Apple stock will be triumphant by year-end

“Apple (AAPL) is still the No. 1 stock to buy,” Richard Cox writes for TheStreet. “Markets have found a bottom value (just north of $400), and the most well-known brand in the world will now regain its footing and move back toward the higher end of its historical valuation for the rest of 2013.”

“The main fundamental driver for this will come in the back end of 2013, where the Street’s earnings could rise as high as 15% (after the 14% declines that will likely be seen in the first half of this year),” Cox writes. “Markets are clearly at an inflection point with the stock valuation of Apple, and this presents some excellent opportunities for investors looking to capitalize on the rebound. While the June quarter might not be stellar, any lags in the stock price will only extend the window of opportunity for new buy positions. ”

Cox writes, “Most promising will be the new line of products scheduled to roll out in the second half of the year. This will be the central reason to own the stock.”

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  1. The most overused, and now meaningless utterance in the world of Apple: “Most promising will be the new line of products scheduled to roll out in the second half of the year. This will be the central reason to own the stock.”

    Still, a great many who were beginning to wonder about Tim Cook’s failed leadership, will now be bolstered and resume their blind following. Smart people will not.

      1. Thank you Mr. peterblood71, right on the mark – you have confirmed my prediction! You and the majority of commenters in the world of MDN are in such deep denial that it’s painful. Check around in some other more objective discussions and you will find my observations of the state of Apple Inc. and the misfortune of AAPL holders to be a growing chorus demanding new leadership at the once great company.

        1. brain fart followed by key stroke flatulence of the usual high order from ppeterson; please go fuck yourself, typical of my reactions to your emanations
          happy trails

      1. Mr. Tflint – I have no failures. I’ve been RIGHT about all of it for months now. Tell me this – if, by year end, there are no “new line of products” will you then come around? Probably not, I suppose but iCal this: other than a new Mac Pro (hopefully the one that pro users have been demanding for the past year or more) and some more meaningless (and, no Jony, we don’t need thinner) tweaking of the phone, pad, and pod – there will be nothing to change anything except, I surely hope, the occupant of the CEO office in Cupertino.

        1. Mr PP (which is quite appropriate nickname for your posts) how do you see the future exactly? Do you know what Apple has planned and has in the pipeline?
          All other tech companies have copied Apple, so if Apple stops producing game-changing products what happens to those companies? And why do their share process keep going up?
          The fact is that Wall Street valuation of Apple is based on pure speculation and not valuation. The same morons who were touting Enron and their manipulations ( and out and out fraud) which led to the collapse of their shares are the same ones who are now bashing Apple. Apple will have almost $200 billion dollars in cash by years end with no debt…that sure sounds like a company in trouble.
          I wish you would tell us with your great wisdom Mr PP what stocks to buy since you are so smart and can see the future from the abyss of your parents’ basement

        2. “I’ve been RIGHT about all of it for months now.”

          Actually no. You’ve certainly taken the opportunity to go on and on and on how the stock drops every time Time Cook opens his mouth.

          Well he opened his mouth the other day, and vulnerably to apologize for the China situation.

          Stock went up.

          But hey, it’s pretty obvious now what sort of diatribe you are on.

  2. i am afraid with some minor updates to the iphone, ipad and ios/icloud the stock will not bounce back. investors will see it as further “proof” that apple has lost its innovative edge.

    1. Apple does not release breakthrough innovation every year. Never has. No one does. This is silly unrealistic thinking. A lack of business/tech understanding leads trolls to scoff at a company at any chance. Somehow makes them feel important.

      1. Silly, unrealistic thinking? Apple’s whole stock valuation is based upon silly, unrealistic thinking. Can you think of any other reason why Apple’s P/E is just slightly north of Exxon’s P/E? Apple had never intended to compete in the major smartphone market share race, yet Apple is in fact being put squarely in that race for stock valuation. Did Apple ever say that it intended to bring out a radical new product every other year? No. Yet Wall Street says Apple can only be worth anything based upon a continuous flow of a radical new products every couple of years.

        You are basically saying that the whole stock market is full of trolls who understand nothing about Apple and they’re all just thinking unrealistically. Everything about Apple seems to be be misunderstood by an awful lot of people who have control over Apple’s share price valuation. Apple is being compared to every tech company around and it’s being indicated that Apple is inferior to all of them. Why else would most tech companies be at all time highs and Apple’s share price is scraping the bottom of the toilet bowl? It’s claimed that Apple has no future and an awful lot of investors believe that is the truth. Do you believe that all those investors are trolling Apple?

        My point is this… Is ALL of Wall Street really out to get Apple. It just seems like so much of a stretch for this to happen. Maybe I just don’t want to believe it to be happening because it would involve such a high degree of collusion to be almost impossible. All I know is I can’t explain it. Apple doesn’t seem to be doing that bad at all, but the share price continues to fall. I know the company makes very good products because I own a number of them and have owned them since the first Mac 128. I only know that Apple shares keep falling and investors are dumping. I figure there must be a reason for it than just trolling. Apple seems to be the only company that is doing everything wrong.

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