Why Facebook Home will blow Android into smithereens

“Yesterday, Facebook announced its Home for Android, their next-generation client software for Google’s mobile OS, which will be avaliable for download shortly on a select number of devices using Google Play on April 12,” Jason Perlow writes for ZDNet.

“This is certainly an ambitious plan for The Social Network. Android is the most popular mobile operating system, and it makes sense for the company to try to grab as much land and end-user mindshare for itself using existing devices as much as possible,” Perlow writes. “While it may not have been Facebook’s actual intention, Home for Android is really just a fragmentation grenade.”

Perlow writes, “If you thought Android was fragmented now, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


    1. Is that the Cotton Candy OS or the Marshmallow OS? I can’t remember what food group this OS is named after. I do think they have a sweet tooth and food issue. Oh, and their me too second rate crap OS sucks too!

      1. All this effort using stolen IP to direct users to Google search and collect ‘Big Data’ for mining, all torn from under them with a Cr@pWare layer from FaceBook.
        If only they had played nice, and continued their relationship with Apple they would have had some bargaining power. Now all the time and effort they expended is worthless, its just a obsfucated OS, hidden by and Tom Dick or Harry.

        Payback is sweet, sooooo sweet.

  1. It’s hilarious if anyone can just add a layer on top of Google’s OS work and steal it away from under them like Amazon has done too with Kindle. Basically no one’s in charge! Won’t happen to Apple I guess unless phones are jailbreaked.

    1. So after Google has invested BILLIONs into Android just to get your eyeballs use their services (so they can sell them to someone else) FaceBook slaps together a little Kiosk in front of the Google Megaplex and redirects your eyeballs to their services so that Facebook can sell them to someone else.
      This strategy is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT. FB doesn’t have to support an OS, app store, hardware development, supply chain logistics or any kind of significant investment yet they are reap the rewards of the Android ecosystem.

      I’m guessing Amazon and B&N and Microsoft are kicking themselves now for not thinking of this. Don’t waste all your money developing your own hardware/OS ecosystem, just write a little app that zombifies everyone else’s hardware to do your bidding. Build a Kindle app that turns every Android phone into a Amazon-Centric Kindle and let Samsung or Google eat the hardware costs!

      I’m telling everyone, this is better than making all Windows users install Quicktime on their PCs in order to use an iPod. It is an absolutely brilliant, low-risk/cost way to outflank Google’s whole reason for Android.

      Love FB & Zuckerberg or hate them, this was a masterstroke.

  2. It is a smart move for Facebook. It doesn’t have to develop its own OS, its own phones, or anything else. Just have FB users download and install its FB app suite, and Google loses Android to FB and FB gets even more access to the phone owner’s stuff.

    Thank goodness Apple is keeping a tight rein on iOS.

    1. You are correct sir. And Apple is too smart to let that happen. Android is more of an open system versus iOS. Sometimes that’s good and sometimes that’s bad. But it’s never as safe as a closed system. And a close system is under control of a single entity. Android is spread throughout the universe. In different flavors and controlled by different phone manufacturers. Apple controls iOS and Facebook isn’t about to get any control of that. Good, that’s just the way I like it. If I suddenly become a twentysomething slacker with nothing else to do and want to start hacking my phone and it’s operating system then I’ll go out and buy an Android phone. Nah, when I was a twentysomething I did have more important things to do in life.

        1. True, there were more jobs available when I was 20. You’re absolutely correct. Having said that, I honestly believe there was a better work ethic amongst people (20 years old) when I was 20. I’m trying to be objective and honest here and I think I am. The people I feel sorry for are the older individuals who lost their jobs. People who are 40,50 and above. The future is not bright for them. And it’s so sad.

  3. If Google decides that Facebook or an other such company are removing profits from their busness model, they may attempt to block it. Will the Android community begin to jailbreak Android? That would be even more of a problem.

    Perhaps Apple should create a “Home” for Android.

  4. No wonder (Steve J) did not want to give all that Power to Mark Zuckerberg, a couple years back.
    Remember all that Dust up that Steve would not Make a deal with Him, Oh Yea i remember Vividly.
    and as bad as “Monkey Boy” is that would never happen on Windows either.

    “Hey Mark, Steve J, ain’t no fool”

  5. I do use FB, but would not want it taking over my phone and destroying whatever the hell is left of my privacy. An insult to Apple by Zucko, and a warning shot regarding world domination aspirations of most in the tech industry.

    1. If anything, Apple should take this idea, refine it, and make it safer and less obnoxious than I guarantee Facebook Home will be. I like the idea of a hub of status updates and whatnot for my friends, but I’d only want it from my CLOSE friends … not my near 800 Facebook connections. Also, I think iMessage could benefit from an instant messaging component (i.e. seeing who is online). Also, a change in how you access these functions would be nice. After all, how many people actually USE the “Search iPhone” function regularly? Seems to me that’s a wasted feature (necessary, but doesn’t need a whole page) and a lot of empty space waiting to be filled.

      But no way in hell do I want Facebook integrated that deeply into iOS. Ever.

      1. Search iPhone is incredibly useful. The more apps, bookmarks, contacts, etc. you have, the more useful it is. Cuts down on a lot of taps by taking you directly to where you want to go on the phone instead of sifting through apps and swiping multiple homepages.

        1. I guess the way I have mine set up, it’s quicker to just swipe over and open–or ask Siri to do what I need–than it is to scroll left and type it out. Regardless, even though I would NEVER eliminate the search feature, they should really make more use of the real estate on that page (which vanishes when you actually type a search prompt).

            1. True. And everyone’s user experience is different based on what they do or need to do. I just wish they’d make better use of the real estate, WITHOUT taking away Search iPhone. Might be the perfect place for iPhone to put their own Chat feature?

  6. Facebook and Google are like weeds overgrowing each other. I’d like nothing to do with Facebook on my iPhone. Facebook is a social media infestation and Google is an identity thief. Can’t see anything good coming out of this. Android is getting abused and it deserves it.

  7. Google must be very happy. That being said, Cook and Co have been fu&#ing up OS X and iOS with this crap too.

    The sooner Apple un-integrates Facebook and the rest of the “social networking” crap from all its products, the better.

    Notification Center, Game Center, Power Nap, etc are all giving away users to Zuck’s evil empire. Get this crap out of the OS. If consumers are dumb enough to waste their time on Zuck’s advertising network, then they can install their widgets or apps as they like.

    The only reason Facebook exists is because few people are honest enough to tell these socially inept and attention-sponge FB twits that no, we don’t want to be your online “friend”, and we don’t have the time to waste reading your egotistical little tweets.

    1. I don’t think it’s necessarily bad that stuff like Game Center, Notification Center, and the Facebook/Twitter integration exist. I think that, to get by in the modern market, you HAVE to integrate that stuff to a certain degree. It’s just a matter of to WHAT degree, and I think Apple made the right move by integrating it without letting it take over.

  8. Both Google and Facebook are using (sell) their users’ information to increase their ad revenue, I believe that’s nothing wrong with it as long as users are well informed and aware of it.

    Both “Free” and “Open” indeed comes with hidden (high) cost – personal privacy, the “net cost” of it is nearly impossible to measure.

    my 2 cents…

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