iPad city: How Apple’s revolutionary tablet is powering London

“It could be how you order a drink in the pub or shop for clothes or even how doctors look up medical notes — all that’s needed is an iPad,” Susannah Butter and Andrew Liddle report for The London Evening Standard. “There’s an iRevolution going on and London is leading the way. Here’s how the city has been iPadded out.”

“Clothes are adapting to fit iPads. Designer Lucy Borland has made a coat with iPad-sized pockets because, she says, ‘people cannot be without their tablets and have to feel close to the internet at all times.’ Her coat is even designed to look similar to an iPad, with metallic Lurex,” Butter and Liddle report. “The iPad is also changing childcare. At Brick Oven pizza restaurant in Chiswick there’s a video camera in the play area, linked to four iPads on tables, so parents can enjoy their meal and keep watch on their bambini.”

“More doctors in the UK use iPads than in any other European country, with 31 per cent of them owning the devices, according to a survey by Manhattan Research. Cardiology staff at Great Ormond Street Hospital are using iPads to instantly access 3D images of patients’ hearts. ‘They can make a real difference,’ says Mark Large, IT director at the hospital. ‘If an urgent case conference is called to discuss treatment for a sick child, clinicians can join it no matter where they are and access information,'” Butter and Liddle report. “Westminster council is installing ‘smart’ street lighting, which allows engineers to see on an iPad when a bulb is faulty or running down. The iLights will cost £3.25 million to install but from 2015/16 they will brighten the bank accounts of Westminster residents, with savings of £420,000 a year across the borough.”

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  1. Does this mean that doctors and those they care for do not want the cheeper lower resolution malware infested Samsung me-too tablets? I am shocked! Don’t they like plastic wrapped crap with A modified OS named after some type of food?

  2. Isn’t Downton Abbey in London? Do the domestics there carry iPads as well so the lord of the manor doesn’t have to pull a bell to summon them?

    “Jolly good Jeeves, I won’t be reading the papers today. Bring my iPad with the Times newspaper app instead. And oh Jeeves, a vodka martini please, shaken, not stirred.”

  3. London loves anything with an Apple logo on it. I’ve spent a good deal of time there last year and just got back from there week before last. In all that time I saw countless late-model Apple devices, and a total of one blackberry and one android. Oddly, those were both held by the same shabby little man, one in each hand.

  4. Oh no. This can’t be true. iPads are only for consuming media; real work can’t be done on it; people are not buying MS Surface so tablets must be a fad; the Royals are the only thing in London. .

    IMHO the main problem with the iPad is it’s bad for tech writers. They need keyboards, pro word processing software, and a table to sit at. The iPad, or any other tablet, will not work for them. They do not look outside their job and see most other jobs require portability; keyboards hinder performance; long battery life is essential. Unfortunately a lot of people take their word and don’t invest in apps that could revolutionize industries the way desktops revolutionized tech writing.

  5. Wall Street reasons that England is not a large enough country to make a difference even if everyone, including the Queen Mother, is using iPads. Apple would have to capture the hearts of Europe, China and India with iPad fever before Wall Street believes Apple is not doomed. Most of you must realize that the iPad does not constitute the major part of Apple’s revenue, therefore Apple’s survival supposedly depends solely upon iPhone sales. So, as long as the iPhone is not in everyone’s pocket, Apple will remain a doomed company. iPad sales will not change that view as most of you already realize or should realize.

    Wall Street views Apple as a one-trick iPhone pony and I doubt anything, including high iPad sales will change that opinion. As the iPhone goes, Apple goes and as near as I can glean from recent investor fears, iPhones are going down which in turn is dragging Apple’s value down with it.

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