Concept puts 4.5-inch display in iPhone 5-sized unit by removing Home Button (with video)

“If Apple wants to make an iPhone with a 4.5-inch screen,” Buster Heine writes for Cult of Mac, “it’s going to come with some big changes.”

“However, Ran Avni has created an iPhone 6 concept that gives big display fans the 4.5-inch screen they dream of, without making the device bigger,” Heine reports. “To achieve the thinner, smaller design all Apple would have to do is ditch the home button.”

Full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. If you know of a way to effectively replace the Home button’s functionality, then great! But I personally don’t know how. The best option might be to simply turn it into a thin horizontal button as found on many iPhone knockoffs. Making it into a touch screen element doesn’t make sense to me.

    1. How about a resolution so high that it doesn’t matter? (1920×1080 perhaps?) Keep the aspect ratio of the iPhone 5 – existing apps would run just fine (and look fine since the screen would be insane-res and any ‘blurring’ from scaling to a non-native resolution would be non-existent), and devs that wanted SUPER SHARP graphics could re-tool their apps for the insane-res screen.

  1. “without making the device bigger” — blatant nonsense, because bigger screen would require bigger width of the phone. So bigger screen device is going to be two-hand-use device.

    And, of course, classic iPhone is not going to be bigger. There could be another, different model, which will complement model line, and not replace normal-sized iPhone.

    Finally, 4.5″ screen makes no sense — the difference comparing to the normal iPhone it too small, and the device of that size would be still too small comparing to competition. So more sensible variant would be 5″ device:

    1. I agree about the lack of differentiation. While this phone is nice I would prefer the rumored 4.9″ iPhone Plus and its companion the iPod touch XL. Leave the iPhone at 4″ for those who prefer complete one-handed operation.

  2. Well at least it would bring it more up to date, those existing massive overhangs top and bottom are beginning to look very dated compared to the HTC One and the Galaxy though the latter disguises its own somewhat cleverly something JI seems to have failed to envisage in his designs surprisingly even though last years iMacs do something similarly very successfully as a president.

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