality. Hey was in charge and if he wanted to act that way he could. And he did. Tim Cook does not have that type of a personality. Obviously. But you can bet that just like Steve Jobs, Tim Cook is well aware of the stock-price every day. He’s the CEO and it’s his job. Steve Jobs was the driving force behind the product that Apple made. Tim Cook is not. Tim Cook is more of a numbers and production line guy. Steve Jobs was volatile while Tim Cook is quiet and reserved. But as CEO, both have been well aware of the share price of their company. It’s their job. Watch the CEO’s of other companies being interviewed. They too will act as though the share price doesn’t mean anything to them and their main focus is to lead their company. They all do the same thing. It’s not like Steve Jobs was the only one to act that way. He was just a little more cranky about it when he answered questions. If Steve Jobs or Tim Cook or any CEO were to say that they dwell on the stock price of their company it would give the impression that they are doing things just to inflate the stock. No CEO wants that impression out there. But they are all aware of this stock price of their company. If it fails their company fails. I have given Tim Cook a pass so far but my patience is wearing thin. There are things that he could do such as being more proactive with commercials. Promote the fact that Apple has the lions share of profits compared to its competitors. It’s not that he’s asleep at the wheel I just think that he should be trying to kick ass and take names once in a while. Do something Tim.

            1. GM, you are the most blatant LIAR. You can’t bother to provide a real name here at MDN. You can’t even bother to provide a working link any longer in your user account.

              GM’s credibility: Absolute Zero. Just as I’ve been saying all along.

              GM: just another loud mouth troll. 😛

            2. ABOUT DEREK:

              Creativity Technologist. I specialize in systems applied to computing, creativity, biology and human thought. In my spare time I write essays and fiction about the ramifications of the human mind never knowing everything about anything. Further favorite subjects: Mac computers, “DECEPTIVE TRUTH”, art, futurism, natural beauty and “TROLL TRAMPLING”. Politically I call myself a ‘Positive Anarchist’ in that I believe in maximum choice. But I also believe in maximum responsibility for our choices, therefore being positive as “OPPOSED TO IRRESPONSIBLE OR NEGATIVE”.

            3. Much of what GM says makes sense to me. I don’t think that he deserves to be called a troll. My guess would have been that SJ only (slightly) cared about the AAPL share price in the early years when Apple was on somewhat shaky ground and needed every indication of strength and confidence. Even then, I doubt that SJ worried about the stock price that much. The company was not attempting to raise money by issuing new stock and SJ rightly assumed that AAPL would eventually mirror the progress of the company.

              Share price does not directly affect day-to-day operations of a corporation. Unless a company is issuing new stock to raise money, using stock as part of an acquisition, or buying back stock, share price is not that important. However, the CEO and BoD do have a legal, fiduciary duty to the shareholders of the company, and share price matters to investors. That said, an Apple CEO would be a fool to manage for share price, especially in the short term.

              Apple did play a role in the recent decline of AAPL. For years Apple released lowball guidance and then routinely squashed it. This often made the ‘professional analysts’ look very bad in comparison to the amateurs. In addition, Apple has been (and continues to be) highly secretive, making it difficult to evaluate ongoing business activities or predict future revenues/profits. That leaves the door open to manipulation through speculation, rumor, and just plain FUD. Apple is taking some steps to address these issues, such as the use of a ‘guidance range.’ But that won’t stop the manipulation because volatility in share price (up or down) represents an opportunity for Wall Street to make money. Apple may need to consider making its operations a bit more transparent in ways that will not significantly benefit its competitors.

