The evolution of Apple’s iPhone (with video)

“Prepare yourself for a heady dose of tech nostalgia, as we explore the origins — and evolution — of Apple’s iPhone,” Luke Westaway reports for CNET.

“We’ll be charting the most important new apps and features that the iPhone has sprouted over the years — as well as its biggest missteps,” Westaway reports. “These days, we take highfalutin smart phones for granted, and it’s easy to forget that prior to 2007, so-called smart phones were little more than blocky plastic bricks, with hard-to-view screens and slathered with tiny, mechanical buttons.”

Westaway reports, “If you want a clue as to just how revolutionary some of these early smart phone features were, wait until you hear the cheers of an appreciate crowd as Jobs demonstrates the first ever public pinch-to-zoom. One year later Apple would unleash its App Store, turning the iPhone into a kind of digital Swiss Army Knife, and leaving an indelible mark on the wider tech industry.”

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  1. My iPhone is the original iPhone that I bought used and use now with a pre-paid plan. Although it tops out an iPhone OS 3.x, I’m amazed at what it can still do. And it still looks great, even though I don’t use any type of case for it. (I did change the battery.)

    Typical of Apple, most of the TRUE innovations were already in the first release, and later updates mostly added enhancements to the experience.

    This guy knows his stuff. The (embarrassing) Moto ROKR was mentioned, and he noted that the original OS for iPhone was called “iPhone OS,” not “iOS,” among other excellent details.

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