Porter Bibb: Apple TV set coming in Q3

“CNBC‘s ‘Half Time’ segment featured an interview this afternoon with Porter Bibb, an investment banker, former publisher of Rolling Stone, and now a managing partner with Mediatech Capital Partners,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“Bibb poo-pooed worries about recent negative commentary on the company in China, calling CEO Tim Cook‘s formal apology yesterday the right thing to do, and shrewd,” Ray reports. “[Asked] whether Cook could ever come out of the shadows of late founder and CEO Steve Jobs, Bibb responded, ‘He’s going to do a lot in his favor when he announces he’s going to increase the dividend, which he will do.'”

Ray reports, “Added Bibb, ‘By the way, that Apple television set we’ve all been waiting for and holding our breath for for ten years, it’s going to happen in the third quarter.'”

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  1. “He’s going to do a lot in his favor when he announces he’s going to increase the dividend, which he will do.”

    Yeah. To be sure. A done deal. Indubitably. Take that to the bank. Positively. Unquestionably. Definitely. Absolutely. Certainly. Rock solid. Undeniably. Bet the house.

    Yup. Holding our breath.

  2. We do not know what an Apple TV will look like or what it will do, but I can’t wrap around my head how anyone thinks such a high dollar item with so much competition can help Apple. It’s a home appliance, it doesn’t have the must-have cross-generational mass appeal of a personal entertainment and communication device. But I will reserve judgement until I see it.

    1. it makes no sense for Apple to produce a screen when the problem is content access when we want it without worrying about its source. Apple already has the AppleTV complete with software but it needs content now and needs to get iAd to pay for the content with personalized targeted ads.

      1. I think before Apple releases get a full blown Apple living-room display they will release an SDK along with a beefed up game and app-centric version of the current Apple TV to warm things up. We will know well in advance if Apple is releasing a living-room display.

  3. So many Internet TVs out there, Apple sure missed the boat on this! Steve would have driven this product to perfection unlike Tim Cook, who will no doubt only choose content that forwards his liberal politics agenda starting with the Eva Longoria Network (ELN) as stocks plummet!

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