              I am not advocating an increased dividend, But raising the dividend would help to stabilize AAPL by attracting income investors looking for a steady stream of dividend payouts. That is not a bad thing as long as Apple retains sufficient earned income (even during downturns) to maintain R&D, push advanced technologies, grow its product lines, leverage economies of scale with its component suppliers, and maintain the ability to rapidly take advantage of investment opportunities supporting its core businesses. As far as I am concerned, excess cash beyond those needs can be returned to the shareholders in some logical fashion. I personally favor increasing the planned level of AAPL stock buyback If the dividend on AAPL is increased, then I am just going to reinvest those dividends in AAPL, anyway. My AAPL is in a Roth IRA retirement account, so there are no dividend tax consequences for me. Either way (fewer AAPL shares at a higher price or more AAPL shares at a somewhat lower price) works for me.

            4. “I have given Tim Cook a pass so far but my patience is wearing thin.”

              You are nothing but an opportunistic FUDscum shorting gambler.
              “Your patience is wearing thin”?!

              By your own words you haven’t owned Apple stock in years, you short or ride the pump as the wind blows and anything you have to say here, depends on your position and agenda of the day. Steve Jobs wouldn’t even spit on you and if you think he dissed Brian Lam, that would be a compliment for you.

              There’s nothing Apple like about you and as evident by your ratings and feedback posts here, every long time Apple afflictions do, investor and fan, despises you and thinks the same.

              Your patience is wearing thin? Who the hell are you, what are you gonna do except instigate FUD and negativity??

              Take your paid interests to the toilet misfit, look for some friends.

              Your opinion matters not one iota here.

            5. Looks like you’re exposed FUD Troll.

              You aren’t invested you’re sitting on a big short, trying to stir shit o. Tim Cook, but those who know him and Apple, also know an imposter…GM you is an Imposter!

      1. @gregg – you hit the nail on the head. As are many commenting here.

        Apple is performing well. How much of that is TC’s direct innovative leadership and doing I don’t think anyone on the outside of Apple can truly know.

        Perhaps much of what Apple is doing was prescribed by Steve for example.

        Even if not, I think if we all take a step back, take every thing we can know and see about Apple, as if for the first time, I think one would conclude that there only thing out of sync that could be effecting the stock in such an unsuspected and financially/performance way has to be that Steve is simply a very, if not impossible, act to follow – personality wise.

        How else can you explain all the earnings, cash on hand, iPad Mini success, etc. and lose 44%?

        Sadly TC doesn’t begin to exude the vibe, excitement, iconoclast(ism), ego, uniqueness, mercurial(ism), strength, good boy/bad boy, etc. of Steve. And we ALL seem to miss him tremendously. Certainly investors do.

        Life under Steve was always unpredictable, and even though we didn’t alway like his king like decrees, and frustrations, he was such a powerhouse, we trusted him and dare I say even applauded him. After Steve is well known for believing he knew better what we needed/wanted than we did.

        In comparison to life with Steve, TC comes across, in a word, boring. And the investors are scared. Or.. Bored. Buying Apple was exciting. And had a lot to do with in vesting in Steve. Now it’s a numbers game like most stocks without the powerful emotional component of investing in Steve.

        I don’t “feel” (and I believe emotions are the issue here) that TC can pull out of this. He is not the public performer, enigma that Steve was.

        Investors are expressing they miss Steve. Limited sat this may be for investing money, how else do you explain it. Not to mention the shorting and other strategic stock manipulations of course.

        The first time I heard TC speak, which granted was unfairly early, I knew the stock was in trouble, because I was so unmoved, unmotivated, bored by TC’s presentation, lack of power, maverick factor and excitement. Yawn.

        It’s really unfortunate for TC, but he’s in an impossible position where the adage “hard act to follow” was never a better example.

    2. Someone is bitter they lost some money off their shares. It’s called the stock market not “dependable money at your feet.” Really, you think a major tech company with tons of cash is just going to be like, lets not create anything. And maybe you should follow several tech companies to get you sugar fix you seem to have on new products. Look at blackmagic, look at gopro3, look at tesla. There is plenty of innovation going on that the masses can get excited about.

