False perceptions about Apple continue to dominate

“Just when I began to think that Apple’s stock price had begun to overcome the doldrums, they returned,” Gene Steniberg writes for The Tech Night Owl. “The bad news, still unconfirmed, kept on coming, with one analyst even claiming, without evidence, that Apple’s sales had declined during the March quarter. If that were true, it would mean that Apple’s own guidance, which tends to be conservative, would be missed by a fair amount.”

“The early signs appear to point in a different direction. The NPD Group’s recent estimate had it that Mac sales in the U.S. increased by 14% year-over-year in January and February, no doubt due to the fact that the 2012 iMac had finally begun to reach customers in decent quantities,” Steniberg writes. “Other surveys indicated that iOS market share had improved against Android. So why assume Apple is suffering from fewer sales?”

Steniberg writes, “When it comes to Apple, you might say the media is basically hard-wired to find bad news, whether that news is true, a rumor, or outright false.”

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  1. “if it bleeds it leads” — Old newsroom adage

    “mention Apple to get page hits” — New newsroom adage

    “lead with Apple bleeds, get millions of page hits” — question answered

    1. “mention Apple to…”

      No no no! Mention Apple DOOM and get page hits. That’s been going on since 1984, before the first Mac was even released. Nothing New Here.

      Meanwhile, Apple continues to THRIVE. I love it. <3 <3 <3

    1. Documentation please! Certainly, in these days of leadership derangement, hate, propaganda and desperation, the US government is more than ever GUILTY of lying to We The People. But WHERE exactly are you saying the US Constitution enshrines ‘the right to lie’? This I wanna see. So show me…

      1. The right to free speech is not accompanied by a responsibility to tell the truth, and is interpreted by the US courts to mean that anyone can say anything. In a recent case an ex serviceman wrongly claimed to have been awarded a purple heart and was sued by the military. The courts found that he was entitled to say that he had a purple heart because the constitution guaranteed his right to free speech. Google it…

        1. To require that all speech be truthful, where it would otherwise allow for prosecution, would create a very easy way for the government to suppress what it “decided” to be false. Almost all scientists would be behind bars in some states. :-7

        2. Yeah, damn. I read that a couple months back. That is not ‘opinion’ or self-expression. It’s plain old deceit. Considering the bravery of people WITH purple hearts, this is despicable. Therefore, I know your sentiment.

    1. Not every analcyst is a liar. Many of them are simply idiots. Therefore, their particular obtuse or idiotic statements would not qualify as actual ‘lies’. A large number of analcysts simply play Follow-The-Leader in an effort to skip out of the office that week, an out-of-season August Effect.

  2. Based on my own internal checks, I bought 1 more iMac this quarter than I have in the previous ones where I bought 0. If you extrapolate this data, Apple is in for a bumper crop.

  3. “When it comes to Apple, you might say the media is basically hard-wired to find bad news, whether that news is true, a rumor, or outright false.”

    Sad but true, it’s the only way the hit whores know how to function. And they hurt the small shareholders the most in my opinion. (As a small shareholder who’s lost a lot of needed cash between Oct. and today.)

  4. I have to say one thing. Most of my relatives know I own Apple and where they used to say how lucky I was to have bought in early when it was flying high, now they’re always letting me know all the bad news they’re hearing about the company and how since Steve Jobs died and Apple’s monumental share price collapse how the company looks to be on the brink of collapse. I’m sure they’re not saying it out of glee or whatever, but they’re always hearing news flashes or commentaries about how Apple is doing so poorly as of late and they have to let me know if I’ve heard. They never hear any positive reinforcement about Apple, just the bad stuff because that’s what the news likes to portray. A once mighty company gone bad.

    I don’t even bother to try and explain and just say I’ve heard the new and shrug my shoulders. What can I say? To the casual outsider Apple certainly does appear to be collapsing and for me to say anything about the future of Apple would only be me making lame excuses. I just tell them that’s the risk of playing the stock market and everything has it’s ups and downs. Damn, that does sound lame.

  5. Maybe Mr. Supply Chain Genius should learn to keep the world properly informed about Apple instead of letting the competition spread vile gossip and outright lies.

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