Early version of Google Glass not fully functional when used with Apple iPhone

“Google this week began shipping its Glass smart eyewear to app developers. The company also revealed that the widely anticipated device will not be fully functional when paired with an iPhone,” Salvador Rodriguez reports for The Los Angeles Times.

“A sentence at the bottom of the webpage describing the specs for the glasses says the device, or at least the early ‘Explorer Edition’ being shipped to developers, must be connected to an Android phone running the MyGlass app to send text messages and use GPS,” Rodriguez reports. “The app is not available for Apple devices, and as such iPhone users will not be able to use their $1,500 Glass to send texts or have GPS functionality. Other features such as phone calls, video chats and Google searches will still work with an iPhone.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Eventually they’ll have an app for iOS for those who wish to store illicit spy photos and videos on a secure platform. You know, before Google Glass is banned in your state or country.

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  1. Exactly how “illicit” is it when it’s SO obvious that one is wearing these glasses? The camera isn’t exactly hidden is it?

    Oh, and they forgot to mention that you can only take 10 seconds of video before you have to tap glasses again to take more. Again, watching someone tap their glasses every 10 seconds isn’t exactly “illicit”, is it?

  2. Oh, and I can’t wait to hear how many car & bicycle accidents these things cause (not to mention people walking into things because they’re concentrating on their search results).

    I know, you can only wear these in a Google Car (which drives itself). Otherwise, I suggest everyone steer clear of people who wear these while driving…

  3. This site is one sided and frustrating, I will no long be using this site as a reference. I love Apple and all of there products, but this site is small minded.

    In relations to the artical, I bet whatever product creates as a competition to google glass will have its early problems as well.

    1. @Blow Job Mom
      Did you notice the word “Mac” in the URL? Of course this site is one sided. It’s about Apple-centric news. As for “small minded”, you should probably go check out Wired for all your late breaking tech news.

  4. You guys don’t get it.
    First thing I’m doing after I get mine is going to the movies.
    This is perfect for copying stuff right off the screen!
    No more waiting for DVDs!
    People, it’s a freaking movie camera!!

  5. I’m not dissing this because I’m Apple can but Google glasses seems to me to be more of a cool experiment of some sort. Will will be cool and wow people but the use longer term, I don’t know. The glasses itself is not that interesting and Apps, I don’t know what you need for Apps to your eyes and how useful or fun that would be but the technology itself is very interesting and could probably be used in the future and amusement parks like Disney, museums and so on for people to wear when they are there. Just like the google car won’t be anything substantial but the technology can come to use in so many other fields. Probably something they can lisence to other car manufacturers and other companies in the future.

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