        1. Thank you for the link. We’ve watched botnet-like retribution responses to bad Samsung press consistently over the past couple years. It’s to the point of hilarity.
          😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

          Samsung: Yes, we’re laughing at your diabolical master plan. 😛

          1. As an Anarchist – one who believes in bring about anarchy, eh Derek.

            You enjoy chaos.
            You thrive on the deception of truths.
            You represent maximum choice and freedom of speech.

            Though I agree with you, you point to Wall Street as part of the the problem. Again I agree, with your view, calling Samsung thieves and dirty bastards.

            You oppose irresponsibility and negativity – however – that makes you what according to your own description????

            No, you are not a positive anarchist. On the contrary; you are a hypocrite to your own representation.

            ABOUT DEREK:

            Creativity Technologist. I specialize in systems applied to computing, creativity, biology and human thought. In my spare time I write essays and fiction about the ramifications of the human mind never knowing everything about anything. Further favorite subjects: Mac computers, “DECEPTIVE TRUTH”, art, futurism, natural beauty and “TROLL TRAMPLING”. Politically I call myself a ‘Positive Anarchist’ in that I believe in maximum choice. But I also believe in maximum responsibility for our choices, therefore being positive as “OPPOSED TO IRRESPONSIBLE OR NEGATIVE”.

            the creative thief – master plotter of diabolical fudge – yet an all round intelligent guy – we once knew as… the “Zune” lover

            1. You enjoy chaos.

              No. What I enjoy is taking advantage of that great gift to us here on Earth: CHOICE. I then draw the line at RESPONSIBLE CHOICE. – Keep in mind this is only an idea residing inside a human mind and is therefore open for questioning at all times.

              That makes me what I call a ‘Positive Anarchist’ as opposed to the bezerkers (my spelling) and nihilists and so on who insist upon making choices that destroy and create nothing of value, what I call the ‘Negative Anarchists’.

              How one enforces such a system is the big question. How we humans define ‘positive’ is philosophical. How we encourage ‘positive’ while dealing with the incomprehensibly wide range of choices is, IMHO, beyond the ability of we humans at this point in our evolution.

              Therefore, this is an ideal, a goal, a point of view that is helpful in my personal thinking. That’s about all it’s worth.

              As for ‘the “Zune” lover’, would that I could take credit as ZuneTang®. But I can’t. I think that’s what you were driving at. There is ANOTHER in our midst to whom we much pay homage…

  2. I find it amusing yet disturbing that Wall St does not ever acknowledge where they blame really blame. Wall St. Where value lies not on the merit of a company, but on daily manipulation by they themselves.
    The blame on Tim further plays the game. Pretty disgusting but I guess that just life in the big city.

  3. There is nothing Tim Cook could’ve done to prevent that steep decline. Even if Apple released any new blockbuster products, they’d be discounted as the last vestiges of Steve before he passed. It might have only delayed the inevitable. Tim can’t prove his leadership to doubters until years from now when we see production that doesn’t have Steve’s fingerprints. When the ship is still steady, the products still remarkable, the profits still large and the fan base still fully committed to the company we adore, only then will the naysayers be forced to swallow their pessimism. Time is the only thing that can prove the market wrong.

  4. Be careful what you wish for, discontents.

    Steve handpicked Cook not because of Cook’s ability to design, create or inspire. He picked him for two reasons: First, he is a production genius and you need one at the top to tackle the demand of building millions of devices per year.

    Second, and this is the most important, Cook doesn’t have the desire to be Jobs. He understands the need for Ive (and many others) and will give them what they need to do their jobs and for the most part get out of the way.

    Which brings me to my final point: Apple doesn’t need the share price to be at any particular number to have the means to do what they want or think is right. The stock number is disconnected from day to day operations in every meaningful way regarding design, production and paying the bills. When you have more than $100 billion in cash, you don’t have to worry as much about your company’s market value.

