Facebook’s Zuckerberg: ‘We love Apple’

Jon Erlichman reports on Facebook’s new smartphone software. He speaks with Emily Chang on Bloomberg Television’s “Bloomberg West.”

It’s funny, I also spoke to Mark Zuckerberg last summer and he had described mobile as being their biggest challenge. When we spoke at that time, you know what he was doing, he was charging his iPhone. That’s the reality that we live in. We’re on our phones, Facebook knows that, Mark Zuckerberg knows that, and this is the evolution of the Facebook experience on your phone. At the same time, what about the rivals/partners like Apple? There’s already been so much integration with iOS. Well, he said, “We love Apple.” And, to highlight that, the Facebook app is obviously very popular on the iPhone. – Jon Erlichman

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  1. Can Jonny Ive PLEASE remove the virus that is Facebook from iOS ? Leave it as a downloadable app for those with 1,356 best friends ! Integration should be optional.

    1. What am I missing? I occasionally use FB but I’m not obsessed with it. If I don;t want to use it, I don’t. I don’t see anything obtrusive about FB integration in iOS that is problematic. You can certainly not install or uninstall the FB app on your device. It’s not like it is actally part of iOS.

      I definitely understand the complaints about FB and Zuckerberg but it’s not like smoking a cigarette or being subjected to secondhand smoke. Just say no to FB. Google, OTOH, is the more insidious option, IMO.

    2. FaceBook is not actually in iOS. The “integration” people seem so upset about is nothing more than a view controller that collects input from the user and submits it to Facebook using the users FaceBook account info that iOS stores.

      This is not done automatically or in the background. The user must deliberately invoke the view and then confirm the content. This same view controller is also used for Twitter and presumably can be used for any other website/social network.

      All this does allow the user to submit content to Facebook without directly visiting the website or opening the Facebook app.

      What are people so upset about again?

  2. if you love someone or something you stick with it – right

    i guess zuckerbergs’ measure of apple love is rather low – to jump ship to android — zuckerberg must be watching the big numbers (lol) to make these decisions — apple must not being doing good enough

    a) samsung estimate Jan to Mar operating quarter to be record profits – $7.7 billion forecasted at $7.38 billion — reflecting that sales climbed over 6.2 billion higher then the previous quarter

    b) comscore claims android 53.7% percent market share dropped 2% to 51.7% — compared to iOS gained of 3.9% from 35% now at 38.9%

    1. If Zuckerberg could do this on the iPhone he would. There’s no way Apple will let Facebook take over the UX the way that can be done with the sacred openness of the Android OS. Google must be shaking in its shoes right now.

  3. I knew nothing about Facebook’s history until seeing a TV thing about it a few years back.

    As bad as the TV thing was, it pointed to some very poor ethics on Zuckerberg’s part. Ever since then I have been skeptical of Zuckerberg’s motives and use of Facebook.

    This article confirms my suspicions that Zuckerberg has no ethics when it comes to money or his personal benefit, and will gladly steal, if necessary, to get what he wants.

  4. The design decision to include native Facebook integration is interesting. On one hand it means that the most relevant and popular services out there could be integrated into iOS (and MacOS) when and where it makes sense. The same goes for Twitter. But when these options fall out of fad, get a bad rap, this becomes an eyesore. For example, imagine everytime you clicked share an option for Friendster or MySpace came up. Kind of lame.

  5. Fuck Zuckerberg! He stole the idea of Facebook from other students at Harvard. Deliberately stalled writing code for them to get his own (their idea) social network up and running. He’s a prick! He’s evil. As evil as Google may be, they’re not in the same ballpark with Zuckerberg. Look up sneaky, low, despicable prick in the dictionary. That’s right, a photo of Zuckerberg is next to it. So I hope Facebook turns into MySpace eventually. Besides, who the hell needs social networking? Who uses Twitter and Facebook all day long? Idiots!

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