Apple to announce markedly narrower, thinner, lighter next-gen iPad on June 18th, says source

“A new case mould showing of the fifth-generation iPad’s new design has surfaced today, alongside a date on which Apple will announce the device,” Killian Bell reports for Cult of Mac. “As expected, the mould points to an all-new thinner form factor for the device, with narrow bezels down either side of the display, much like the iPad mini.”

“The source of the mould claims the iPad 5 will be announced on June 18, which could see its unveiling during WWDC,” Bell reports. “The mould surfaced in the Far East, and was picked up by…. Comparing an fifth-generation iPad case (green) with a fourth-generation iPad case (blue), the device is set to be significantly narrower — thanks to those thinner bezels — while keeping the same 9.7-inch display.”

Bell reports, “The speakers will also move to the bottom of the device either side of the Lightning connector, just like the iPad mini. According to Tactus, the new iPad won’t just be narrower, but also ‘a lot thinner’ and lighter. It will be ‘close to what the iPad mini is in terms of depth.'”

Read more, and see the photos of the cases, in the full article here.

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  1. My Prediction:

    There will not be a retina iPad mini this year. Instead, there will simply be this much (MUCH) lighter and more portable iPad. The mini will get a major update to its chassis (think the original iPad versus the iPad 2) and possibly be even lighter as a result.

    People forget how good Apple is at making things smaller and lighter. Like when they released the iPod Nano and completely crushed the competition. I imagine they are going for the throat with their iPad releases this year.

    1. If they’re so great at making things lighter then they should be able to make a Retina iPad mini with more RAM, a more powerful processor and larger battery but at the same weight. I’d rather have that than a lighter device. The damn thing is already as light as a book.

  2. After the success of the mini, this iPad will do a LOT for the 9.7″ form factor. It will get people to think twice about whether to go for the mini or spend a little more the full size one.

  3. iPad mini will get retina screen and cellular mobility.
    iPad mini already set the look and style of iPod touch…
    so its iPads’ turn to fallow suite.

  4. And the sun will come up tomorrow morning. I love my iPad third-generation. Just as I loved my first and second generation iPads. But this is hardly any big deal. It’s just another iPad. Better, but just another iPad. Nothing to jump up-and-down about.

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