    Now, the only way that the stock price has meaning for Cook and Co. is that the shareholders do have the power to get pissed and disrupt the leadership. That would be terrible. The day that happens, the company really has lost value (not just the b.s. outside manipulation of the stock price).

    I’m with MDN. The fear and bs is now figured into the stock price, and when Apple reports great numbers and then also introduces something inspiring down the road (watch, television, software improvements) it will move steadily back up to previous heights.

    If you bought at $700, though, all my words probably don’t mean much. If you’re long Apple, though, weather the storm.

    1. Steve hand picked Cook — yeah yeah yeah heard a million times over – One Steve was extremely sick. Cook at the time was the right man – and quite possibly still is… yet THIS IS NOW… no one would have thought this situation, Wall Street seems it would rather invest in OVER SEAS then in AMERICAN companies. Cook has a manufacturing and supply issue plus an economy pulling back also. Is TIm right for this? HE has no experience in being a CEO specifically for this situation and NO OTHER CEO does also. The Apple TEAM not only needs to innovate in a super tight economy BUT needs the ENTIRE team to remain on course and push Apple forward as a TEAM not let them flee.

      ANDROID ELIMINATION is key. Google must be forced to kill the robot. Unfortunately the legal issues will drag on… but the manufacturing troubles first need to be solved. Asia will continue to back lash Apple and reduce its popularity anyways possible.

        1. Steve picked many amazing people.
          Scott As well… but Tim blew him off.

          And… your point is… ???? “because Steve says so”?
          As Steve said… Apple isn’t perfect.

  5. Tim cook has been head of the mac computers division ( CEO of the mac division) since 2005 , you know has the mac got better or has the mac got worse since 2005 ?

    Cus I think it’s got a whole lot better, this has been down to tim cooks management of the mac division
    I know that some people don’t believe in tim cook because he is just an operations guy. But he has proved in the past that he can lead.

    Hopefully he can become the best CEO of the best company in the world.

  6. The real value Tim Cook has created is still there. With a market cap of either $400 billion or $700 billion, the market wasn’t recognizing the actual value he’s created in Apple.

    Eventually the market will recognize what’s right there in the company and catch up.

  7. Apple is in trouble. No doubt about it.
    However, in this crazy economy what company is not in trouble?

    Apple takes the pressures that it never had before. A world leading company which owns no manufacturing plant. It designs and farms its concepts out. And gathers supplies from Asia plus gets Asia to assemble. The low cost of production and a high price point earns Apple great profit. Now, introduce TROUBLES with the supply chain and manufacturing and you got Tim Cook in the bag. His best partnership was Samsung; who back stabbed him. Other Asian handset makers are assembling also where Apple gets its devices done. We got conflict. Before when iPhone was the only game in town… the assembly company Foxconn had a deep entrenched contract to Apple. The competitors with Android all are into Foxconn too and want their devices built too. Its time Apple builds a factory. Make it near home. Build it and people shall come. If its going to be Mexico then do it. And do it while you still have the money Apple.

    Jony Ives is not the answer but part of the equation. Design is full of influences and refinements – Jony is not a God. He is however a critical and extremely needed member who clearly understands the Apple vision and expresses and all too flowery passion for the simplicity Apple evokes. Possibly a very good CEO. But to have had his weight push Scott out of the picture… a truly other critical member was wrong and poor leadership on Cooks part.

    Cook has reached a boiling point. He is passionless in his presentations. No matter what he says or does – he has been himself and let us see. I hope he has enough strength to step down… he knows he is not right for this position. Solve the supply chain Cook or leave.
    Because if not the company will continue to lose more talented engineers and people who lead also Apple into the Apple Inc. years. Its not Apple computer anymore… its all about iOS.

