Apple’s Siri and WifiSlam: A perfect match

“WifiSlam could be the final technology Apple needed to truly leverage its army of iOS users for maximum value,” Gregory Stuckey writes for Seeking Alpha. “There are a couple developments coming out of Apple that look extremely promising in providing Apple a competitive advantage for the iPhone and iPad to grow market share. ”

“When Siri came out in the iPhone 4S it was a huge hit and helped Apple differentiate the iPhone from the competitors and became the “must have” smartphone. Apple added this feature to the iPad for the third generation and if leveraged right could continue to provide even more value to Apple,” Stuckey writes. “These two applications coupled with Apple’s maps app and the ability to make secure mobile payments from Apple devices could set the stage for continued growth in iPhone and iPad sales. I know Apple isn’t taking mobile payments yet but that may all soon change with the rumored fingerprint scanners for the latest version of the iPhone. If true this would provide greater security to the iPhone and open near-field communication technology for Apple to use to create a true digital wallet.”

Stuckey writes, “The possibilities are endless and I believe in the next few years if Apple integrates these applications and technologies together in the correct manner they could maintain the differentiation of the Apple brand from the competitors and continue to see impressive growth while commanding a premium price for the Apple products.”

Much more in the full article here.


    1. Not that we Apple fanbois don’t welcome actual/factual competition with Apple! Competition is a good thing.

      It’s just that… well… where IS the competition? Just a bunch of parasitic wannabes? That doesn’t last long, as Samsung is once again proving. At least Microsoft bothered to buy some reasonable technology. Samsung thinks they can simply fake it all the way, with predictable results…

      1. Competition…???

        Wow! I can’t remember when Apple had worthy true competition, can you?

        If anyone want’s to see Apple really turn it on, just bring on some real honorable competition….

            1. It’s Blinky, the three eyed mutant fish from the first year of The Simpsons! He stirred up a freakout from our Corporate Oligarchy who insisted that the writing staff for The Simpsons tone down their criticism of the nuclear energy business and radiation leakage. Sadly, the writing staff was successfully coerced. But Blinky lives on and occasionally makes cameo appearances on the program.

              I live one mile from one of the most polluted lakes in the world. I also collected and performed pathology on cancer ridden fish in both Seneca and Cayuga Lakes, New York, that are victims of radioactive runoff from the now closed Seneca Army Depot.

              Therefore, Blinky is very dear to my heart. He also reminds me of summertime and fishing contests in the Finger Lakes, New York. 😀

        1. the competition continues to copy
          what do we have out there…

          Android – still alive – but shouldn’t – its a scam / copy
          Symbian – nokia abandoned it – old and from the psion days
          MeeGo – near death – no worries
          WebOS – from Palms to HP to Samsung – ilets play hot potato
          Windows 8 – slated for road kill
          OS10 – Rims struggling creation – on its last breath

          iOS – is and always will be the clear winner

          there is no competition

    2. The Oracle at Delphi responds: parasites without symbiosis will cause the death of their hosts, and themselves. Parasites with symbiosis will generate a new organism. This is one message of evolution. Another is this: the organism with the most new ideas has the best chance of thriving. The mockingbird is the most likely to be shot and killed by mistake.

      1. What? That’s not the Oracle of Apollo, that’s Deepak Chopra. The Oracle didn’t know about evolution, only destiny. Straighten up and fly right, sailor…or should I say, Odysseus?

    1. April 15, 2016: “And in other news, a wave of gruesome thefts has inundated New York City and other large urban areas. It seems Apple iOS devices are being stolen, along with the owner’s thumbs. Roving gangs of thieves with machetes and pruning shears are accosting people carrying Apple iOS devices in Central Park…”

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