Analyst: 60-inch Apple iTV to launch this year

“It’s no secret that Apple wants to get into the living room by making its own TV set, and there have been plenty of rumors and reports about how and when it’s going to happen,” Peter Svensson reports for The Associated Press.

“Now, an analyst says he’s learned that the set will go on sale late this year, for $1,500 to $2,500,” Svensson reports “In a research note Wednesday, Brian White of Topeka Capital Markets says the ‘iTV’ will be 60 inches on the diagonal, but could also come in 50- and 55-inch versions.”

Svensson reports, “Apple will also release a small ‘iRing’ that fits on the viewer’s finger, allowing the user to control the screen by pointing, White says.”

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    1. And what happens when you are a fan watching your favorite sports team in a playoff game? Does the TV go crazy as you wave your arms around or high five your friend?

      I am just having a little fun with this iRing idea. In the long term, I suspect that nearly everyone will wear small multi-functional controllers that interface with a variety of environmental inputs – voice, gesture, temperature, humidity, and so on. It is a natural evolution of the devices that currently exist – cell phones, watches, exercise monitors, etc.

      The ultimate “invisible” controller device will interface directly with the brain. That will be the magical end point of electronics evolution. SJ probably thought a lot about the path and possibilities of that electronics evolution.

    1. There is no margin on a new screen. The magic is in getting the content we want when we want it in an easy and intuitive way and paying for the whole thing with personal well targeted iAds or credit card auto billing. The device needs to be able to store our personal content (home videos) and our previously purchased DVD’s and downloads onto iCloud similar to the way Match works now so that we have access to it anywhere we are.

        1. Some of us want a time machine too and that would also fill out the ecosystem. Just because you want something doesn’t mean that Apple will make it for you. There has to be at least a 30% to 40% margin on it. Have you checked the margins on big screen TV’s lately?

    2. Apple Tv will be your iPad, iPhone or other idevice. There will most likely be a USB WIFI receiver in the back of your Current TV set that talks to your iDevice, iOS 7 will do the rest. No 60inch screen, no iRing, just a common sense elegant solution. Apple TV is not a product as such, it’s a whole eco system, it pretty much already exists with iTunes and iCloud. Apple just have to slot in a couple of missing pieces of the jigsaw and it’s goodnight Android.

  1. My expectation is that this rumor, like every other Apple TV set rumor, is going to be wrong.

    But I am planning to buy a 60″ TV this fall, so I am hoping this is real. However, given that companies are losing money on high end TVs (I should say Sony is losing money on high end TVs…I don’t know about Panasonic), I have a feeling this is not going to happen.

  2. If that ring works for motion sensing and Apple unleashes the SDK for the tv to developers, it’s game over for another segment of Microsoft’s business. Kinect sucks to no end. Apple tv wasn’t a hobby, it was a trojan horse.

  3. How about the Apple fitness system. It senses when you’ve been sitting on your ass in front of the TV for too long and triggers your iRecliner to stick a pin in your ass. Then your Nike sneakers start moving you to the door to get your fat ass outside for a change.

  4. Another ANALyst that should be iCal’d. IRing? No. IOad, iPhone Remote, Yes, Siri, Yes, Apple TV software, yes, iVideo store, yes, changeable, upgradable components, Yes. 4G reception instead of cable? Possibly. Wearable hardware? Not.

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