    1. Correction – Apple is NOT in trouble, just the share prices are enigmatic. Apple is just fine, thank you. It’s exactly this lack of distinction that has done just about all of the perceptual damage we’re now dealing with. There’s not a damn think wrong with Apple – Wall Street on the other hand…

      1. No Mr. Peabody, no one, not even Apple is unaffected in this economy. You are seriously wrong. Trouble effects all. Trouble does not mean Apple has done wrong… THAT IS THE distinction here. You confuse WRONG with TROUBLE.

            1. Silverhawk1 is no troll. Been on here a long time.

              And Apple’s growth ACCELERATED during the last global economic meltdown. So I don’t think a company pulling in about a billion dollars of PROFIT each WEEK is in trouble, or will be any time soon.

            2. Overall, the one thing I am sure of is, SilverHawk1 doesn’t need you to be his advocate.

              I have been here providing comments probably just as long as you have AND maybe longer than SilverHawk1.

              I make comments here – not to insult or to get personal. My identity is not important. And no matter how long anyone has been on MDN it doesn’t grant them any more rights over anyone else.

              If he wishes to think I am a troll – let him. He is entitled to have an opinion – as am I. After all, this is where free expression and thought is permitted correct? I am committed being against -Android my belief is its far too close a rendition of iOS that should never have been allowed to see the light. A Frankenstein robot – poor judgement by Google to gain advertising leverage.

              On the other hand,
              You and SilverHawk1 do make some great points, yet, I still am not fully convinced. The present tech-sector market has been a decelerated one – NOT of growth. It’s still fine times for Apple perhaps but they are not UNAFFECTED. The times are troubled for all. It varies. The economic meltdown you describe is the same one as now – Its been continuing incredibly slowly – spreading and entrenching deep effecting all sectors of various businesses.

              My focus was pertaining to Apple solving its supply chain issues? And if they can handle another Samsung upset (regarding a back stabbing partner like Samsung)? Beyond that, no one company is unaffected by the global economy, not even Apple. Samsung and Google, sadly are still earning profits too, though I believe they shouldn’t.

  8. Yes, Tim, you really need to communicate. Look, dude, I’ll explain that for you:

    Half of the stock price is making great products. As far as I know, you do. I really love all my Apple stuff, and I will not mention the overdue new MacPro this time, promised. But the other half is communication, and this is not meant to be just advertisements but talk to the people. Show your face and talk, this is part of your job, Tim!

    To give you an example: When for the last time you had invited some Apple fans (your most loyal customers!) oder Apple bloggers (also – very loyal, even if they are critic) to your office in Cupertino just to talk for 60 minutes about all issues Apple. Oh – never? I see.

    Or, another example: Why there has been no announcement since so many months? Is there nothing new to show? No new iWork suite (yes, 09 is over!), no new MacPro, no preview to OSX or iOS? No nothing for a full quarter and more? You can’t show all stuff in June! You should have someting each quarter, this is the way it goes when you loke to be listed at Wallstreet.

    Last example for today: Why there is no video blog on apple.com. Only 15 or 30 minutes each month, Tim or anybody from the Apple leaders answers questions they got by email from the users. You even can select them, but communicate.

    You should not sit in a silent bunker. We all know you are hard working – but we miss your voice!

    1. You really think so? Did SJ do this stuff? If he did then great, and yes, communication is good. But, I find that much of the expectations for TC were never placed on SJ, and SJ never did most of things that many people now expect TC to do, and be. Weird. It is a public relations issue, but somehow, and please dear lord without the help of Wall Street, the investing public needs to understand that Apple is in great shape. Period.

      1. Yes, Apple is in great shape BUT again NOT unaffected by the economy nor the negativity that is going on. Nor is Apple unaffected by how Asia plays all this out. Apple needs factories, it can not depend on re-creating alliances each time one back stabs them. Great shape compared to all other companies YES. BUt do not be delusional here TROUBLE is what all companies are in at the moment. And if Wall Street is going to invest in overseas they then will be sorry too. Trouble is TROUBLE – not Apple doing wrong.

        iOS Maps was not the blunder the press made it all out to be. Cook should have let the fog pass and say nothing. Let it remain like Siri and iron its first public appearance out. Instead he fires a key person and apologies for Maps. Stupidity. IS he not the CEO. than MAPS is his own fault. Leader of what. Final Cut X, Siri, Maps, the iPhone 4s antenna, iTunes — whats going on? Apple is not perfect. BUt it is seeing troubles. AND mostly the need for ASIAN assemblers to provide PARTS and BUILDING of more advices. As more competitors take on APPLE – those contracts must be filled and Apple will either wait or need to fined else where. TROUBLE ok PEABODY.

  9. The stock market is like a casino in which the vast majority of those gambling hope to get in on the action by running from one game to another, based on how loudly “purported” winners at a particular game are yelling about their winnings.

    And, yes, that is an analogy, however… gambling is exactly what is going on.

  10. Wall street will never be happy with any CEO who isn’t actively working to destroy a company and line their pockets for them.

    Screw the street. They stand for the absolute worst in business principals.

  11. No doubt Tim Cook had some help destroying Apple’s share values. Unrealistic rumor mongering, stupidity, and ignorance from outsiders, including Apple fanbois, played a significant part. Don’t expect government to make idiocy illegal, this would result in at least 80% of elected officials being incarcerated.

  12. Holding Tim Cook solely responsible for the fall in AAPL value is absurd. The stock market operates on two human emotions — it’s driven upwards by greed and downwards by fear, and can gain considerable momentum in both directions. AAPL was over-hyped (and not by Tim Cook or anybody else at Apple) and rose to far, too fast. Now it has probably over-corrected. Nothing in that wild ride had much to do with Apple’s governance. They’re still a highly profitable company building great products with every indication of more in the pipeline.

  13. How the hell does a company do well, very well, and lose share value – and with product that everyone is still trying to capitalize on by copying it, all the way back to MS?

    I really think way too much deification of SJ, combined with way too much need to see Apple fail with TC as the scapegoat, has just twisted the real value of Apple stock into an irreconcilable mess. I mean yeah, if Apple stays in the market place for ten more years, and we all don’t bail (not likely), we’ll probably realize some actual medium-term, steady growth, but it really did not have to be this way if only 90% of the so-called analysts, 99% of whom do to actually have any real predictive powers in the real world,(just way too much influence on semi-educated get-rich-quick investors), would STFU.

    I mean, have I got one of the bottom lines here? Help me out, cause happy thoughts, and gee-whiz-kids-it’s-just-around-the-corner, isn’t doing it for me.

    And yes, I admit it, I’m one the “semi-educated-get-rich-quick investors. But, I have chosen not to follow the contrived trends that the nay-sayers would have us follow, and I have been a buyer and user of Apple products since the beginning of Apple time, and remain so simply because I prefer, hands down, all of their computing products compared to anything else that is out there. That simple.

    1. Yes you make some very good points – but with BAD press and WALL STREET looking the other way, plus a TROUBLED economy!!!! Do you ASIAN manufacturing of PCs and TABLETs are happy? Everything Apple is selling but no one else’s.
      ASIA builds all the toys and if those toys do not sell… then what? They don’t want Apple to succeed. And Wall Street is too stupid to trust its own proven golden boy APPLE.


        1. Derek you are an intelligent guy and yet you claim I am a troll?
          A silly one at that… lol 🙂
          Lets see you back up your statements. Prove I am a troll.

          Where have I indicated that I am one ( a trollie pooh ) ?
          Because NOT ONLY have you shouted back in fun;
          you have done it in a louder tone – typographically set in BOLD.
          Well stated BTW. 🙂

          Do you believe Apple is untouchable, Derek?
          Derek, do you think Apple has no troubles at all?
          Do you feel Apple is above the global market and economy?

          You point out lots of Apple security issues and complain about no documentation… all for good and understood reasons.

          a) Apple has been losing some really amazing people.
          b) Apple is losing stock value at the same time it is earning well.
          c) Cook doesn’t seem to be able to stir the investors interest.
          d) There has been some really poor judgements by Cook.

          Manipulation or not… are you avoiding the facts? Don’t. Or are you in the mind set that everything is against Apple at the monument – that its all FUD? Business is a game. The stocks are apart of that bigger game. Apple is not playing well.

          ABOUT DEREK:

          Creativity Technologist. I specialize in systems applied to computing, creativity, biology and human thought. In my spare time I write essays and fiction about the ramifications of the human mind never knowing everything about anything. Further favorite subjects: Mac computers, “DECEPTIVE TRUTH”, art, futurism, natural beauty and “TROLL TRAMPLING”. Politically I call myself a ‘Positive Anarchist’ in that I believe in maximum choice. But I also believe in maximum responsibility for our choices, therefore being positive as “OPPOSED TO IRRESPONSIBLE OR NEGATIVE”.

          You are a creative writer.
          Must be an intelligent guy.
          Do you think this blog is valid credentials as to whom you are?

          Are you responsible for your own words?
          Telling those who state their own opinions and comments that they are trolls and liars?
          Is this not NEGATIVE behaviour Derek?
          I have read your views – and most cases you are rather descent.

          Does it give you great pleasure to Point Fingers at who you THINK is a troll.

          Are you telling me this is the real you and you actually promote yourself from these blogs. Do you acquire employment from such postings? I have no doubt you are a cleaver guy. Being so, why not CHALLENGE yourself as you claim to be more creative… rather than steal the Simpsons radioactive fish imagery – or sourcing out the links to your opinions. I for one can decide if I believe what i read, hear or see. I typically enjoy most your comments here – I think you are a valued reader. And you do share many great macintosh knowledge to others. As you say, “Part of my life’s manifesto is to share that joy with others.”



          Be careful Derek, the enemy ears are listening.
          And careful on using imagery you have no rights in using.

          as a few examples – beyond the simpsons fish – from a free thinking free creative spirit – a rebel a “Positive Anarchist”… danger will robinson !!!
          Your siding with the likes of Google-ism. Google too feels they are Positive Anarchist – promoting freedom of choice in terms of Android.

          pc world – &w=580&h=388&ei=Q451UY_dGpKBqQGB6IBQ&zoom=1&ved=1t:3588,r:45,s:0,i:229&iact=rc&dur=523&page=2&tbnh=184&tbnw=251&start=27&ndsp=32&tx=88&ty=53


          A troll… Samsung is a Troll. Why would I say that.
          Well, in the same regards as one using the creativity of others…
          I will not call you a troll – because – I am not in any opinion to really worry about what you think.

          Thats one of the greatest things about the human mind, the ability to decide – understand – make corrections — re-think — change your mind – IT ALL ABOUT growing, learning and accepting.

    2. I don’t care if you are an investor or a fan… however I am happy you are willing to go against the grain “Think Different” on the stocks trends and be patient.

      Apple Inc. is playing with the investors and Wall Street. They are not happy – most don’t even understand Apple… happy you do.

      Nevertheless, trouble comes in a variety of ways. No one stone is left unturned. Apple will survive. Apple will remain Apple and things will get more positive. I don’t have the answers… perhaps a manufacturing plant would help. Perhaps bring closer to home. Perhaps buying out some of the competition. Or perhaps winning more legal actions to truly pave the wrong doing that Android has done. iPhone and iOS is a major world changing product. It still is successful and and doing wonderful. However No competition should be as close as Android is. Its been far too easy for Samsung to profit – they did nothing. They been using Apples recipe far too long. A partner who stabs another in the back as Samsung did… Apple should have attempted to buy them out long ago OWNING every Samsung device and doubling Apples profit. And still remaining the TWO names. Wall Street… do they want to invest in Samsung? Why?

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